1. R

    HiLink usb hsupa dongle in Mint 15 Olivia

    Hi I recently upgraded from Windows 8 64-BIT to Mint 15 Cinnamon. Prior to the upgrade, I tested this version of Linux live from flash drive and the hsdpa dongle worked instantly. Now that I have installed Linux to my hard drive, all of a sudden the dongle cannot even be opened/accessed...
  2. P

    8ta Port Inquiry

    Anyone know if there's an altenative way to port to 8ta? I really don't wanna go to a Telkom direct store & would prefare not to deal with the call centre as they normally complicate things more. It was rather easy porting from MTN to Cell C but after the recent throughput issues from Cell C...
  3. R

    Official 8ta Representative?

    Is there an official 8ta representative on these forums that can contact me because the call centre is useless and no one in the "technical" department can help me.
  4. NeonNinja

    Need help with 3G modem/router

    So my friend bought a laptop which came out with a Huawei HG532c 3G router, which I robbed him off. I desperately need help using it. I've got a Huawei E220 and a Vodafone K3765 modem. IO can't get past the setting up screen. Anyone to my rescue?
  5. R

    5 for 50

    Hi there, Sorry if this seems stupid, but I can't find what 8ta's "5 for 50 SMS promotion" means? Is there anyone who can clear this up for me? Thanks
  6. jes

    Top telecoms and mobile phone brands in South Africa

    Top telecoms, mobile phone brands in SA The latest Sunday Times Top Brands Survey results reveal the top telecommunication and mobile phone brands in South Africa
  7. R

    Battlefield 3 - Game disconnected: your connection to the server timed out.

    I use the 8ta and i have been playing Battlefield 3 online for ages with no issues , Ever since about 4 weeks ago i constantly get disconnected. I have reloaded windows, updates drivers, opened ports, reloaded punkbuster. I also noticed half the servers show no ping. any suggestions?
  8. R

    Non-Delivery by Telkom Mobile

    My son ordered a laptop with data bundle and it was approved about 2 weeks ago. Many trips down to the store and many promises later, still no laptop. Excuses from staff vary but the end result is confusion and non-delivery. It is not for playing games on, but to get actual work done. I...
  9. E

    8ta sim 10 Gig + 10 Gig, MTN Dongle E3131, Router Tenda 3G622R+ Not connecting

    Hi Guys Out of desperation I am now turning to you clever guys of the interwebs. As mentioned in the header my setup: 8ta sim 10 Gig + 10 Gig, MTN Dongle E3131, Router Tenda 3G622R+ connected to PC via cable - this is not connecting or dropping after a couple of seconds. Have been...
  10. jes

    8ta brand fizzles out

    8ta brand fizzles out Denied its bang
  11. M

    Nexus 4 and 8ta

    I'm not that familiar with heita so i cannot with certainty say that my phone shouldn't be going at a download rate of 10Kb/s but i am more inclined to believe that it's the internet configuration settings on my phone that can't be updated due to it not being supported on heita's automatic...
  12. J

    8-TA/Telkom Mobile = AMAZINGNESS

    Good day i would like to send out this thread to recommend 8ta's mobile broadband service, i recently took up their 20Gig special and getting amazing download and upload speeds. like yesterday i reached 12Mbps download and 4Mbps upload.. obviously the area you live in makes a difference but give...
  13. jes

    Telkom Mobile MultiSIM launched

    Telkom Mobile MultiSIM launched It is now possible to share bundles and minutes between multiple SIM cards on Telkom Mobile
  14. N

    8ta free wifi is for real

    I've spent the last two months trying to use the wifi with no luck. I finally found all the info i needed to successful connect. You must use a mobile device that can use the Eap sim authentication protocol which is what 8ta used to protect the network. The galaxy S2 has this option on the...
  15. jes

    Free Zone powered by Google is no more

    Free Zone powered by Google is no more Telkom Mobile (8ta) has ended its Free Zone service which offered free access to Google’s services
  16. jes

    Best reputation: Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, Cell C, 8ta ranked

    Best reputation: Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, Cell C, 8ta ranked Top Companies Reputation Index reveals which telecoms providers have the best reputation in South Africa
  17. A

    How to internet

    Good day, I'm Dude and i will be your guide in the internet. first we must look at what is the internet, just like we look at our own planet the internet is also a planet of sort were we can have conversations in almost every form with people and machines go to www.cleverbot.com and you can...
  18. R

    3G slow on ZyXel nbg4115 Router

    I have a Huawei E1752 3G Dongle, using 8ta and it is all connected to a ZyXel nbg4115 Router (new). When i connect using just the Dongle i get: Ping :60, DL 5MB, UP 2MB. BUT when plugged into the router i get: Ping 100-120, DL 1.5MB, UP 0.4MB. I have upgraded firmware on both units...
  19. jes

    Telkom Direct stores are an Epic Fail

    Telkom Direct stores #EpicFail Trying to find information about a Telkom Mobile product proved to be a near insurmountable task, especially when it involves contacting a Telkom Direct store
  20. N

    Network Speed Tests for Durban (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C & 8ta)

    So since I am receiving such poor service from my current service provider, I'm going to port across to another network in about 2 months. So I've decided I'm going conduct a little experiment to see which service provider has the best network speeds in Durban and also the most consistent...