1. MickeyD

    The Julius Malema Trial

    TIGHT SECURITY FOR MALEMA TRIAL Security would be tight at the Polokwane High Court for EFF leader Julius Malema's trial Limpopo police said on Sunday. "Members of the SAPS will be monitoring and patrolling the area in and around the court, as well as the city centre and identified areas...
  2. NeonNinja

    Unforgettable Quotes by Julius Malema

    Rubbish in your trouser You can go out…rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser – that is rubbish. That which you have covered in [your] clothes is rubbish, ok? You are a small boy you can’t do anything. Go out…bastard! Go out! You bloody agent! On debating Zille's counterparts...
  3. HapticSimian

    ANCYL turns on Malema after Lamola attack

    Yes, I know... Ignore Malema; don't give him any publicity. But come on, that headline is just pure lollerskates! Oh how the mighty [-]self-absorbed[/-] have fallen. Couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow. *disclaimer* : I only used existing tags...
  4. LazyLion

    ANC Youth League hits back at 'shameful and reckless' Loubser So Juliaaas is allowed to have his Ivory Tower, but if you are a white then it must have been gotten through ill gains! :D
  5. LazyLion

    ‘God help us if Juju becomes president’ That's rich! He is a child of your legacy and your policies. He is just doing exactly what the ANC taught him and raised him to do. Now you want to disown him? Isn't that a perfectly clear indictment...
  6. S

    Malema calls on Indians to adopt poverty stricken families

    Malema calls on Indians to adopt poverty stricken families So now we're expected to do the work of the cANCerous government they voted in, which has neglected them, stolen from them, and oppresses them? We're supposed to adopt these same people (not all of them) that would not think twice...
  7. LazyLion

    Malema defends Team SA
  8. L

    President Jacob Zuma is a tribalist: Malema

    Source: SABC Apart from the shoddy and thoroughly SABC standard of this article, I loved the first paragraph. Talk about projecting your own qualities onto others! :D
  9. LazyLion

    Democracy replaced by dictatorship - Malema Does this moron seriously want us to think that his style of "democracy" would be any better???? What a freaking hypocrite! :mad:
  10. LazyLion

    ANCYL talks war Told you this was not over....
  11. Moby Grape

    SABC cuts short Malema argument review

    SABC was in the process of discussing the Malema issue showing his arguments for scrapping the charges against him. It was painting a pretty poor picture of the chap with his arguments including "I didn't know the rules" - where the ANC said terms and conditions of membership is clear and every...
  12. LazyLion

    Lack of funds halts Malema probe haha.... we all knew that these "investigations" were going to come to nothing... but I have to hand it to them... they came up with a pretty novel excuse this time... "lack of funds". See, you...
  13. Vrotappel

    Malema: Nationalisation will unite SA

    Link One bullet will unite SA more (and maybe even save us).
  14. NeonNinja

    What can Malema not afford?

    Honest question. I mean a 5 million rand house is out of this world, still the guys buys more than triple that amount. Earlier this morning, I was looking at the world's most expensive cars, number 1 was at like 12 million rands.
  15. C

    ANCYL no interest in befriending white people

    Full article: Malema on warpath Wonder what the ANC will say about this?
  16. LazyLion

    ‘I never drove whites away from ANC’ lol... I guess all those White candidates who stood for the ANC in the municipal election were planning on voting DA! :D
  17. LazyLion

    'Terrified' Juju bails on debate with 'Zille's tea girl' This guy is an utter moron. A class 1 loon. When Mazibuko was later interviewed on 702 she called Malema a "coward" and a "kid playing in the gutter". Good for her!

    Judge to ignore "Shoot The Boer" murder incitement order Tosser! :mad:

    "Shoot The Boer" is incitement to murder - Judge Serves as presedent in Malema's case. Could he get a criminal record if it is deemed criminally illegal to sing the words?
  20. M

    Big guns sent in for Malema

    Here is the article...but more interesting is this comment: I have to say...makes sense...and I kind of agree with this...its disturbing... :mad: