1. W

    VOX FTTH and Call of Duty Online on PS4

    I'm running Vox FTTH on OpenServe and have noticed, in peak times mainly, that I cannot connect to the Call of Duty Warzone Online Services. The system just hangs at "Connecting to Online Services" for a few minutes. I'll eventually switch to Afrihost and it connects almost instantly. Has...
  2. S

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone Hi Iam looking for good South African based players playing and enjoying Warzone, ( indoors gaming because of a global pandemic of course ;) Requirements : - Your Warzone level must be above 100 preferred 155...
  3. S

    Gamers looking for competitions, have a look at out channel

    Hi there, So the goal of this channel is to unite gamers of South Africa. We can show the world that we are large enough to have local servers for all games. Some of the larger games like Battlefield and COD have local servers, but why end there? With COD Blops 4 out, we found that the...
  4. V

    PS4 Slim or Xbox One S in 2018?

    Saving up for a gaming console. Noticed that PS4s are minimum R5000 new but you could buy a Xbox One S for R3900 new. I just wanna ask if anyone on Xbox One struggles to find multiplayer matches in games like Call of duty or Battlefield 1? Or in any other games. I know there are a lot of...
  5. T

    COD WW2 Playing with Overseas latency

    Hi everyone. So my friend stays in the UK, and him and I play COD ww2 together, but when he joins my party and we play on SA servers, I have horrible latency and red bars, he is fine. Now on black ops 3 we would do the same thing and I would not be affected, so I was wondering if anyone...
  6. Duke of Hazard

    Infinite Warfare - Monster Energy Codes

    I probably drink more Monster than I should, as a result I come across the codes for Extra Xp or whatever, I don't have CoD: IW so I'll post the codes here when I get them. Please comment if you use it, so nobody wastes their time 1. FFFSS2WUSD
  7. RazedInBlack

    COD: Black Ops III Officially Announced.

    BREAKING: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 officially announced, world reveal April 26th, 2015 Teaser trailer on that link as well.
  8. P

    WiFibre and Gaming

    hi Firstly just want to thanks their accounts/sales department for being so helpful :) is there anyone here who uses a WiFibre link and game on it ? COD Advance warfare ? Dota2 ? what is your response/ping times like ? also does it remain the same after your have reached your limit and...
  9. M

    PS3 games for Sale

    Hi all Bought a used PS3 to replace my dying 120gb, came with few games. selling the Fifa's cos i got Fifa 14. Selling the other games cos its not suitable for my 8 year old. Not sure of prices so pm your offers to me. Fifa 12 Fifa 13 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty Black...
  10. E

    Black ops 2 certain maps freezing ps3

    does anyone know why my CoD Black ops 2 freezes on certain maps in multiplayer online? Someone please try and help me out
  11. C

    Considering buying a laptop

    My PC is giving me intermittent problems. It is due to be upgraded / replaced. I usually do quite a bit of gaming, but lately I've been gaming on consoles. Taking this into consideration, I thought may be a good idea to get a laptop instead of another desktop. Are there any laptops in the...
  12. C

    CoD Ghosts and New Gen Consoles

    With the release of the new consoles being so close I thought I'd raise an issue that may cause quite a problem with CoD on consoles. If you play CoD on console you probably know there really arent that many people playing it in SA, about 100 active on PS3. With the next gen being released this...
  13. RazedInBlack

    COD: Black Ops2 Incoming . . .

    Not sure about the release date as yet but the trailer looks epic!!!! Wiki:
  14. ControlAltDelete

    Watch Entire Modern Warfare 2 game

    So recently I recorded all Modern Warfare 2 missions and decided to upload it to my Youtube channel its really cool ive finished it 7 times in the past 2 years and the one I recorded was me playing with a gamepad which was kinda hard although I got the hang of so basically you can watch them all...
  15. ControlAltDelete

    Slipknot - Modern Warfare 2 Compilation

    Hey guys so I basically made a video in memory of Modern Warfare 2 and posted it on Youtube, it's a basic compilation of multiple known scenes of Modern Warfare 2 I ask that if you do watch the video take heed of the beginning of it as it is equally important as the end and if you do own your...
  16. M


    The Circle Of Fire Hub Proudly Presents It's Own CoDMw2 Server. AlterIWnet server or alt. search for CoF MW2 Server in the server list. Please also Join the Circle Of Fire Hub Details are on the website or here...
  17. RazedInBlack

    COD: Modern Warfare 3 Incoming . . .

    Awesome! Another title I anxiously await together with Battlefield 3, it gonna be a bumper season! More:
  18. K

    Xbox LIVE: COD - Zombies, Ascension Map (Looking for SA players)

    Hi Gents, I am looking for local COD players who are familiar with Zombies, Ascension Map and want to try level up as much as possible, looking at getting to Level 80, the highest at the moment is Level 74. Unfortunately playing online I have found most guys quit or if they host, end the...
  19. O

    Calling all COD players!!! COD Black Ops needs help in SA!

    Hey guys, :D Please go to the above site and click on the CLICK HERE TO SUGGEST A LOCATION! at the bottom. Select SA and enter your email. They say it is just for identification purposes, so you should not be spammed. If there is enough interest they...
  20. SirFooK'nG

    ISP Experience With COD-MW2

    I have been using Afrihost capped for my gaming, but lately its difficult to get a good host, so most of the time I have been selected as the Host. So its getting to the point of where its going to be as pricey as the "Unlimited / uncapped" product they offer. But Afrihost has new shaping /...