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    Phone calls distrub my adsl connection?

    I have recently moved into a new house and every time the phone rings or someone dials out on the phone this distrupts the adsl connection. It's so frustrating as I can be in the middle of work and suddenly no longer able to connect for however long my wife or daughter happen to be on the phone...
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    Telkom SA Order Status

    To obtain status of Telkom order, use This is active today 2017-02-18. Enter order number and identity/Passport number.
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    Exchange ports full

    Hi everyone, I installed a telephone line two days, and I requested telkom to install a DSL line. The first person I spoke to said sure (at the shop), and that there are enough ports. I called back today to follow up on the installation and the salesperson I spoke to said that the order...
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    Axxess TERRIBLE customer support

    I requested Axxess to upgrade my ADSL line from 8Mbps to 10Mbps on 02 October. Today, 19 October - nothing has been done and my line is still at 8Mbps. This has to be the worst service received for something that should take 24 hours. Perhaps it was not such a great idea to move my line from...
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    My Free internet is gone.

    Hi guys :-) About a few years ago I discovered an open WiFi network near my place. I've been using it ever since well until recently when it just stopped working. This was no ordinary WiFi, no one seemed to care for it and still had default settings e.g its name "wlan-ap". With my network...
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    Can I sabotage my own ADSL line?

    Since moving about 18 months ago I have been having intermittent ADSL service. It goes out & needs a modem restart about once every 2 days. I pay for a 4mbps line but 2.8 is what I have asked them to sync it at, any higher and it starts to go out several times a day and can't always re-sync...
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    Telkom line transfer request denied

    Hi everyone, so perhaps someone can provide some insight into my problem and advise. Recently I cancelled my 4MB ADSL uncapped bundle with MWEB to transfer to Vox. My line has since transferred back to Telkom. When Vox attempted the migration, Telkom cancelled their request. Now I'm told that...
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    Getting a second ISP account if my ADSL line is with someone else?

    Hi all I read a lot about people getting a second account from a different ISP for whatever reason. I have a 2 MB uncapped ADSL account with MWeb and my ADSL line is also directly with them. I ran in to the fair usage policy and I'm now being throttled until my usage over 30 days drop under the...
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    what is necessary for online gaming.

    When you have 2 people playing online games simultaneously on an Adsl line what would be the minimum speed requirement? Would a 2mb line suffice? Not talking about shaping or throttling on the part of the isp, just the necessary line speed.
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    Line not syncing/dropping in Welgemoed/Bellville region

    Hay there. As of last night my internet has been dying a slow and horrible death. It all started with no connectivity, then it comes online with either a whack upload speed like 244 or 123kbps (from the normal 512kbps). Sometimes I get connectivity for about 30 mins then it drops again. I...
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    Telkom ADSL line upgrade

    good evening all :D According to Helkom, they were/are in the process of upgrading 384kb/s to 1mb/s, and all the rest.... Does anybody know what has/is happening to this process? It's almost the end to the first quarter of the year and still my father's ADSL line is running at 384kb/s:wtf...
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    Conflicting info from Telkom about ADSL availablility

    I am currently using 3g to connect to the Internet, but out of interest sake I decided to check if ADSL is available in my area as I might want to get an uncapped ADSL account in the near future... I entered my info into the online adsl checker on telkom's website...
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    Telkom line goes out of sync frequently

    I am currently using the freebie telkom router as my parents wont buy a new one. A few months a go my dsl started going hay wire and disconnected itself a lot. I did some searching and found how to use the routers information. The system log shows the following: 2012:12:14:19:30 DSL out of sync...
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    Cheapest 4mbps ADSL line?? Fastest way to migrate ADSL line??

    Hey guys... I need help with to things: 1. Cheapset 4mbps ADSL line? I wanted to know where I can get the cheapest 4mbps ADSL line. I know that Telkom is selling it for R413 per month. I've heard that other ISPs are selling it below this price, but you need to migrate your line to them...
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    How long does it take to convert to ADSL Line?

    Hi, I would like to find out how long it takes to convert my line to a ADSL line with Telkom because I have noticed most ISPs that do it for you take about 21 working days to do so. I want to setup internet but I am looking for a faster way of doing it?Can anyone help me or is it better through...
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    Where can I purchase a ADSL Line Combiner?

    Hi all I heard that there exists such a thing as an ADSL line combiner, it does not increase the speed as such but more users will be able to use the line at the same speed at the same time [load balancing] I know there are dual WAN routers, but I'm looking for a simple combiner that will do...