1. M

    Fibre in Complex - HELP

    I am a homeowner in a complex in Parklands. I have been pushing our body corporate for the last two years to get fibre installed in the complex but they have been utterly unhelpful and uninterested. Is there anything I can do to by-pass them or legally take the matter to a higher authority?
  2. V

    Is this illegal? nootropics?

    Hey guys so I've started a nootropics business, and right now I am selling a tablets containing caffeine + L theanine. These are both substances that come from coffee beans and green tea so they're natural extracts. I make the tablets at my house with a machine I have. On my packaging I have...
  3. S

    Neighbour wall payment dispute

    Hello, a few months ago our neighbor wanted to build a wall because there was only a short fence between us. They asked me for permission whether they can start building it and I thought why not if they want to pay for it. It's been 4 months since then and they are asking for half the...
  4. S

    Looking for series like ...

    The Wire, Justified, The Blacklist, Blacklist Redemption, Mentalist, True Detective (s), Goliath, Rectify, Breaking Bad, The Night Of, Better call Saul, The Good Wife - legal, cop, drama stuff ... like it more contemporary as it becomes a bit lame when the cops don't even have mobiles (?!)...
  5. J

    Is the kodi add on - exodus legal in South Africa?

    As far as I understand kodi itself is legal in South Africa. However when using an add on such as exodus does it become illegal? If anyone has specific laws regarding streaming please post.
  6. J

    Legal Advise Please (Loan Sharks)

    If someone could assist with legal advice I would appreciate it to aid me in taking the next step forward. I applied for a loan on Loan--- but didn't forward any information for the next step to process it. Anyway while applying, unknown to me I was also applying for their "service package"...
  7. Zoomzoom

    Urgent help needed please - house renovation

    Hi, URGENTLY need advice please. I'm renovating an old house (104) years old. I considered extending part of the house, but the cost was too much, so am just rebuilding part of the house on the old foundation. I understood that rebuilding on an existing foundation did not require planning...
  8. abruton

    Signed under duress

    Hi I've been persued to close a website due to trademark issues, even though the website was running for 6 years with the consessionairs knowledge. After much fighting etc, I've closed the website and Twitter account and signed the letter that they sent to me. They did not want to put in...
  9. M

    Cancellation of gym contract after 6 days due to injury

    Hi guys I would really appreciate some of your input or feedback with the following. I joined a local gym last week Tuesday (08 February 2016). Today (Monday, 08 February 2016), I was using one of the weight lifting machines when it's handle bar fell on my head, got a cut and it bled, and...
  10. M

    Traffic offences...specifically speeding fines

    Hi everyone Last month I was caught speeding and received a traffic fine. After recently reading the whole thing about getting arrested for certain offences and the response from JPSA, I decided to do some more research. Well after reading a few websites and sections 54, 56 and 57 of the...
  11. J

    Windows 10 Unauthorised background download and Vodacom Bill

    Hi all I have a Windows 7 laptop that is set to do no updates. Surprisingly got a Vodacom account for R1860. Vodacom said that it could only be windows 10 auto background download (2-6GB) and that quite a lot of scimiilar cases have been reported. Microsofts response is that updates...
  12. W

    Afrihost/OpenWeb ADSL class-action lawsuit

    Hello all, Considering the abysmal performance many users have received from these ISPs(Afrihost / OpenWeb), as well as the utter nonsense and lies they've been trying to feed us when we complain, I am in the process of getting legal counsel wrt a class-action lawsuit against them. It...
  13. owenswart

    Getting sued for defamation over blog post

    Looking to pick the brains of anyone who's been through this before. I made a blog post which amounted to a poor reference for a former employee. A very poor one. Now that employee is suing me for defamation. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be done (An application to...
  14. terencej

    Crowd funding for equity

    Hi all, I was wondering this morning about investing in new ideas and business. The kind you find on Kickstarter. Then I was wondering how I could benefit from it in the form of investment and stumbeled on to this article...
  15. F

    Fraudulently signed contract Vodacom

    I need some advice. I recently took out a contract with Vodacom after porting from MTN. The day after I took out my contract, I noticed the subscription fee dropped by R40 per month. I went into the same store the next day and requested my contract to be cancelled or the subscription...
  16. QuintonB

    TAG to tackle e-tolls in court

    E-toll system heading back to court The Tollgate Action Group (TAG) would push ahead with a court case to have Gauteng’s e-tolls declared unconstitutional, the organisation said on Thursday.
  17. QuintonB

    Free legal defence for first e-toll case

    Free defence for first e-toll case Legal firm Findlay & Niemeyer Inc has offered to defend the first non-compliant e-toll road user as a test case, it said on Monday.
  18. princes_arabella

    Cancelling a *new* cellphone contract (<2 days old)

    I signed my first contract with Vodacom on Tuesday evening. When I got home the power was off and the phone battery was dead, so I couldn't charge the phone. Wednesday morning, I charged the phone and when I got to work I started setting it up. After the initial excitement wore off, I noticed...
  19. G

    Is Your Wireless Service Provider Legal?

    We have recently noticed that ICASA appears to be on a drive to remove illegally installed wireless equipment around the country. When purchasing services from a WISP, please be sure to ask them for a copy of their license details before signing up with them. They MUST be able to produce a...