1. Codilation

    Failed OpenServe installation

    OpenServe came and installed fibre at our new premises. They mentioned they are not seeing any lights on the ONT and that they have escaled it to their Cables department. How long does this usually take? We are moving because of no internet connectivity and my wife and I both work from Home.
  2. J

    The price of 1GB in South Africa vs The World

    The price of 1GB in South Africa vs The World has released a report comparing the prices of 1GB mobile data packages in 228 countries. South Africa came 148th in terms of average price, with 54 data plans measured.
  3. P

    5 pin din adaptor for old vinyl record player

    Does anyone know where to get a 5 pin din adaptor cable from? I have an old vinyl record player with din connector and want to connect it to my PC
  4. J

    How South Africa's Internet survived multiple cable breaks

    How South Africa's Internet survived multiple cable breaks South Africans have been hit by slow Internet speeds over the last two weeks after multiple submarine cable breaks on 16 January. The damage to the SAT-3 and WACS undersea cables, which run along the West Coast of Africa, disrupted...
  5. L

    Looking for: USB to RJ-45 (cable)

    Never seen such a thing. But need one to make computer speak with UPS. Anyone seen one, know where to find one?
  6. A

    looking for optic fiber cable

    hi all. as title says,i'm looking for the small optic cable that connects the wall unit to the fiber CPE unit. my child managed to twist it and broke it last night. i started looking this morning but couldn't find any including telkom shop.(my fiber connection is done by Openserve) afrihost...
  7. mercurial

    Cable trunking (YT1)

    Does anyone of stores in CPT that sells trunking similar to this?
  8. Kloon

    Fibre and power in same conduit

    I was wondering if in South Africa there are any code against running fibre and electrical wire in the same conduit? Will the installers run the fibre in the same conduit when they come install? Vuma is busy in our area and I had them put my connection box against a boundry wall pillar that...
  9. J

    Fridge keeps tripping the house - What to do?

    I recently bought a second-hand fridge from a family member and it was working on the day it was delivered to me (This family member would also not sell me a faulty appliance). However, when I plug the fridge in the entire house trips. Now the house that I stay in has been converted into a...
  10. S

    Is this a Fibre Line i see? :)

    Hey guys! So I recently moved into a new home and when a ADSL technician came in he told me that there was a fibre line present which was there if i needed to connect. Is this it? It should be a short while to reconnect right? As opposed to a whole new dig up lay out fibre installation...
  11. killerbyte

    Where can I get this cable in George?

    Not sure if this is the right section, but here goes. I need a 3, 5, or 10m N-type male to N-type male cable ASAP. I am flying to George tomorrow, for three days, and I've realised that I a short short cable. This was a short notice trip. Does anyone know where I can get one of these cables...
  12. S

    Sourcing a local Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.

    Ola all. Want to hook up a Samsung U28D590D to a 15 Retina MBP 2015. To get 60hz on the Samsung at full resolution it seems need this particular cable. Cannot find a single one in South Africa. Popped into iStore and Computer Mania today too, they've never even heard of that cable. Tried...
  13. 1

    Connect OVHD decoder to existing DSTV installation

    Hi Guys, Some help or advice please? I have DSTV infrastructure at home, and would like to hook up my OVHD to this infrastructure. My DSTV is disconnected, so not using the DSTV decoder. I have read from other posts that this is indeed possible, but I am battling somewhat to "plug and...
  14. W

    Seeking qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap & patch for voip setup

    Setting up a call-centre and require a qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap & patch for voip setup. Should take a day or two to complete. Anybody looking for the opportunity and is willing to work in Woodmead, Johannesburg, please respond soonest. You can <mod: removed> private...
  15. S

    How do you connect Openview HD and DSTV Explora decoders

    I currently have a DSTV explora with Xtraview and a dual LNB. I need to connect an openview HD decoder to this setup. When i connect the satellite cable from the explora into the OVHD decoder, I get no signal. What do I need to do to get the OVHD decoder working.
  16. joppenheim

    DSTV Explora and Xtraview installation with one cable?

    Hi there Does anybody know if its possible to buy a multi-core coaxial (RG6) cable? The reason I ask is that to install DSTV Explora with Xtraview will require up to 7 coaxial cables: (7 coaxial cables make your home look like you are running a Google server!) 2x from LNB to DSTV Explora...
  17. C

    Need alternatives for HDMI cable problem

    I need to run a 15M HDMI cable through a wall that has a PVC pipe. But the pipe is not big enough for the standard HDMI connector to fit through. So I have a couple of options 1. HDMI over eithernet - (This is just to expensive +- R3.5 k for the sender and receiver) 2. Run an HDMI to...
  18. J

    Looking for SLI bridge cable

    Hi guys, I am currently on the lookout for one or 2 SLI bordg cables, I see majority of online retailers do not have stock, is there anywhere recommended (without importing them) to buy, some are just shy of R300 for a single SLI bridge cable which sounds rather expensive. Thanks.
  19. V

    Reality Check - SA vs Netherlands

    CAUTION: Depression may follow. So my brother lives in the Netherlands and his 100 Mbps line (cable bundle, with telephone and digital tv, unshaped and uncapped @ ~€65) just got upgraded for free to 180(!) Mbps recently. Puts SA ISPs' recent free upgrades from 1Mbps to 4, 4 to 10, etc. into...
  20. L

    Curious cable internet problem... (Not for the faint of heart)

    First off, please don't hate me :p I have a 500Mbps cable connection, recently upgraded from 200Mbps. Unfortunately, I have a problem. One that seems to have stumped the Hell out of the locals and me... Before my upgrade, which required a new router, I was reaching 180Mbps on my...