1. D

    Complex Levies - What are you paying?

    Hi Everyone, I have been messing with the idea of buying myself a holiday home. But after some advice from current and ex owners I would rather purchase a property in my area (Rivonia/Edenburg/Morningside). I have been looking at a few options in complexes in the area, however, I can't believe...
  2. D

    Renting vs Buying ; House vs Complex

    Hi Everyone, I am currently considering purchasing my first property. Have been renting for close to 3 years. I currently rent a 2 bedroom in Morningside. My brother (student) stays with me and my mother had to move in with us in July last year due to a Covid related retrenchment. She has...
  3. M

    Fibre installation estimate

    I stay in a small complex in Parklands and we want to get Fibre installed in the complex for 20 units. Can anyone tell me how long this whole process may take more or less?
  4. I

    Bringing fibre into Complex

    Good day, I would please like to know what to do to get fibre into my complex (Santiago, 32 Jacobson Drive, Lynnwood Ridge). What would be the process of getting people to actually bring the line in from the street exchange? Since it is a complex, there are multiple houses that I need to ask for...
  5. T

    Getting fibre in a small complex

    Hi, I live in a complex with 11 (roundabout) other units. I'm trying to get fibre in a house situated in this complex. Is there anyone that's done this or knows what to do? Vumatel figured we're fibre-ready, so they went ahead and mailed us our router already, but then they just flatly...
  6. D

    Telkom/OpenServe/Hauwei fibre installation shady practices

    Hi all So a little bit of context: We're a small complex without a designated representative. We all discuss and agree on things before going forward regarding common property in the complex. Has to be that way due to the layout. Right, so some of us are looking for fibre...
  7. S

    Xtraview between Explora + HD Decoder in a complex

    I hope someone can help me. I recently moved into a new complex with wall plates in the lounge and main bedroom. The wall plate in the lounge consists of: SAT 1, SAT 2, RETURN, TV and FM. The wall plate in the room consists of: TV and R. In the lounge I connected the Explora decoder...
  8. N

    Retarded speed limit in complex...

    of 10 kmph... I pretty much walk that fast. Is that really reasonable? I went 15 according to my GPS, which is 20 on the car's speedo (yea, huge discrepancy I know...) and I have no problem stopping in a few metres. My car almost stalls at 10 without working the bloody clutch. Got two...
  9. S

    DSTV in a complex

    Hi Guys I wonder if any of you have any good ideas about an excellent DSTV installer that would be able to assist. We have DSTV installed in the complex with a single dish, but unfortunately a number of apartments are missing key channels, are receiving no signal and are having endless...
  10. M

    Complex intercom - splitting the cellphone bill

    Our complex wants to split our cellphone bill for our Mircom and bill homeowners individually. The managing agents say it's hugely painstaking process which doesn't justify the time spent sifting through all the data (of course they would say that). Is it feasible to do this, and if so, what...
  11. C

    Xtraview in Flat Complex

    Hi Guys Sorry if this question has come up before. If so, could you please re-direct me the the thread? I'm not sure what to search for. I live in a flat complex. Currently I'm running one SD Decoder on my TV. The LNB is gets screwed into the wall and at the back of my decoder, its only a...
  12. F

    DSTV Communal Connectivity Issues

    We have moved into a new complex where you can simply connect the LNB cable into a jack in the wall and it should work. I am getting NO signal, NO help from the useless DSTV call centre agents, and all my neighbours are working fine. According to DSTV i should get settings from someone and try...
  13. M

    Super-complex organic molecules found in interstellar space

  14. Lycanthrope


    I've recently - 4 August - had a phone line installed. Called Telkom the same day, asked to change billing address and to apply for DSL, couldn't apply for DSL because the line installation wasn't registered as "complete" yet. Guy said he'd call me back the next day. He did. I applied for DSL...