laptop advice

  1. Sudo Panic

    Looking to purchase a laptop for University - Programming, Web development, Media encoding etc

    Hey guys compliments of the season :) I am looking to purchase a new laptop for Uni (App Development). Context I've been stuck for the past two days in making a decision and wanted to know if you guys could help me out. So I'm not looking to be spoon fed it's just that this is a lot of cash...
  2. B

    Best laptop for R18k, and best time and place to buy

    Hi there! I have about R18k budget to buy a laptop, and would like to get the best possible laptop for that price. What is the best place to get the best laptop for that price? Also, are there any particular periods during the year you would recommend I wait for? Unfortunately I did not get...
  3. A

    Laptop on a budget for BSc Comp Sci Student

    Hey guys Can you please suggest good laptops (on a budget) that will get me through 3/4 years studying BSc Comp Sci (at UNISA) beginning next year. Maybe you know of good sites to purchase online? Do you suggest I wait for Black Friday deals?
  4. M

    Assistance with low performance laptop

    Hi there, I recently had the hard drive upgraded to an SSD and I also have had my memory increased to 8GB. My laptop is better but is still struggling with software at times. I decided to try the UserBenchmark PC Speed Test and my results are below: UserBenchmarks: Game 11%, Desk 27%, Work 18%...
  5. B34ni3boy

    Gaming Laptop urgent advise

    Hey guys i'm looking at purchasing a lenovo y730 gaming laptop. intel 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H up to 4.1GHz Processor 9MB Cache, 6x Cores, 12x Threads /. 16GB DDR4 RAM / 256GB Ultra-Fast SSD + 1TB Hard Drive / 17.3" NARROW BEZEL Full HD 1920x1080 Anti-glare 144Hz Refresh Rate With IPS-Level...
  6. D

    Laptop Advice

    Hi All, Looking into purchasing a laptop and seeking advice. Looking to purchase a 14 or 15 inch FHD laptop with an 8th Gen i5,8GB Ram with the potential to upgrade and a 1TB HDD. Ideally I would have liked a laptop that has dual drive capability but it isn't a must. I have considered...
  7. N

    Need help buying a laptop

    Hi all Im looking to get myself a new laptop. Budget is around R10 000. Would mostly use it to watch Netflix, web browsing and the odd game. (Mostly Sims 4, Skyrim and occasionally COD) Any advice would be greatly appreciated im currently looking online via Takealot and then at a few stores...
  8. J

    Where is a good place to buy new laptops at a good price?

    Hi, I'm looking for a reliable place where I can purchase a laptop at a cheap(ish) price... So far I've only seen good prices on, but I haven't heard much about them, only that their customer service is terrible. Do you know of any good places? Thanks in advance.
  9. T

    Best Laptop Deals Dec/Jan 2017-2018 R15K- R30k - Researched (Google Docs)

    Hi everyone:), I thought I would share my research I made while looking to buy a laptop this Dec/Jan 2017/2018 in South Africa. DOC LINK BELOW I was looking for a work laptop between R3K- R30k($235 - $2348) with a good screen(hard to find):confused:, CPU, ram and decent GPU while looking...
  10. D

    Laptop choice: T470s vs Latitude 7480 vs XPS 9560

    Hi, guys Need help choosing a laptop. It will be used daily for both work (programming, word/excel processing, web browsing with many, many tabs open) as well as personal use (web browsing, youtubing, watching HD video). I very occasionally play games and even then, the're not that...
  11. R

    Laptop Not shutting down/Sleeping properly

    Good day forum. This has been a pain for the last two months. Here is the just of it-> Did a clean install of Windows 10 on my Acer Extenza Laptop. All normal windows function perfectly apart from one. When I try to enter sleep mode or shutdown the power light remains on. Previously, it...
  12. D

    Budget Windows Laptop

    Evening folks, Looking for some help since I'm a bit out of touch with this range of products. What's the best available entry-est level budget machine that runs Windows? It could be a tablet+keyboard combo, or pretty much anything similar. The user has a budget of up to R3000, and would like...
  13. R

    Lenovo VS Asus

    HI All I am battling to decide between the following 2 laptops: 1. Lenovo Intel 1.3 Notebook - Ideapad 100 2. Asus A540LA Intel Core 1.3 I have found them both at the same price. Usage will be for Business - Microsoft Office Programs and browsing the web. Being the same price...
  14. M

    2x Dead External Drives and 1x "Dead" Laptop

    Hi. I need some tech advice on my two issues. I made the mistake of letting my (now ex) brother-in-law borrow my Toshiba laptop a few years ago but when I got it back, the laptop started up and went to the blue screen of death and shut down repeatedly so I bought a new laptop. I checked the...
  15. D

    MacBook Pro/Laptop Advice

    Hi Guys I am in the market looking for a new Laptop for work and was hoping someone could provide some advice for me. Current Laptop Specs: Dell I5, 4GB Ram, 750 GB Hdd (Early 2011 model) My laptop has been slowly giving up, panels coming out from the back as well etc and the other day it...
  16. B

    Best laptop for around R12 000?

    Hello everyone! I'm about to get a new laptop. But I have absolutely no idea for what I should go. My budget is around R12 000, however I can stretch it to R13 500 maximum. I do have this laptop in mind; Lenovo Ideapad Y5070. I don't mind the fact that it has no DVD drive. I know it...
  17. M

    BEST LAPTOP R10000 or UNDER??

    Hi I'm looking to maybe get a new laptop was wondering what's the best I'm gna get for R10000. I'm looking for something for general use(including some light gaming) thats got a decent battery and isnt too heavy. Any ideas?
  18. I

    What's the best laptop under R5000?

    We're an NPO and need to decide on the best laptop for our budget (5k). Predominantly used for office work. Which laptop make & model do you think is the best? What are the basic specs for a good laptop?
  19. R

    HELP!!! Laptop to buy for Chemical Engineering and WHERE to buy it Locally?? PLEASE=)

    Hey Guys - Really in need advice on what laptop to buy and more importantly where to buy it from locally- most of the advice i can find online is US based and when i look up the prices here its nearly triple or doesn't even exist. So heres the deal - I have a budget of about R13K. I need a...
  20. N

    Approximately how much would it cost me to fix a Toshiba laptop screen?

    It has 5 black spots on it, which are slowly growing. They appeared after I accidentally hit the screen. The laptop is a Satellite C650 I got it in 2011 still works smoothly. The screen size is 15.6"