1. J

    JCJ Group Telecoms

    JCJ Group Telecoms Telecom Service Providers in Port Elizabeth Great service and advice at competitive prices www.jcjgroup.co.za 0410040322
  2. i.got~issues

    Android 6+ OTG Ethernet

    Long story short... any Android 6+ OTG RJ45 adapters locally available that anyone knows of? I know they can be sourced from across the seas, but hoping that some forumite might be able to steer me in a locally obtainable direction. /sigh
  3. K

    Vertcoin (VTC) local p2pool node

    If anyone is interested in mining vertcoin, (especially before they halve the reward on 12th Dec), there is a local pool you can mine from which results in a much better success rate and lower DOA % http://vtc.splatgrave.com:9171/ VTC to USD has gone up from $1.6 to $2.5 in less than a...
  4. KurtPloc

    Fast Keyboard VS Slow Mouse VS Even Slower Fingers

    I just have to get this off my chest. I've been a in computers since 1990 and sorry to say, but today's Software and Apps are 20 years behind from a technical aspect. Speed is the most important thing! Most functionalities are gone in these so-called great new Apps. Here are only 5...
  5. S

    Tyd wag vir Niemand - a Time-Manipulating First Person Indie Adventure

    Hi everyone, We just wanted to let you all know we just released our latest game, Tyd wag vir Niemand, onto Steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/589730/Tyd_wag_vir_Niemand/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krJhdhdD-Ps Please let us know what you think. Description: Manipulate time to...
  6. skeptic_SA

    WTF is wrong with Google?

    So I specify results for South Africa and keep getting international results. What am I doing wrong? Or do these companies hosts allow them to circumvent the local listing criteria. I want SA based sites and not international ones. Whats the point of Google allowing you to specify - if that...
  7. S

    'n Verlore Verstand [PC/Mac/Linux] [Greenlight]

    Hi My BB community, We just wanted to let you all know about our new game 'n Verlore Verstand, we also started up a Steam Greenlight campaign and we would really appreciate it if you could give us a vote and spread the word as much as you can: http://bit.ly/1MAMGNN Also, be sure to...
  8. L

    Which registrar should I use for a local domain?

    Hello broadbanders! I need to transfer a .co.za domain to my name. Which registrar do you knowledgable folk recommend?
  9. ControlAltDelete

    Telkom throttling local traffic on uncapped accounts?

    I was just wondering if Telkom throttles local traffic on uncapped accounts after fair use policy notification. I'm asking because when I connect to gaming.do.co.za and download a file from there I get full speed but when I go over to Wage's FTP site and download from there I get capped speed...
  10. S

    Galaxy S5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Hey guys, first time poster here I just got the Galaxy S5 and I really wanna make sure I protect the screen well. I did some reading, and it seems tempered glass screen protectors are the way to go. Anybody know where to buy them locally? I really don't wanna have to get one from overseas...
  11. S

    Local Horror Game. Vapour: Borders of Purgatory [Greenlight] [indiegogo]

    Hi, We are Skobbejak Games, a local two man (Tiaan Gerber & Alexander Ehlers) indie game devlopment team. We released a prototype of our first game "Vapour" back in the beginning of August this year and it has garnered a lot of fans and exposure since. That's why we recently...
  12. M

    Western Cape dung beetle counts steps

    Cape dung beetle counts steps Professor Marcus Byrne of Wits University 19 October 2013 A species of dung beetle in the Western Cape has given up its ability to fly and instead gallops across the sand in a behaviour which researchers suspect evolved as a way to navigate back and forth...
  13. I

    Convicted Colonel to finally serve jail sentence

  14. I

    Cut student doctors from hospital - Sama

    Johannesburg - The SA Medical Association has called on the Health Professional Council of SA to withdraw student doctors from Tembisa hospital. The interns spent the night sleeping in the hospital's casualty ward, Sama spokesperson Phophi Ramathuba said on Tuesday. "Depriving student doctors...
  15. C

    The 2013-14 Premier Soccer League thread

    It's that time again, a new season is about to get underway. The season will once again be made up of the 16 ABSA Premiership, the 8 team MTN 8, the 16 team Telkom Knockout (league cup), and 32 team Nedbank Cup (national cup). The 16 teams in the PSL are: Ajax Cape Town Amazulu...
  16. C

    Virtual local telephone number for each town

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy/rent local telephone number for each town in South Africa? I need a local telephone number for each branch of my business, but then divert it to call center. I don't want to pay R130 per month for line from Telkom. On Skype I could get numbers(at...
  17. S

    Sennheiser HD555

    Hi need quotes for the Sennheiser HD555 headphones. Cant find any local retailer selling these. thanks
  18. D

    Who is the best local webhost in terms of pricing and support?

    I want some second opinions on the following hosting companies. Which would you say provide the best value for money? WebAfrica AfriHost GridHost Serve Hosting Paradigm Solutions Hetzner MWeb WebOnline HubHost That's about all I know of but also interested in others. Also if...
  19. C

    The 2013-13 Premier Soccer League thread

    The new season is about to get started, so it's time for a new thread. For those who don't know the PSL season should be* made up of the 16 team league, a top 8 cup, a 16 team league cup, and a 32 team national cup. The 16 teams making up the PSL this season are: Ajax Cape Town Amazulu...
  20. G

    MineCraft, again (still)?

    Hi guys. I'm pretty much just going to blatantly tell you how our server is the largest in South Africa (by far) - and it is, so it's not like I'm lying. For those of you who are the least bit interested in MineCraft and/or automation in MineCraft, please have a look - it'll be worth your...