1. QuintonB

    Adobe CS6 launches in South Africa

    Adobe Creative Suite 6 launched in SA The newest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite, which includes software like Photoshop and After Effects, has launched in SA
  2. C

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 now available through SA channel R1,740 is not bad especially for an Adobe product. Anyone using Lightroom? What's the difference between Photoshop Lightroom and just Photoshop?
  3. QuintonB

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shown

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 revealed Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 device at MWC
  4. mercurial

    Photoshop CS6 will wow you with the new Content-Aware Move feature

  5. QuintonB

    Samsung Galaxy Y Pro specifications and price

    Samsung Galaxy Y Pro specs and pricing The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro gets local pricing and a release date
  6. riverdusty

    What Drives Software Piracy?

    Just an observation. If you go to pretty much any torrent site and search for the most popular software that is obtained illegally, you'll note that the most popular software is generally the most expensive software. This leads me to believe the primary reason for software piracy is price. If...
  7. M

    Adobe software - where to buy

    It appears that I can't purchase adobe software direct online anymore and that I need to go and buy a box at an inflated price somewhere. And they wonder why people turn to piracy? Anyways, what is the best and cheapest method of buying adobe software locally. If I could do it online, I would.
  8. M

    Adobe acquires PhoneGap (nitobi) and TypeKit :(

    With Adobe's history of turning promising tech into expensive bloatware, I feel saddened that PhoneGap didn't hold out... I see they have acquired TypeKit as well...
  9. S

    Adobe Premiere pro and Aftereffects or Final Cut Studio?

    Which is a better buy? Adobe CS5.5 which will use Photoshop, Illustrator, premiere pro and After Effects or get Final Cut Studio? These are both for use on a Mac.
  10. jes

    Acrobat X now locally available

    Acrobat X now locally available The new version of Adobe Acrobat is available in SA
  11. jes

    Adobe proposes new mobile advertising standards

    Adobe proposes new mobile advertising standards Adobe collaborates with the interactive marketing industry on new standards for mobile advertising
  12. jes

    BlackBerry Tablet gets Adobe AIR support

    BlackBerry Tablet gets Adobe AIR support Research in Motion announced that their new tablet now has support for Adobe AIR
  13. Jan

    Adobe products most targeted by malware

    Adobe products the number one target for malware Adobe products are currently the primary target for hackers and virus writers worldwide. According to Kaspersky Lab, Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader have become the primary vehicle for malware, due to their prevalence and multi-platform...
  14. Rouxenator

    Adobe gets back at Apple, HTC wants iPhone out of USA
  15. rpm

    Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and Firefox

    Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and Firefox The next big evolution of the Internet will be in the realm of video playing. Until now the rapid growth of online video has been built on Adobe's Flash technology.
  16. rpm

    Steve Jobs attacks Adobe Flash; says it is unfit for iPhone

    Steve Jobs attacks Adobe Flash Apple CEO Steve Jobs is going on the offensive against Adobe's Flash technology. He says it's too buggy, battery-draining and PC-oriented to work on the iPhone and iPad.
  17. D

    Dreamweaver CS5 adds CMS support

    Source I WANT CS 5 Master Collection!!:love:
  18. D

    Where to Download Locally?

    Hello, Can Anyone Tell me if there is somewhere i can download the Adobe Cs4 Trials Locally? i need to download them, but there are pretty big (about 1 GB each) so if anyone can tell me where i can download them locally, i would be very happy :D
  19. R

    Shockwave crashes: IE & Chrome

    Hi, I'm having serious issues with adobe shockwave using Chrome, I'm having similiar crashes on IE 7&8 with .dll's bombing out and restarting my machine. I've rebuilt my machine, re registered dll's, uninstalled shockwave and active X controls hundreds of times (literally) read posts on how to...
  20. rpm

    Adobe to release 64-bit Flash

    Adobe to release 64-bit Flash