1. M

    Fibre in Complex - HELP

    I am a homeowner in a complex in Parklands. I have been pushing our body corporate for the last two years to get fibre installed in the complex but they have been utterly unhelpful and uninterested. Is there anything I can do to by-pass them or legally take the matter to a higher authority?
  2. B

    My non-biological father issued a maintenance order against me

    Good day My non-biological father (I was adopted) issued a maintenance order against me, can he do that? Also what can I do to stop him from succeeding? I am under debt review so that already explains that I can't afford it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. T

    Racial Classification Post-Apartheid

    In the Apartheid Era, racial classification was governed by the Population Registration Act (1950) and enforced by government officials, courts and the Office for Race Classification. This act used various criteria (much of which were terribly humiliating, including the infamous Pencil Test) to...
  4. mattrudlles

    The Law

    Mods could we have a sub-forum in Other for threads on the law? @rpm Edit: this is not an advice thread, but a discussion thread for legal topics. @f2wohf What do you think?
  5. V

    Is this illegal? nootropics?

    Hey guys so I've started a nootropics business, and right now I am selling a tablets containing caffeine + L theanine. These are both substances that come from coffee beans and green tea so they're natural extracts. I make the tablets at my house with a machine I have. On my packaging I have...
  6. N

    Local second hand store scam

    Good day, If this is in the wrong forum please correct me. I recently bought a computer from a local second hand store. In store, they refused that i opened the case, so i open dxdiag and sysinfo32, and the properties on my computer, all stated that i was buying a 6600K, and the sign clearly...
  7. K

    Loan Settlement Letter

    Hi All I am having issues with a financial institution(call it institution A) regarding a personal loan that I took up with them. I had this loan and have been paying it for almost a year. I then decided to take up a consolidation loan with another financial institution. I proceeded to...
  8. B

    Help: Where can I find my company liquidators?

    Hi, Few year ago I voluntarily liquidated my company and now I need to reinstate the company again, but I don't have the details of the lawyers and liquidators. How can I get that information from the High Court when I don't have the case number? I have tried a few legal firms for help but...
  9. S

    Neighbour wall payment dispute

    Hello, a few months ago our neighbor wanted to build a wall because there was only a short fence between us. They asked me for permission whether they can start building it and I thought why not if they want to pay for it. It's been 4 months since then and they are asking for half the...
  10. N

    Selling On Amazon

    Anyone selling stuff on Amazon for a profit or knows how it works??
  11. S

    Looking for series like ...

    The Wire, Justified, The Blacklist, Blacklist Redemption, Mentalist, True Detective (s), Goliath, Rectify, Breaking Bad, The Night Of, Better call Saul, The Good Wife - legal, cop, drama stuff ... like it more contemporary as it becomes a bit lame when the cops don't even have mobiles (?!)...
  12. J

    Is the kodi add on - exodus legal in South Africa?

    As far as I understand kodi itself is legal in South Africa. However when using an add on such as exodus does it become illegal? If anyone has specific laws regarding streaming please post.
  13. J

    Legal Advise Please (Loan Sharks)

    If someone could assist with legal advice I would appreciate it to aid me in taking the next step forward. I applied for a loan on Loan--- but didn't forward any information for the next step to process it. Anyway while applying, unknown to me I was also applying for their "service package"...
  14. D

    Non-consential employee email monitoring: Need legal advice

    Hi people A friend of mine working for a big corporate in SA has been experiencing sexism, racism and all kinds of terrorise tactics from her managers for months now. She a senior manager and has blown the whistle at some corrupt dealings before, which should paint the whole picture. The...
  15. Zoomzoom

    Urgent help needed please - house renovation

    Hi, URGENTLY need advice please. I'm renovating an old house (104) years old. I considered extending part of the house, but the cost was too much, so am just rebuilding part of the house on the old foundation. I understood that rebuilding on an existing foundation did not require planning...
  16. K

    Bank blocked my account and took my UIF money. Any advice?

    Hi All, This is my first post here so I hope that I'm in the right section etc... This is the short version of the incident: I have been battling with getting my UIF paid out since November 2015. They eventually processed my payment, yay! Or so I thought... On Friday the 29th of...
  17. G

    Rent increased for previous months, legal?

    Does anyone know what notice period should be given to a tenant for a rental increase at the end of a term? My agent called me to say that I owe them money. Seeing that I pay my bills on time I asked him to send me a statement. It turns out that my rent was "increased" in February. I never...
  18. abruton

    Signed under duress

    Hi I've been persued to close a website due to trademark issues, even though the website was running for 6 years with the consessionairs knowledge. After much fighting etc, I've closed the website and Twitter account and signed the letter that they sent to me. They did not want to put in...
  19. M

    Cancellation of gym contract after 6 days due to injury

    Hi guys I would really appreciate some of your input or feedback with the following. I joined a local gym last week Tuesday (08 February 2016). Today (Monday, 08 February 2016), I was using one of the weight lifting machines when it's handle bar fell on my head, got a cut and it bled, and...