cool ideas

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas

    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas Afrihost and Cool ldeas have concluded a deal where Afrihost will acquire a majority stake in Cool Ideas. The acquisition is subject to the necessary regulatory approvals. Afrihost and Cool Ideas are working to finalise the transaction as soon as...
  2. G

    New Home - Fibre/ISP Transfer

    Hi all. New to this and hoping someone can please assist. We just moved into a new place and are trying to set up a fibre line. We started the process through Vox/Vumatel but it's been held up because there was an existing line with Cool Ideas/Vumatel from the previous owners. Vox keep...
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    The impressive performance of SA's top ISP

    The impressive performance of SA's top ISP Cool Ideas continues to dominate South Africa’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) rankings with a customer satisfaction score of 88%, significantly higher than its closest competitors. The Q1 2021 South African broadband and ISP report was released this...
  4. F

    Activation only between 8am and 1pm .... not on week-end or public holidays

    I know nothing can be done, but it is a little frustrating dealing with cool ideas... I have been with them for a couple of years, then I moved to a Vodacom Area, the line was installed yesterday morning, (well, as I told them, the line was there all along, I paid R1500 for the little Nokia...
  5. R

    Cool Ideas - Cancellation Fee to Cancel A Service??? R1500

    Howzit MyBB Community, Recently, Openserve announced price reductions across their product range,. Afrihost very quickly responded, by initiating a free upgrade campaign! Same bucks...more speed. As a then loyal Cool Ideas customer, I called to enquire as to what their plans were. They...
  6. T

    VPN on PPPoE Connection

    I am hoping that someone might be able to assist me. I tried to search for a thread regarding this but could not find anything. I am with Cool Ideas, using SADV(VUMA) infrastructure. My connection type is PPPoE. I subscribed to Express VPN with the goal to be able to stream US Netflix / Hulu...
  7. old

    Octotel Fibre - Surrey Estate, Cape Town

    Surrey Estate, Cape Town Trenching - DONE [February 2020] Fibre inserted into subsurface fibre ducting conduits - DONE [April 2020] Question: When is Surrey Estate and surrounding areas GO LIVE?
  8. D

    Vumatel/Cool Ideas - previous tenant didn't cancel now I'm stuck

    Has anyone experienced this before, it is seriously upsetting, especially now! I moved into a new place just before the lock down ended and specifically chose this apartment because of the existing Vumatel installation. Anyway, after back and forth between Vumatel, Cool Ideas and myself now...
  9. J

    Free Cool Ideas fibre speed upgrades on Vumatel

    Free Cool Ideas fibre speed upgrades Cool Ideas is doubling the line speeds of its Vumatel fibre subscribers for free to support those who will be working from home during the national lockdown. Last week, Vumatel announced that it will upgrade the line speeds of existing users on the fibre...
  10. J

    Fibre price increases in South Africa expected

    Fibre price increases in South Africa expected Cool Ideas recently notified customers of changes in the pricing of several fibre packages. The ISP said prices would increase on all its packages sold over network operator Openserve, while prices on all of the packages on Vumatel's network...
  11. J

    Cool Ideas hit by another DDoS attack

    Cool Ideas hit by another DDoS attack Cool Ideas is currently experiencing another major DDoS attack which is affecting the connectivity of its customers across South Africa. Customers have experienced intermittent outages throughout the day, with issues being reported from around 11:00 on...
  12. S

    C-Fibre holding line hostage - Cool ideas address migration

    I bought an apartment in a complex recently. The previous owner had a fibre service with C-Fibre and Metrofibre. I am trying to migrate my Cool-Ideas account to the new address but was told that the previous ISP has not yet released the line at that address. I phoned C-Fibre and was told that...
  13. J

    Cool Ideas to slash Openserve fibre prices

    Cool Ideas to slash Openserve fibre prices Cool Ideas has announced that it will reduce the prices of its Openserve fibre prices. Cool Ideas offers uncapped, unshaped packages across multiple fibre networks with no fair usage policies enforced on its network.
  14. J

    The carpet-bombing DDoS attack which affected Cool Ideas

    The carpet-bombing DDoS attack which affected Cool Ideas Internet service providers in South Africa recently fell victim to large-scale distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). Among the more prominent targets was Cool Ideas, a fibre ISP. Cool Ideas has been the target of two attacks in...
  15. T

    Moving from Cool Ideas - The best ISP to move to

    I am with Cool Ideas and SADV, and I want to switch providers, as they have been extremely poor in all respects. What is the process I have to follow to switch my line to a different ISP, and which ones do you think is best? I am currently considering HomeConnect, Supersonic and Afrihost. Any...
  16. S

    Cool Ideas Giveaway Scam [Not Cool Ideas]

    So I was browsing a torrent site today, using my Cool Ideas fibre connection at home, and got hit with a popup supposedly from Cool Ideas, that looked quite legit. Basically a competition/giveaway to get your hands on 1 of 100 cellphones. I knew it was a con (being a popup from a torrent site)...
  17. Johnatan56

    Cool Ideas - Tl,dr; Terrible

    Here I am, 6 hours before my line is supposed to be cancelled, and already without internet. Should have expected it based on the past track record. A long time ago, while I was still less annoyed than I am now, I was on an OpenServe + Vox 100Mbps 300GB account, times were good, the cap lasted...
  18. s0lar

    Cool Ideas FTTH - blocking inbound connections?

    Hi All, I moved from C-Fibre to Cool Ideas. Since then my inbound connections (I ssh into my cluster every now and then) are blocked. Does Cool Ideas filter inbound connections? This would be a deal breaker for me :(
  19. N

    Considering a new ISP - please help

    Hi guys. I've been with webafrica for a while now (100/25mb uncapped octotel). Since ive started streaming i've decided i want to upgrade the upload to 100 aswell. However i see a couple other ISPs have 100/100 for about 100-200 bucks cheaper. Speeds are pretty inconsistent at peak times...
  20. FGRL

    Vodacom LTE-A vs Cool Ideas FTTH in Century City

    Quite simple one for all the Century City residents!! Which is better in terms of connectivity sustainability and speed tests (costs and “presumed” upload/download not applicable to this conversation).