1. rpm

    SEACOM downtime after local backhaul problems

    Another SEACOM outage Broadband users may experience international connectivity problems after another SEACOM outage
  2. rpm

    SEACOM explains prolonged problems

    SEACOM explains prolonged downtime SEACOM network disturbance caused by extended repair work on SEA-ME-WE 4 cable; problems may continue for much longer
  3. rpm

    SEACOM downtime continues

    SEACOM still down Many ISPs suffer with international bandwidth constraints as SEACOM maintenance takes longer than expected
  4. T

    SEACOM downtime expected over the weekend

    SEACOM downtime tomorrow SEACOM is scheduled to undergo repairs on Saturday 24 April 2010 to fix the affected fibre pair in the Mediterranean Sea
  5. O


    Has netoel gone down? seem to have lost our fiber link and can't get to their fault line from telkom/mtn/vodacom?
  6. medicnick83

    Cape Town CBD downtime

    There was some downtime yesterday (Saturday) in Cape Town, I'm not sure if it was Cape Town as a whole, or just my area (CBD) but it was down for a very long time. It's back up now (obviously) but I'd like to know what happened. Prior to it happening, my speeds were horrible and yes, I have...
  7. rpm

    ATM Downtime

    ATM Downtime
  8. rpm

    MTN upgrades to blame for downtime

    MTN upgrades to blame for downtime
  9. rpm


    Hi folks We experienced around 30 minutes downtime this morning due to web server failure. I apologize for the inconvenience – we are already looking at solutions to provide you with better uptime. There are no details as yet about what caused the problem – we will give feedback as soon...