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    Samsung Galaxy Tablet Teaser Video Released Enjoy :)
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    samsung galaxy s vs htc desire battery life.

    All over the net people are saying the htc desire has a weak battery and that the galaxy s battery is way better, can someone please give me stats on how bad the htc's battery really is. eg. like how long it can play continues music or videos and does it last at least 24hrs on moderate use...
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    Giant Cannibal Galaxy's Last Meal: Another Galaxy

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    New galaxy cluster discovered by scientists at 10.2billion light years away

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    Furthest star system discovered 13billion light years from Earth

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    Astronomy Picture of the Day

    Explanation: What are those strange blue objects? Many of the brightest blue images are of a single, unusual, beaded, blue, ring-like galaxy which just happens to line-up behind a giant cluster of galaxies. Cluster galaxies here typically appear yellow and -- together with the cluster's dark...
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    1 Million MPH Stars Move Through Galaxy

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    The Soap Bubble Nebula causing astronomical excitement among star-gazers

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    Black Hole Creates 'Eye' in Middle of Galactic Storm

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    Parts of Nearby Galaxy Mysteriously Missing

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    A Lenticular Galaxy Reveals Spinning Black Holes

    Full article
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    Lightest Exoplanet Yet Discovered

    Source And while we're talking about the discoveries of planets... Link
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    Is there anyone out there in the 'question mark' galaxy?

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    A glimpse into the size of our universe

    Click to see pic Warning: Pic is massive.
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    Million-Year-Old Microbe Colony Found Under Antarctic Ice