htc desire

  1. J

    HTC Desire overheating

    Hello My htc desire runs perfectly then suddenly restarts. I think that it is overheating but am not sure how can i check that. What would a new motherboard cost? Thanks in advance
  2. HapticSimian

    Galaxy SII pre-emptive Classifieds ad... maybe... sorta

    So... just toying with a few ideas here... What do you guys think I'd be able to get for a brand new, in-the-box, received on upgrade today Galaxy S II... whiff car cradle if MTN's ads are to be believed? R5k maybe? As an aside, what do you fine chaps think a 2-year old Desire in pretty...
  3. jes

    HTC Desire Android Gingerbread upgrade in SA is uncertain

    HTC Desire Android Gingerbread upgrade in SA is uncertain HTC UK works to clear up the uncertainty around the Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade for the HTC Desire, but the situation in SA is still unclear
  4. B

    Motorola MB525 VS HTC Desire White VS Galaxy Ace??

    Hey Guys! I’m not too sure where to post this! I’m a newbie to the site and to the Smartphone world, but I’ve been doing my research! After a long hard 2 years with Virgin Mobile I have cancelled my contract and I’m free to choose a new phone and contract of my choice! :-) I’ve pretty much...
  5. S

    HTC Desire - Weird Call Behaviour

    Hi. I've got an HTC Desire, and have been experiencing some very weird but cool behaviour from the phone recently. Sometimes, when I receive a call, my phone will ring, but at the same time I can hear the calling person talking over my phone's loudspeaker. The calling person has no idea...
  6. R

    Vodacom Cellphone Upgrade for sale

    Hi There. My wife's contract is due for an upgrade. We both got new cellphones within the past 4 months, so we would like to upgrade the package and sell the phone. If anyone is interested please PM me or reply to this thread. It is a Vodacom Talk 120, so check whether the phone you want...
  7. DotKomrade

    HTC Desire 'Loading' message

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can help me solve an irritating problem. Every time I press the back or home button on my desire ie to return to the home menu from whatever app I'm in, I get this annoying HTC Loading screen that stays up for about 2 seconds. I'm pretty sure it's a setting I...
  8. M

    Cannot tether with HTC Desire using the "Internet Sharing" option with USB

    This is so f*&king annoying. My Sony Ericsson W910 could effortlessly connect to the internet through USB and my 6 thousand rand smart phone can't? I've installed HTC Sync, uninstalled it, downloaded the latest one and still no luck. (I've also reinstalled Windows 7) When I select...
  9. N

    HTC Electric Shock from Earphones

    Does anyone experience this. In general mall shocks can be fatal - but very unlikely. So not worried about it, just an FYI. Happens when using the headphones on HTC Desire, while the phone is plugged into the PC USB port. Not static!