1. Inky1980

    Internet down daily at 23:00 - WEBAFRICA - (RAIN LTE)

    Hi guys, Any other Webafrica LTE clients aka RAIN LTE clients here experiencing downtime late at night? For the past month I've started to pick up a pattern of internet disconnects at around 23:00 almost every night. I have reported this to Webafrica but I'm not getting concrete answers. My...
  2. C

    Best SA Web Host Research

    I would like to research and report on South African hosting providers' uptime (percentage of time website is online and accessible) as well as connection speed (miliseconds to reach site). While most web hosts claim 99.9% uptime, from experience I know this to be false. For the investigation I...
  3. G

    NZBSA notices

    Afternoon all, After some thought I've thought it good to start a central post where we can communicate any server issues, downtime, upgrades etc. About a week ago we had the unfortunate problem that the server went down for the majority of the day but service was restored later that...
  4. A

    Telkom New Line Transfer Policy Includes "Downtime"

    According to my ISP, any line transfers from the 19th of June will involves some internet "downtime". I've not heard about this before, but it does seem to be an odd development. Why would they need to take anything down when the process can and is done without this?
  5. Jan

    Cell C downtime across South Africa

    Cell C down Subscribers all over South Africa are reporting that they can’t make or receive calls on Cell C.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Facebook downtime courtesy of Lizard Squad

    Facebook downtime courtesy of Lizard Squad Several popular social networking sites including Facebook and Instagram suffered widespread outages Tuesday before coming back online several hours later
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    JSE hit by technical glitches

    JSE hit by technical glitches The opening of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s equity market was delayed on Monday because of a technical glitch
  8. QuintonB

    Afrihost mobile, DSL hit with downtime

    Afrihost mobile and DSL downtime Afrihost says that it has resolved authentication issues with its mobile data and DSL network, which affected users on Saturday morning.
  9. Jan

    Absa online banking outage (30 June 2014)

    Absa Internet banking down again The Internet banking services of Absa bank have once again gone down at month-end.
  10. jes

    Afrihost, Axxess ADSL and 3G issues explained

    Afrihost, Axxess ADSL and 3G issues explained Afrihost has explained what caused authentication problems for subscribers recently
  11. jes

    Absa suffers online banking services downtime

    Absa suffers online banking services downtime Absa has confirmed that an outage has hit its digital banking services
  12. QuintonB

    SA government sites go down tango down The websites of the State IT Agency and those on the South African government’s domain are down
  13. QuintonB

    Gmail downtime: Google apologises

    Google says sorry for Gmail downtime Google apologized Friday after the Internet giant’s widely used free email and an array of other services were disrupted by apparent software woes.
  14. jes

    Vox Telecom suffers downtime

    Vox Telecom downtime explained A range of Vox Telecom’s services, including hosting, voice and email services, experienced downtime on Friday
  15. Jan

    MTN network down?

    I have two MTN SIMs, one 078 number and one 071 number, and neither one can make or receive calls, SMSes, or connect to the data network. Anyone else having this issue, or is it just my area?
  16. Jan

    PSA: Do not reset your routers. ADSL auth downtime reported again

    ADSL downtime across South Africa reported again A number of ADSL users from all over South Africa are reporting problems logging on.
  17. jes

    Cell C MyAccount still down

    Cell C MyAccount still down Cell C’s online account management portal has been down for some weeks; Cell C responds
  18. QuintonB

    FNB hit with service issues

    FNB service problems Customers have found themselves unable to swipe or withdraw money
  19. jes

    Afrihost working to fix more ADSL problems (13 March 2013)

    Afrihost working to fix more ADSL problems (13 March 2013) ADSL users on the Afrihost and Axxess networks have reported connectivity problems
  20. J

    Hurricane Sandy causes downtime for major sites

    Hurricane Sandy causes website outages Hurricane Sandy has already claimed some online victims, as a number of large websites have experienced outages due to the storm