1. P

    Methods for running uTorrent on local-only account

    There are many people out there looking for a solution on how to run uTorrent in the background, using only local cap, whilst allowing other applications to use international (and/or local) cap. Using RouteSentry or any other form of traffic splitting works well in most cases, although as soon...
  2. D

    New application to split local and international traffic - now on Telkom Router

    Hey all, I've written a script to split traffic between local only and international connections on a Telkom duoPlus 300WR router. Works like a charm :) I've also created a site to host such applications. Obviously my script is on there. If you've written a similar script for a...
  3. A

    Local-only Dynamic DNS [beta]

    The dynami dynamic DNS service is actually still only in BETA but it seems that it has been quite heavily used during the WebAfrica local-only trial ;) It is a dynamic DNS update server working on the same protocol as DynDNS. This means that most DynDNS clients should work with the service. It...
  4. Tpex

    Whats the DC++ server for local?

    Got local cap, I want to share, I remember seeing something about a DC++ local server.... Anybody know about it?
  5. B

    LOCAL ONLY uncapped?

    Local only uncapped. Is there such a product out there?
  6. S

    Local Mac podcast

    Found this via twitter, http://www.macabout.co.za/ Some issues: the voice quality needs to be improved and introductions needs to be done. Also, the podcast needs to be on the US store and not just the SA one. But for the rest I think it's a good move to have a local 'cast on Apple. Maybe...
  7. P

    Local + Blended Accounts Suggestion

    I have been logged into Telkom Local Only uninterrupted since August and been dialing a second Blended session at will ever since. So the infrastructure already exists to do this. The only problem is, if the Local connection is lost for some reason, there is no way to log back in. (Other than...
  8. 3

    ADSL Modems & local, international bandwidth usage

    Dear Forum'ers I need some assistance re ADSL modems. I have requested a line and now need to get a modem, which, for the most part, will be used for general browsing, emails (my server sits internationally), a bit of downloads (minimally) and for VOIP. The latter makes the second question...
  9. T

    Local online games

    I'm looking for local online games to pass the time. Nothing hectic, just petty time-killers like chess, poker etc. Preferably something with a lounge area type-thing where players can chat before engaging in battle etc.
  10. DA-LION-619


    gone plz join the group
  11. H

    HoN for Mac local download?

    Anybody know where i can maybe download HoN for mac locally?? I found the place to down load it for windows locally but i don't wanna boot into windows all the time lol...
  12. A

    Telkom SA Local Cap/Usage - Question!!

    Hello everyone,:) Scenario: I am using Telkom as my ISP. I bought a 1 gig account with them (I get capped after i use the 1 gig) which is fine because i mostly use local sites. I realize that Telkom can charge me R15 for every gig i go over (for local usage) so here is the question...
  13. DA-LION-619

    Quickshare Links

    We all know about quickshare but not about the downloads so when you upload something put the link here and info on what it is
  14. S

    Route Sentry - updating your local routes

    Hi guys, I've detailed below a way to update your local Route Sentry routes. This is, off course, provided that ant1b0dy does not mind. If he does then I'll have to remove it. So here's how you do it: Go to http://ip.ludost.net/ Enter za in the Input a list of ISO country codes separated by...
  15. M

    Uncapped local

    Is there any ISP offering uncapped local ADSL?
  16. D

    Help with Warcraft 3 Installation (Multiplayer)

    Hi everyone. I aquired the 'Program Files' folder from my friend. It includes Warcraft 3 and the Frozen Throne. I put it in the following directory C:\Program Files\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III. I then applied the 1.22 patch and installed w3l.exe and w3l.dll into the above folder. I...
  17. S

    No AA3 Local download Yet?

    will there be a local download?..:confused:
  18. d0b33

    Bing works on local

    Bing works on local bing.com not a surprise since live worked on local too.
  19. Z

    Telkom Local Bandwith, a B1TcH...

    Okay i went a little haywire with the downloads this month and i am pretty sure that i am going to be charged a hell of alot of money for exceeding my 30GB free local. I used 94.6477 GB Local internet (this happened cause i left my house for a week and telkom decided i can have a fst...
  20. I

    Local websites

    Kindly post all local websites that can be accessed when you cap has run out. To start off i'll post the first few: www.iol.co.za www.mybroadband.co.za www.telkomsa.net www.telkom.co.za www.autotrader.co.za www.propertytrader.co.za games.saix.net www.news24.co.za www.supercricket.co.za