The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread


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Mar 9, 2011
back in the saddle but suff-er-ing. let the reigns slip a bit. working my way.

what solutions do you guys use during busy periods. do you schedule sessions in your calendar? i will have to find a solution to workouts and busy periods.
Generally my workout times are fairly sacrosanct - from the beginning it has been a cardinal rule that I don't miss a workout unless I have to.

If you are time limited, you can still identify what times you might have available to workout and stick to them. Depending on your goals, you don't necessarily need to spend a lot of time working out to achieve results. In fact, rest and recovery are a necessary part of the cycle and if you train too frequently at too high an intensity

A template I have loosely followed for maintaining a good level of general everyday fitness (from Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint) is:
  • Lift Heavy Things (30-60 minutes Strength Training twice per week)
  • Move slowly Often (walk for 2-3 hours per week. Can be 30 minutes per day or a 3 hour hike/walsk around the Mall on a weekend)
  • Sprint Occasionally (Short intense workout once every 10-14 days for +- 20 Mins. Could be Sprints or a HIIT workout
  • Play (play with your friends/family/kids, have a game of soccer, touch rugby, frisbee etc. just do something fun and active)
This is a good starting point for general fitness. If you have specific fitness, health or sporting goals you might need to make adjustments in line with these.

Other Strategies that you might consider:
  • Microworkouts - Just do a little throughout the day whenever you can. Check daily dares for inspiration.
  • HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. Short intense workouts that can be completed within 20 -30 minutes including warmup and cooldown
  • My own experience is that I generally burn the same calories in 30 minute/5k run as I do in most 1 hour gym sessions so I sometimes choose a 5k run versus a workout for time reasons
  • If you are unable to exercise, put extra effort into making sure that your diet and nutrition is on point.
Hope that helps

EDIT: I meant to include favouring bodyweight exercises saves time - you can get a quick workout in wherever you are without the need to find a gym or any special equipment.
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Oct 1, 2008
Weights in the morning
Cardio in the night
On top of that around 6000 steps
Is that over exceriscing?

I have checked Google and it says it is.

Made a thread also if so I really need to stop so much.
As discussed there an apple, nartjie and cheese sandwich as your entire food intake for the day IS NOT ENOUGH!

Please for the love of mankind eat properly.

You are not even meeting your daily basal with that food let alone training as well!