The 2019 Weight Loss Thread


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Sep 21, 2007
OH man.. Care to share the recipe? I love rich things and brownies are an all time fave/cheat for me.

Would be awesome if I could uncheat it
I'll have to twist the arm but should be ok.

Bit of RAS but have a look at some of her stuff in the low carb albumn ( )

I've been the test case for her and vet her recipes and attempts :p


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Jul 7, 2010
I have known people lose weight successfully using many different methods depending upon what suits them. My wife has been quite successful over the years with a purely 'mindful eating' approach, even though much of what she eats is not healthy in my terms.

I also use IF in conjunction with Paleo, effectively 16:8 because I don't usually have breakfast. I don't know that personally I would like to rely on IF alone but I think it is certainly a good compliment to a diet such as Paleo or Banting
Undoubtedly - a combo works best but personally IF seems to work best when you just can't handle having fat and protein the whole day, and want live "normally" ,whilst still dropping the kg's.


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Oct 25, 2018
Wow, I am gonna make this. My wife will love it. Will I be able to get the powders stuff from Dischem?
You would but honestly, I just use granulated Xylitol when I make them. Any sweetener substitute would do that's measure for measure the same sweetness level.