1. G

    Local FTP server

    I just set up an FTP server on my laptop using FileZilla. It's connected using local only ADSL and I would like to do some file sharing. If anyone would like to browse or upload something cool, please first check if I am online here: http://isp23976.dns.openweb.co.za/index.php
  2. G

    Who offers free local web hosting?

    Are there any local web hosts willing to offer free linux hosting with PHP and MYSQL? I have a couple of sites that I would like to host locally, but the prices are still too high for me. I am willing to place a small button or banner on every page on each of my sites in exchange for free local...
  3. K

    ADSL Connection Sharing

    I recenctly setup a VPN Lite network for my bro's gf between her office and another office. I also setup myself up as a location for testing purposes. All sites also need to be connected to the internet and so according to the VPN Lite installation notes you require a router that has the...
  4. P

    Prepaid IS

    I want to buy some local prepaid Internet Solutions bandwidth. From whom can I purchase this from?
  5. W

    Akamai cached sites not going through Axxess local account

    I've tried switching my local and international accounts in Route Sentry so I can access international sites (e.g. NASA website) that are cached through the IS Akamai servers with my local-only account but my requests just time out. So I basically want to know if anyone has been able to...
  6. Rouxenator

    There is no such thing as "local internet"

    Please folks, lets get one thing straight - there is no such thing as "local internet". The core of the word INTERnet is INTER - as in INTERnational AKA worldwide. "Local internet" is nothing more that a term tekom uses to mislead people. When a user is abusing substances like copper they get...
  7. E

    Free local proxy for international browsing

    Hi Guys! I established a FREE locally hosted proxy, so that one may use one's local bandwidth to still connect internationally. Currently it is in a testing phase, so I'm only allowing HTTP and HTTPS traffic and limiting the file sizes that can be downloaded. You can use it to access Facebook...
  8. EasyUp Web Hosting

    IS damn slow?

    Is it just me or is there something wrong with WA's IS local accounts? I have 2x30gig Local IS accounts and are unable to browse any pages with them now... I pinged saix.net and get a latency of +-66... :confused: Edit: I am currently on my saix accounts and it is working wonderfully...
  9. C

    Using telkom email on local cap?

    Hi, I did post this question somewhere else, and I apologize but I really need an answer ASAP. Can you use telkom's email with local only cap? It seems fairly obvious that you should, I just need to be dead certain! Thanks
  10. C

    Acer Drivers - Local Mirror?

    Anyone know if there is a local mirror for the drivers hosted on ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/ ? Besides the fact that the drivers I require come to about 900MB, the server keeps timing out. Hope someone knows of something! Thanks! EDIT: I am aware of the http downloads of the...
  11. D

    AlienArena Help

    Hi i need help with alien arena anyone know any local servers or how to set one up ?
  12. W

    local updates for wow us

    I have a US version of wow(1.5) and I'm trying to find a local site or ftp to get updates from. I can only find a universal patch to 2.4 for the EU version. I managed to get updates from 2.4 upwards, just no luck getting to the required version to use the patch :( Any help would be...
  13. LazyLion

    QuickShare's Dilemma - please give feedback!

    As you know QuickShare is fairly new All South African local hosting site... http://www.quickshare.co.za/ Their service is sorely needed in South Africa where bandwidth and hosting costs are so high. But they have a dilemma... here it is (you may have guessed it...) Here is the blog...
  14. LazyLion

    Vitality ADSL - R44 for 1 GB!

    http://www.vitalitybroadband.co.za/ Standard ADSL = From R44 for 1 GB Bonus Bandwidth ADSL 1 Gig + 9 Gig Local = R65 Monthly
  15. T

    Installing new apps in Ubuntu, a few questions.

    I know more or less that when I want to install a new app I type something like "sudo apt-get install appnamehere" correct? What I want to know is where on my hdd do those apps get downloaded to, and will they be kept or deleted automatically (how can I stop them from being deleted if they...
  16. D

    Route Sentry local download

    any1 knw wer i can dwnld Route Sentry download locally?
  17. T

    Telkom Internet users, do you get billed for local over you're freely allocated?

    I'm not talking like getting billed for 120Gb over the limit or something, I'm talking like up to ~10GB or so maybe. Please post your TI package (1, 2, or 3Gb) and you're usage over the limit for past months, and weather you were billed. It doesn't have to be too detailed, just something...
  18. S

    Local downloads for software e.g. Eclipse?

    Apart from mirror.ac.za and all the other university/ISP ftp sites, are there any software download sites accessible on local bandwidth? Linux distros, Open Office and MySQL are well covered, but I can't find Java runtimes or SDK, or Eclipse. And what about all the fine windows freeware and...
  19. T

    Is Telkom hard on billing for local over the "free" amount?

    This month I might need to go over my local usage a bit, I've got a 2Gb Telkom so I have 20Gb free local. Think I might end up doing maybe 4-6Gb over the free amount, am I likely to be billed for it? If it's probable I'll buy some prepaid from Axxess...
  20. D

    iPig Alternative for Ubuntu 8.04?

    Hi guys, I'm a total newbie to Ubuntu (having just installed the acclaimed Hardy Heron release). My setup is as follows: we have a desktop PC running XP with Routesentry, Treewalk and iPig server running on it successfully (thanks ant1b0dy). Previously, my laptop had Vista iPig client...