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  1. Derrick

    If you are using Internet Explorer you are a fool

    The title of this blog is not made to shock you into reading it. Well, perhaps I didn’t go sparse on the insult to grip your attention, but the title is pretty much the gist of what security analysts across the globe are starting to preach after the recent and highly publicised attacks on major...
  2. Derrick

    Internet Explorer 8 problems

    IE8 was released in Beta form on Wednesday and has Microsoft developers waiting with baited breath to see what the real world response will be. The reaction from the blog CSSVault is: WTF. “Microsoft has finally made Internet Explorer 8 Beta publicly available for download, and all I can...
  3. jes

    Internet Explorer 9 prepares for launch

    Internet Explorer 9 prepares for launch Microsoft's IE turned 15 this week and IE 9 is ready to go.
  4. R

    CSS3 properties in IE 6-8 Works a charm. The most popular CSS3 properties are supported: border-radius box-shadow border-image multiple background images linear gradients Best of all, it's a one-liner to include the functionality. :love:
  5. rpm

    Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and Firefox

    Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and Firefox The next big evolution of the Internet will be in the realm of video playing. Until now the rapid growth of online video has been built on Adobe's Flash technology.
  6. R

    Shockwave crashes: IE & Chrome

    Hi, I'm having serious issues with adobe shockwave using Chrome, I'm having similiar crashes on IE 7&8 with .dll's bombing out and restarting my machine. I've rebuilt my machine, re registered dll's, uninstalled shockwave and active X controls hundreds of times (literally) read posts on how to...
  7. rpm

    Windows 7 and IE split concerns

    Windows 7 and IE split concerns The European Commission expressed scepticism late on Thursday over an announcement from Microsoft that it would strip Internet Explorer browsers from copies of its Windows 7 operating system sold in Europe.
  8. LazyLion

    What is Mozilla's Project: Screaming Monkey? I love it! :D
  9. LazyLion

    Change Internet Explorer into Firefox forever!

    I hacked the title using this registry hack... Source: Now my Internet Explorer reads "Mozilla Firefox" all the time! :p Paste this text into a new Text Document on your Desktop... Change the name of the file to IEMozillahack.reg and then...
  10. rpm

    Better browsing from Microsoft

    Better browsing from Microsoft