information technology

  1. K

    Where can I get a recognized E-commerce Specialist Certification?

    I have an IT diploma in Systems Analysis & Design & from a UK college and have been working for an online store since 2012. I started out as a web developer and was heavily involved in the building and maintenance of the online store and eventually I was promoted to manage the whole online store...
  2. M

    Need advice to further my studies. IT(Degree)

    Hi all. I am a software dev(currently employed as well), with my highest qaulification being NQF6 from CTU. Now I am looking to get a degree in IT, but most universities require matric maths. I do not have matric math but want to add it to my name if it is required. Where can I do this at an...
  3. D

    How much do you earn in IT? What's the advice?

    I know this is such a confidential and private question, but I would like to have an idea of how much to expect. It is definitely to the advantage of HR cause they wouldn't want us to know what's the actual market value. If you can share, I am grateful. Otherwise thanks for checking this thread...
  4. T

    BCOM Informatics UJ vs BSC IT computer science and mathematical statistics (Data Science) UFS

    Hi guys I have been accepted to study a BCOM informatics degree at UJ and a BSC IT Computer Science and Mathematical Statistics at UFS. I am planning on going abroad to live and work in Australia( Permanent residency VISA) once I have finished my degree so I want to know which degree is best for...
  5. S

    Windows blue screen

    HI All, I have the following error and nothing on the internet seems to be working I tried it ALL. log file: C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\SrtTrail.txt for Windows 10. The question, how can I reinstall windows and without using a new key(i already paid for windows), I dont have my windows...
  6. Prawnapple

    ITIL Certification

    I am looking to gain an ITIL certification and I've found some places offering courses / training for this at a cost of course. The main site I found was - Is there any way to self-learn and self-attain this and as such not...
  7. EventHorizon

    Advice for computer science student? :(

    My degree is almost over so I'm not sure what to do after. Should I stay in South Africa and look for work or try look abroad? How would I go about doing this?
  8. S

    Bsc Honours in Computing from BTech IT

    Hi would just like to know if you can apply to do the BSc Honours Computing course at Unisa if you have a BTech degree in IT Software Development
  9. C

    What path should i take??

    Hi there,for the last two years iv'e been doing Bsc Computer Science (3 year) at UWC. Every single subject passed except maths,failed the same module twice.and NOW I'M STUCK.In the beginning of the year they told me if i fail a module twice i will be academically excluded for one whole year. I...
  10. Dimagi

    Dimagi (Cape Town) is Hiring for Technical Project Manager!

    Organization Description Founded out of Harvard and MIT in 2002, Dimagi is an award-winning global technology company with a focus on impact that delivers open source technology to help underserved communities in over 50 countries around the world. Job Description Dimagi is looking for an...
  11. N

    Difficulty of BSc IT at NWU

    Hello guys just wanted to know the difficulty of obtaining bsc it degree at north west university because i read somewhere that only less than 10% of people who enrol for bsc it at nwu make it to honours level, so im just curious since i also wanna go there.
  12. S

    BSc Informatics vs BSc Computing - UNISA

    BSc Informatics vs BSc Computing - UNISA (Moved from General Section) Hi everyone! I am a first time poster and have read the other threads with regards to this topic, I decided to post something myself and see the type of response I'd get. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have...
  13. NeonNinja

    Work opportunity (IT, web/graphics design)

    Hi, Looking for a work opportunity around the East London /KWT area. My expertise are: - IT (support, networking mainly) - Graphics design - Web development (backend/WordPress) - Photography/Photoshop CV available on request.
  14. W

    What you need to know about Security While Playing Online Games

    I have been gaming for quite a while now, Dota 2 being without a doubt my absolute favorite. Also being an IT security expert you tend to look a bit deeper into what you do online and who you do it with. Whether its buying a new item with your credit card,using two factor authentication or...
  15. K

    C# developers wanted

    Beyond Data ( is seeking great C# developers capable of handling many aspects of developing modern applications, including but not limited to performance, scalability, security, testing, and more. Your primary responsibilities will be to design and develop C# applications...
  16. K

    Java developers wanted

    Beyond Data ( is seeking great Java developers capable of handling many aspects of developing modern applications, including but not limited to performance, scalability, security, testing, and more. Your primary responsibilities will be to design and develop Java...
  17. M

    Please help me get respondents for my MSc survey. I really need the help!

    Dear MBB Member, I am busy with research into the use of Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering with regards to requirements elicitation. Requirements Engineering is still a huge reason for the failure of projects and this study will help to improve this. Please see the cover letter...
  18. R

    Founder seeking an investor

    Hi myBBers It's Siya here. I am the founder of a startup business called MediProsper. What this company is about is that it aims to provide IT services to improve the healthcare industry by using the power of the internet and more to achieve this. I am currently one guy, and have the company...
  19. T


    I currently want to study IT next year and im between CTI and UNISA ? CTI offers me a BSc in IT wich covers just about everything wich is ideal, but UNISA has :erm: BSc Information Technology and Computer Science: Computational Intelligence Stream (02089 - ICI) Bachelor of Science...
  20. C

    Junior IT and PHP personell

    Dynamic VoIP company in Cape Town looking for a Junior IT personnel You should have a Combination of the following Skills: • Solid understanding of networking • Understanding of PHP / HTTP / MySQL • Good Hardware / Software Knowledge and experience • Basic knowledge and technical...