1. cobusv

    AntiSpam for Domain

    Hello Guys, Im reaching out because im looking for an antispam solution for a small family domain that i own, i really dont want to spend thousands it seems on just getting antispam done. is there somewhere that wont cost an arm and a leg for this? About 10 mailboxes
  2. J

    Server 2016 Domain DNS Slow

    Hi. I trust you are well? Here's my problem. I have set up a Server 2016 Standard domain with only my generalized IT experience and no qualifications. So far I can pat myself on the back for doing a very good job as everything is functioning well except for one thing, so far. I...
  3. M

    Man goes to prison for attempting to hijack web domain at gunpoint

    Man goes to prison for attempting to hijack web domain at gunpoint
  4. S

    MWEB won't let me cancel my Domains because of 30 days clause

    Guys, please help. I registered 4 domains with MWEB int 2015 that are supposed to be renewed end of this month. I don't want to renew them but MWEB insists that they are going to deduct R800 from account and re-register them. I've tried to explain to them that I don't want them anymore but...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Pirate Bay founder launches anonymous domain registration service

    Pirate Bay founder launches anonymous domain registration service The Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde has launched an anonymous domain registration service called Njalla, TorrentFreak reported.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    This is why you can’t have a .ZA vanity domain

    This is why you can’t have a .ZA vanity domain It doesn’t look like we will order food from anytime soon.
  7. L

    Setting Up Domain To Blogger

    Testing Testing
  8. P

    domaincheap issues

    Hi Any idea on how to get a faster response from domaincheap / (webafrica support) . I loaded some credit online on the 20th oct 2015 but its still not showing (23 oct 2015) after 3 working days n domains starting to expire ......:mad::mad: i see others also having issues...
  9. tridev

    A domain squatter in the US registered the best SA city domains

    Since the city domain were launched I wanted to see if some generic city domains (.joburg,.capetown,.durban) were available as I am interested in creating some interesting city specific sites and needed a domain name. However all the ones I checked were registered by the same company. These are...
  10. S

    Frustrated with current hosting provider

    I'm currently experiencing web server down time often with my current hosting provider, I'm on a dedicated server which has been offline for the past three days now. They take a day to respond to a single post/ticket and they are not even providing a solution on their...
  11. S

    EPP system

    I have a domain that I registered myself. I want to manage it myself, pay it myself etc. It is now on the EPP system and a ISP has control over it, although whois show that I am the registered owner. Why is this. does not answer my questions and refers me back to the ISP...
  12. L

    Which registrar should I use for a local domain?

    Hello broadbanders! I need to transfer a domain to my name. Which registrar do you knowledgable folk recommend?
  13. J

    Change Domain Registrants Email

    Hello, since weeks I am now trying to change the registrants Email address in the WHOIS record of my clients domain. Why Telkom put the hostmaster Email address in the Registrants Email field in the first place is strange enough. I sent an Email to and asked...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Local IT guy hijacks client's website

    IT guy hijacks website, blackmails client in SA An IT specialist was fined R6000 or six months in jail by a Cape Town court on Thursday, 31 July 2014, for trying to extort a client who swore at him
  15. J

    High Client Usage

    Hi guys I work for a ISP in the greater pretoria area. We mostly offer high speed capped wireless bandwidth. One of my clients is disputing his bandwidth usage. Now the thing is I have no SNMP monitoring system in at the client. He used about 6GB in one day to the IP address...
  16. NeonNinja

    Awesome new TLDs to choose from!

    Dear valued customer, This is to let you know that Domaincheap has added over 100 new top level domains (TLDs) to our product range. These are brand spanking new top level domains that have just been released. Get your domain before it is registered...
  17. NeonNinja $1.17 for a .com domain

    Promotional code: GOFD2007AA
  18. mh348

    COZA Domain Squatter

    I was looking to register a domain that was about to be deleted and monitored it for the past few days.. It was due for deletion today 24/08/2013.. Yesterday it was registered to someone else, but today when I checked It was already registered by a US company.. The domain is a person's name so...
  19. NeonNinja

    Afrihost email problem

    So I just registered for a new domain with Afrihost. All went well. I set up a custom alias email: ohs@***** So I went to my gmail account, when I send an email to meself, gmail autosends an email back notifying of the failed email sending. Any ideas?
  20. R

    Taking over a domain name.

    Hi guys, I've recently started redesigning a website for a family friend and have had to switch hosting accounts (away from Hetzner) and take ownership of the domain so I can change the nameservers, manage the yearly fee, etc. The original domain was registered at Hetzner. I was...