1. R

    8ta speed has DECREASED recently.

    I have been on 8ta for over 1 year and its always been great - good gaming, streams and downloads. But over the past two months it has gotten really slow, gaming is unbearable and streams are laggy. I remember getting 900kbps download speeds now its 300kbps. Anyone else have this issue? If...
  2. F

    Currently on 3G. Want to move to ADSL.

    Hey. I'm currently on 8ta 3G 10GB per month contract. The speed is super slow because there's almost no signal in my area. It only costs R199 pm and I'm getting 10GB pm during the day and 10GB pm nightsurfer. I want to move to ADSL and get that 2Mbps line at Mweb with the free modem. But then...
  3. S

    Why are there so many pathetic internet promotions at the moment?

    I have been looking for some good deal on mobile broadband... The past month or so there has been so much fuss over the new MTN packages, now the new Vodacom packages. I can see without having to put my glasses on that they are aiming these packages at the users who do not use the...
  4. QuintonB

    Free Wikipedia access on MTN

    MTN offers free Wikipedia access MTN started to provide free access to Wikipedia following a campaign by learners at the Sinenjongo High School
  5. K

    Mifi signal strengh and setup?? help?

    So after long week of waiting my E5331 and sim finally arrived. I have 2 questions: 1. How do I find a signal sweet spot in my flat (I've walked around the place and get nothing but red bars but the device is slow to react (I'm on OSX and wondering if there is a program like MDMA for mac?)...
  6. N

    Enter Network Password

    Hi, I have recently changed from wireless connection to 8ta 3G modem and are experiencing difficulties with Outlook 2007. At first, it was only sending mails that prompted the dialogue box "Enter Network Password" to continuously pop up and now I can neither send nor receive emails...
  7. A

    Telkom incapable of administration causes client's credit record to suffer

    My son's cellular service provider keeps requesting money via debit order at any date except at month end. He had been in a constant battle with Telkom for the past many months. :mad::mad:Telkom:mad::mad: had cost him his good name and a small fortune in bank charges for reversed debit...
  8. NeonNinja

    This porting thing

    So bought brother phone with micro sim, he is on MTN. Sim is Telkom Mobile. How do we port so that he uses his MTN number/network with the sim?
  9. 0

    3G Modem with external Antenna

    Morning Gents, i have a quick question- i recently moved to a new house but i am having problems with signal, so i bought an external antenna(Network Booster) now i just require a modem for me to plug the antenna into, the modem i have currently is a E5331 Huawei router which can not take an...
  10. A

    Telkom Uncapped & Usage "Fair" Policy

    Hey guys, Been moving around a lot but decided to settle lately and focus on the finer things in life. I decided to finally get serious and get me an ADLS connection. So I called up Telkom and they promised: - A free installation - A modem - A 8ta USB modem with 200MB (to add to my...
  11. D

    Sim Sonke

    Sup Guys So I just got an SMS on my sim sonke sim card saying that national roaming (via MTN) is now enabled :) Which officially makes Sim Sonke on Telkom Mobile the cheapest prepaid plan. Calls to other at 75c Calls in Telkom Mobile at 29c SMS/MMS/MB 29c Data bundles can be loaded as well...
  12. C

    No service on phone with 8ta sim card. Excellent service with 3g dongle

    I have 3g dongle which I use an 8ta sim card to connect to the internet and it works good. I get HSPA+ reception. Although, when I want to put this sim card in my 2nd phone, an HTC Desire HD, it fails to pick up any sort of reception, it just says Limited Service. I thought it may have been...
  13. R

    Telkom Mobile/8ta Data Leakage - HUAWEI E5331

    Hi Guys, I've got a Telkom Mobile account setup at my girlfriends place on a HUAWEI E5331 router. There are serious leakage issues or whatever you call it. I can have one laptop open, freshly rebooted with no programs open, and I can log into the router and just see the data ticking...
  14. J

    I moved- NO signal at new house

    i dont know if anyone else has gone through this or can give me a bit of advice but i recently moved to a new house but now i have NO signal on the Telkom Mobile Network- i pickup MTN but cannot access it as my contract does not allow for this- i am on the 10Gig + 10Gig Package, i have the sim...
  15. P

    8Ta 3g modem with sitecom 3g router.... HOW???

    Ok, its tough to be an expat here.... i just dont get how things work. After waiting a few months to try and get adsl, I gave up waiting and decided to buy a dlink dmw 156 3g modem and sitecom 3g modem. I tried the modem, works on the laptop. laptop picks up the router too, but i cant get...
  16. Azimuth

    Telkom Mobile LTE Speedtest Results

    This thread will follow as the natural successor to the 8ta trial thread here: I've taken a keen interest in LTE predominantly because: a) No hope of getting VDSL in my area b) Already sit with an attenuation of almost 55dB c) Poor SNR at only 13dB when synced at 2Mbps d) Month by month...
  17. B

    8ta 21mbps speed in and around Sandton, Randburg, Bryanston

    Hi I am looking at getting a 21mbps modem. Im on 8ta 20gigs with a 3g modem i get about 4.5mbps dl and 2mbps ul at the moment. can anyone with a 21mbps modem in around these areas please share their speeds thanks
  18. jes

    Telkom Mobile: 20GB for R199

    Telkom Mobile: 20GB for R199 carrot dangled Telkom Mobile is offering existing data subscribers a deal which is hard to resist
  19. L

    8ta is not being honest with me

    Hi guys, I'm not sure what's going on but it seems like I"m not getting my 2 gigs from 8ta anymore. It seems to finish too quickly. Today at exactly 2pm I bought their 2 gigs + 1gig special and as I'm typing this at 9:28pm, the message I get is You have 99 MB left of your Once-off Telkom...
  20. K

    Telkom Mobile: Smart Plans 150/250

    I took out a contract with TelkomMobile (8ta) in Jan 2013 and after singing their praises for the last six months I requested to "migrate" from OLD Packages to the NEW SmartPlan 150/250 (wife's & my SIM). This was done at Telkom Clearwater Mall and I was told that the change would happen in 1...