1. QuintonB

    Google launches Woza Online for SMEs in SA

    Google’s Woza Online launches in SA Google announced today the launch of Woza Online – an initiative that aims to bring tens of thousands of small and medium businesses online in South Africa.
  2. G

    Local indexing site open for signups

    A local indexing site www.nzbsa.co.za is open for signups. Its just as good as matrix and other overseas indexing sites, but what is nice about it is the community. People are friendly and its goodfor just hanging out and chatting as well. It usually is invite only so it would be good for those...
  3. ControlAltDelete

    NEW Local Torrent Site Hosting

    So if you're looking to use your local bandwidth on downloading meaningful freeware and great sorts of free things with local bandwidth rather than downloading from brothersoft. Message me for information and invitation to an exclusive local torrent site that works with all ISP's in South Africa...
  4. D

    what was it called?

    Hi, what was that app called that the South African guy made that lets you use two different adsl accounts at the same time (local and international) ? a link please or name :)
  5. B


    Does anyone have any idea what is going on in the Free Sip world locally? The only pure sip provider that was local was FreeVoip.co.za and when I contacted them to get some info out of them pertaining to progress or the way forward, they were quite vague, to say the least.
  6. ControlAltDelete

    how do i connect wow via proxy?

    i have this proxy its an HTTP proxy and i checked it withProxifier and its working fine, but when i launch apps with it that i have created thhe rules all it does it say the the app couldnt connect example: 21:10] ACBSP.exe - open [21:10] ACBSP.exe - close, 177...
  7. jes

    Microsoft Bing adds local bargains to results

    Microsoft Bing adds local bargains to results Microsoft on Thursday added local bargains to results served up with mobile and desktop versions of its Bing Internet search engine in the United States.
  8. D

    Telkom "Free" Local Usage is not free if you get mail from Mweb

    :mad:i have lodged a complaitn with Telkom's technical department about not being able to receive mail or surf to Mwebs mail platform whan i have reached my cap. I have had the same mweb accoutn for over 11 years and i am not going to change to some crappy Telkom address. I called the tech...
  9. T

    Best IP for International Speed?

    Greetings I am looking to find an ISP that gives reasonable international speeds. I noticed whilst streaming a video from an international site on xbox live this weekend that I was only getting about 500kbps on AXXESS Lite unshaped. I then purchased some R29 for 3GB from Afrihost and I...
  10. G

    Where can I download the latetest backtrack and Ophcrack locally?

    The title says it.. I want a local download and of the latest. I looked on some ftp's and the sun one had a very old version so please help me. Thanks Goosen
  11. jes

    Local and international broadband prices - how does SA compare?

    Local and international broadband prices - how does SA compare? Point-Topic recently released their latest Broadband Tariff Benchmark report. This is how South Africa compares.
  12. G

    How can I share a pack of freewares locally?

    Hi I want to share some a freeware pack on this forum locally, I tried to share on quickshare but you can only upload 10 meg at a time and max storage is 200mb :mad: (the freeware pack is like 170mb). Can someone plz make a script to upload a lot of files to quickshare (for example I have a alot...
  13. P

    Forcing Google Services to local (RSA) IP address

    As some of you might have seen: Google, YouTube and Facebook are hosting local mirrors for most of their services. Unfortunately the ISP's DNS servers doesn't always report the local IP addresses, even if the services work on the local mirrors! There are 2 ways in which you can force the...
  14. Y

    Setting Ubuntu to download on local repositories

    I've just installed 10.04 and I tried to download Klibido via the software center. Saw it was trying to download via US servers so I changed it to local (sun servers). Now it still doesn't download the app. Bear in mind I am on local only bandwidth. Can someone please help a noob!?
  15. E

    Which cell phone blog?

    Hi there . Which is the best blog for cell phones ? A local site that has info on what's new , when phones will arrive ect. Thanks.
  16. P

    Quakelive.co.za launches

    Ello mateys. Here's a little fansite I've developed for all the quake players. www.quakelive.co.za
  17. D

    Half Life?

    Hey people.. I'm looking for a place I can buy half life (I'm guessing its under R100).. Preferably locally.. Thanks :) (I want to get the original because ESF v1.3 sounds like its going to be released soon... www.esforces.com)
  18. R

    Download iAtkos v7 locally

    Does anyone know if iAtkos v7 is hosted locally for download as my cap won't allow me to complete the download. Please PM me the link if you have any.
  19. Tpex

    The Gower.co.za Thread

    This is a thread so all the people interested in talking and asking questions about http://www.gower.co.za/ can do so without any problems No Anti-Piracy BS allowed
  20. LazyLion

    Afrihost International down?

    I can only access local sites for the last five minutes.