consumer protection act (cpa)

  1. B

    CPA and Fixed Term Contracts

    I have an Alarm and Armed Response contract which expires at the end of the month (31 Jan 2020) as I took out a 24 month contract on the 31st Jan 2018. I requested it for it to be canceled on the 20th Jan 2020 and finally got a response on the 24th Jan 2020 to say that it would be canceled from...
  2. T

    Warranty on Faulty Replacement Phone?

    Hi I received a replacement phone under warranty (phone died at 10 months, had 12 month warranty) but the replacement bombed out after less than 3 months. The store says the replacement phone is not covered at all since we've passed the original 12 months. Is there no warranty on replacement...
  3. L

    How much notice should I give to vacate accomodation on expiration of my lease

    Contract Details This agreement will run for 3 months from 1 May 2016 to 1 August 2016. A 3 months notice period is in place on cancellation of this agreement , giving the landlord two weeks after tenant vacates to pay back deposit, if no damages or losses were incurred. My question: I...
  4. jes

    City of Joburg: billing statement via MMS statement concerns

    City of Joburg: billing statement via MMS statement concerns No e-Statement? Paper bill late? How about MMS?
  5. K

    Consumer Protection Act and Contract cancellations

    The Consumer Protection Act states for "Expiry and renewal of fixed term contracts" that the act now allows consumers to cancel any fixed term contract on any date earlier than the agreed expiry date on giving 20 days notice and against payment of a reasonable cancellation penalty. That last...
  6. QuintonB

    POPI to render no-spam list useless

    No-spam list for SA rendered useless? The Protection of Personal Information Bill will render the national opt-opt register for direct marketing moot
  7. jes

    Killing spam in SA: POPI

    Killing spam softly: POPI in South Africa The Protection of Personal Information Bill could effectively make “direct marketing” without permission, or spam, illegal in South Africa