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    Intalling new Harddrive.

    Recently bought a Samsung HD502HI,I connected the 2 SATA cables (the red one and the black power one).Now the problem is that i don't know what to do now,My PC picks it up (in device manager)but it doesn't show in MyComputer (i can't add data to it because i can't find it).I tried windows auto...
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    Sub-forum filter

    Is there a way i can filter out certain sections of the forum so that they don't show up when i'm browsing?
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    Mweb uncapped 4mbps speed fail.

    I'm trying to figure out whats wrong with my Mweb speed both INT and local are more or less 300Kbps when i should be getting 4mbps. SpeedTest Local: SpeedTest International: So what am i paying R600...
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    Where to buy glass cheap.

    Where can i buy glass the cheapest? 3x 140cmx60cm 2x 60cmx60cm 10Mm Thick any price on those dimensions please.
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    instantaction have fun,each game takes very long to load the first time but once thats done u can play as much as u want well until your cap runs out (route sentry might be really usefull here)
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    Laptop trouble

    my Business laptop has being exstremely slow for the past few days with a CPU usage of 92%,it's a Acer model,the onboard touch mouse screen and onboard keyboard are also glitcy,the keyboard doesn't respond good,you have to press a key hard for 3 seconds before it responds and the onboard mouse...
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    Do u have headphones with a mic or at least just a mic

    well if u do i am thinking of starting a local online voice chat group for MyBB members.anyone who wants in can just leave a reply and i will give further instructions later :D
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    Do u Pirate games?

    if u do,awnser with yes and whatever u want to say if u only buy pirated games,awnser with maybe and your say if u do not,then say no and whatever u want to say with that if u hate pirates and ppl who buy pirated games,then let it all out here. i for one buy pirated games,and on a rare...
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    Mass Effect performance

    i need help from someone who has Mass Effect,the game's graphics doesn't look right i know my graphic card is hight enough it's a Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT,but the game graphics look a bit blurry and doesn't seem right,is this how the game should look or should the graphics be better?
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    WOW comercial
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    Left 4 Dead Problem

    straight to the point:whenever i try to play online it just gives me this error in-game
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    Does anyone have a Trackmania nations United key i can have

    like the tittle says,i will trade it for any of my other games cd keys:D
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    Random Funny and Painful Stuff

    please rate this vid by adding a +1 to +10 in your post on how much u like it
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    i can't wait to play it online and by the screenshots i've seen it's going to be awesome,i'm really a zombie fan!!!!:D:D:D
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    a DBZ funny vid