1. E

    Wanted buggered SSDs:

    Hi everyone :) I'm looking for old, used up SSDs where the NAND, rather than the Controller etc has died. With any luck I'll be able to repurpose the Controller chip for a 'Super Secret, crazy Project/idea' I have! :d If i'm going to be fussy its the larger Samsung Evo drives I'm most...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    How long does it take you to drive to work?

    How long does it take you to drive to work? If you travel by bus, train, Uber, etc, how long does your entire trip take you from home to work?
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    WD networked drives vulnerable to attacks – Report

    WD networked drives vulnerable to attacks – Report Western Digital’s My Cloud storage drives are vulnerable to Internet attacks, according to a report by
  4. M

    South African Drive Tribe

    Hi guys I created a tribe for all South African car enthusiasts. For those that don't know this is a social media platform for car lovers created by Clarkson, Hammond & May. It launched today and looks really cool. Please feel free to post related content and get our tribe noticed...
  5. J

    Best spreadsheet app for iPad?

    Hi there, I am looking for a better spreadsheet solution for iPad. I currently use Google sheets, Apple numbers, and Microsolf excel. I use all three because they each have their own limitations, and only the three together make up the full full set of features that I need. My most...
  6. J

    Hello world

    A warm hello and welcome to this thread first of all, and I really hope you would leave here entertained, and leave me bruised and wiser. :) I just found out my company would be retrenching in November, and that sucks, but, as my daddy always said, knowledge is power. So here I am, taking...
  7. NomNom

    Defective Hard Drive Sounds

    Very informative site about the different sounds a hard drive can make and when to know if you need to backup your data immediately or when the hard drive has failed.
  8. NomNom

    Samsung External from Dubai...

    So I have this external hard drive from Dubai that doesn't work when connected to my Pc, Pc doesn't pick it up at all, I have tried connecting it to a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port and nothing. The light comes on and stays on but the drive isn't picked up by my Pc at all. Any way to confirm...
  9. NomNom

    Flash Drive Recomendatrions

    Learnt a very hard lesson tonight, I was trying to connect this old case front USB ports to a new motherboard, problem is that it was in single wires and after many tries I eventually got it right, problem was I tested it with my 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive and it seems like it's broken/blown the...
  10. DA-LION-619

    Read only flash drive

    Basically I got pissed off when I copy a file to a friend's pc and then find out I'm stuck with one of those annoying flash drive viruses So in the security tab on the properties of my flash drive, I set "Everyone" to only read and my user account to have full control, so far it looks like...
  11. C

    Driving with certified copy of Learner's License

    :DI got my learner's license on the 23rd of December and everything has been going smooth except for one obstacle... Carrying that A4 paper around!:cry: I often have to switch between driving my car, my brother's car, my mom's car and my dad's car which often means that I left the License in...
  12. NomNom

    Ram Drive??

    How does one go about installing this on Windows 7 64bit? I have 8GB of ram and would like to use like 3 or 4GB of it for something like this. :confused:
  13. NomNom

    Name Engraved Flash Drive

    Does anyone know of a place locally that does name engraving on flash drives? I want to get my aunt a cheap 2 or 4GB flash drive with her name on it.
  14. M

    Bellairs Drive - what's happening?

    Anybody else living in Bellairs Drive, JHB? It looks like things may be starting up again. The most recent info I can find on the matter comes from here on 13th August, although I think it may actually be significantly older than that: Anybody else got anything helpful to add? I'm going...
  15. G

    Transplanting RAID Array

    Hey all, I am hoping someone can give me some insight on this... As far as I know, when one has RAID1 (running through hardware RAID controller - not software based), the array gets created with a unique ID, which will allow the system to detect when a new drive has been inserted etc. Is...

    Boy, 6, Takes The Wheel After Dad Passes Out A 6-yo boy basically drove a car when his dad passed out due to high blood sugar. I'm confused though. How could the boy step on the pedals below? Or was his dad's foot still pushing down. I can't see how a passed out man's foot can be heavy enough to...
  17. d0b33

    Best way to put drives to sleep?

    Which is the best way to enable harddrive sleep mode after say 10mins of inactivity? I heard about HDparm doing this.
  18. LazyLion

    4Gb Thumb drive with TV tuner records up to 20 hours! Only problem is... will it work in SA? esp with the digital switch over?
  19. D

    Flash Drive had a Bath

    I mistakely forgot to take out my 4gig flash drive from my pocket before putting it in the Washing. It got a nice wash:D Is it safe to use it? will it damage my PC?:confused:
  20. LazyLion

    The World's Fastest Hard Drive? I'll take two... thanks! :D