discovery insure

  1. NightCrawlerNic

    Discovery Vitality Drive 2020

    Has anyone ever had their score drop by a large margin over a day while all their trips were rated 5 stars? Saturday morning my score was 535. Did 4 small trips on Sunday. Monday morning my score is at 515, the only explanation from discovery is that my coverage ratio was low. 4 trips of less...
  2. E

    Discovery Insurance claims and service

    Hi Folks, being a first time claimer for a burglary at home, I've had nothing but bad service from Discovery Insure. What has been your experience with Discovery, when submitting claims? Specifically when it comes to communications and how long it took to get your claim settled?
  3. M

    Opinions/Experiences with Discovery Insure (for car/household/building insurance)

    I'm investigating moving to Discovery Insure (for car/household/building insurance), since I have my medical aid and life policy (through my employer), it seems to only make sense to explore the option. With some of the incentives they have in place it even makes better sense, such as fuel...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Discovery reveals SA's best driving province

    Best driver challenge: Gauteng vs Western Cape Discovery has released a ranking of the best provinces when it comes to driving, based on data from its new smartphone app