1. Xander8807

    NZXT Black Aer P 120mm (Case Version) (3pin) x 3

    Item: NZXT Black OEM Case Fans (RF-AF12C-RB) x 3 units (the Ones that come in the H710i Cases) Age: under 2 years Price: R 300 Payment Method Accepted: EFT, Cash Warranty: 7 Days on me Packaging: can box and wrap up Condition: perfect, came out my box and works 110%, will just give it a clean...
  2. Xander8807

    Coolermaster Masterair MA610P RGB

    Unable to use as its too big for Wifes Case, (Too wide and tall). Is excellent condition and has been cleaned to a new state, no heat marks, and base is not scratched). Still OG (MasterFan MF12R RGB x2) fans on as well as perfect condition , comes with Intel Retention brackets and the standoffs...
  3. S

    Immersion Cooling PC

    Hi All, So this might be duplicate tread but I did not see the answers I was looking for. I am embarking on doing my first "holiday" project to immersion cool an gaming PC this December. I have done some research on the liquids that can be used, but none of it available in SA. So I`m left...
  4. B

    Automate the cooling of your mining farm

    I have 2 mining farms installed, I have been using cooling automation for a little over a year. The bottom line is that the software automatically monitors the temperature of your farm, the rotation of the coolers, the farm never overheats, you can use the maximum power without the fear of...
  5. K

    Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

    Item: Cooler master masterliquid-ml240l-rgb Age: New Price: R900 Warranty: 1 Year Packaging: Orginal Condition: New Location: Fourways Reason: Have left over stock Shipping: Yes on the buyer Collection: Yes Link: Cooler Link
  6. Newsfeed

    PC liquid-cooling company moving to data centres

    PC liquid-cooling company moving to data centres A chip cooling technology company is the hottest stock in Oslo.
  7. M

    Extremely High CPU Temp when encoding video and mp3's!?

    Hi All My CPU hits temps of over 90 degrees when I encode video and/or mp3's. I have installed a aftermarket cooler now (CoolerMaster Hyper 212 LED) but the temps are getting worse! Also, I get an annoying message every week or so about my BCLK/CPU/RAM (boot failure). I don't overclock so I...
  8. S

    Where have all the cpu coolers gone??

    Hi guys! I am running an AMD setup but my cpu reaches temps up to 70 'C under some load... (Not overclocked or unlocked, was like this out of the box). So now I want to get a cpu cooler other than the stock AMD fan... However all the charts I look at and reviews I find of good value for money...
  9. A

    Need serious help with a kinda dead rig....

    Hi Everyone I have a gaming rig built by Evetech and today I installed some adittional fans into the case. Reason being ., that the gpu has packed up a few times and this last time i was told I had tampered with it, well how do you tamper with a card enclosed in a rig. Anyway looked at my setup...
  10. H

    How to enjoy chilled drinks in your car with no ice......Mini In-Car fridge.......?

    Adding a mini-fridge to to your car... Location: Glove compartment, or Armrest Technology: Simple insulation tape, heatsinks and fans(computer cpu hitsink-fan units are a great option), thermoelectric Cooler Cooling Peltier Plates, Arduino Controls(for variable temperature settings)...
  11. T

    Why don't they use oil instead of water to cool engines?

    Was just wondering why they don't use oil instead of water to cool down engines... Call it a #RandomThought
  12. J

    GE unveils ultrathin cooling tech

    Ultrathin laptop cooler revealed by GE GE shows off its new cooling technology
  13. Aghori

    HP Proliant ML350 Server - heating issues.

    I have the abovementioned server at my workplace for around 4 years now. Its been running fine all along, but recently its been giving me a "System too hot or has lost cooling" message whenever there are processor intensive tasks running, and the server shuts down automatically. It restarts...
  14. C

    Choosing a laptop cooling solution

    Hi guys.. I need some advice on choosing a laptop cooling solution. I generally use my laptop a lot on my bed (directly on the comforter) which caused a heat retention and cooling issue. Typical usage time is about 8+ hours (incl when left on for overnight downloads). I guess the usage plays...
  15. L

    Biulding a New PC : How To?

    EDIT: Crap - typo on title - mods please fix the spelling? Hi Tech Guru's, I am unboxing my first pc and building from scratch for the first time, all my other pc's have been custom built for me, and decided it's about time i learnt how to do it properly. What i am looking for is some...
  16. Z

    Metal CPU Cooler Mount? Help!

    So I have an old CPU Cooler Lying around which I am about to install on a new build I'm putting together. My problem is that the mount which goes under the motherboard (which the cpu screw into) is solid metal. This means that if I were to install the cooler, I would have this metal constantly...
  17. HapticSimian

    Thermo-nuclear home theatre

    As mentioned here, the new home theatre setup Sony SA spoilt me with as compensation for their repair agents' effect on my blood pressure left me with a bit of a hassle - SPACE! So, 90 degree rotation of the living room is now complete. I had flashbacks of a less happy time, around 4 years...
  18. E

    Arctic Cooling in South Africa

    Hi Guys. I have finally got the ball turning with Arctic Cooling and will initially bring in the Accelero Twin Turbo for graphics cards and Freezer 7 Pro for CPU's. R399 R349 ETA is the 3rd week of August (Next week) I am accepting pre-orders on Digital Addiction, but all pre-orders must...
  19. E

    Which Arctic Cooling VGA cooler do you want in SA?

    Hi Guys. I just want to do my last bit of research before I import the first batch of Arctic Cooling. Please answer the poll and help me out, it'd really help me out, this isn't a cheap venture :p Regards Itai
  20. E

    Arctic Cooling

    Hi Guys. I have been speaking to the guys at Arctic Cooling, and will most likely be bringing in the following: Alpine 64 GT Freezer 7 Pro (might not bring this one in) Freezer Xtreme Accelero S1 Rev2 Turbo Module MX-2 Thermal Compound I want to find out what the demand is on...