1. jes

    Thunderbird 5 leapfrogs 4, enters beta

    Thunderbird 5 leapfrogs 4, enters beta Mozilla is best known for it’s Firefox browser but its Thunderbird e-mail client is getting better all the time.
  2. LazyLion

    Mozilla Refuses to Remove MAFIAA Fire Plugin Way to go Mozilla! :D
  3. LazyLion

    Firefox 4 for Mobile Launch is today! Get all the awesomeness of Firefox 4 on your Android with Firefox 4 for mobile. It's fast, easy to use and completely customizable. Download it now:
  4. S

    Firefox 4 FINAL - Available now!(from the links in thread only)

    Hey guys So firefox 4.0 is to be released tomorrow but for Mozilla to be able to role it out they have had to start rolling it onto their FTP servers early. So although its not officially out this is the finished release which can be downloaded from their FTP directly. The following links...
  5. jes

    Mozilla, Google, and the 'do not track' button

    Mozilla, Google, and the 'do not track' button Mozilla and Google on Monday took steps toward giving people more online privacy but each said hurdles remain to creating simple "Do Not Track" buttons for Web browsing software.
  6. rpm

    Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and Firefox

    Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and Firefox The next big evolution of the Internet will be in the realm of video playing. Until now the rapid growth of online video has been built on Adobe's Flash technology.
  7. rpm

    Mozilla Firefox powers research

    Firefox powers research Firefox is more than just a browser, it's also a research tool on steroids.
  8. Creag

    Mozilla confirms critical Firefox bug

    Source. A little disturbing.
  9. M

    Mozilla Weave - thoughts?

    This might have come up before if so, forgive me. But this is just such great flippin software. I hate vendor loyalty, but I'd find it really hard to use another browser if it didn't offer password, history, tab and bookmark sync. I can see which tabs that are open on other machines. I...
  10. LazyLion

    Firefox 3.5.6 Released! Wish we were getting 3.6 in time for Christmas, but oh well! :p
  11. LazyLion

    Thunderbird 3.0 released! Local link to follow....
  12. LazyLion

    Firefox 3.5.5 Released! Note... You are STRONGLY urged to update your Adobe Flash Player (If you have not yet done so)! You might want to do that first....
  13. LazyLion

    Firefox 3.5.4 Released! Note... this update will require you to update your Adobe Flash Player! You might want to do that first....
  14. W

    Songbird Music Player, from Mozilla... awesome!!

    Have you tried Songbird from Mozilla? It's awesome!! I recently had problems with my album art in Winamp and I just couldn't get a solution for it. So I tried Songbird and it solved the problem immediately! It wrote the album artwork metadata to each and every mp3, whereas Winamp just looks for...
  15. LazyLion

    Firefox 3.0.11 released! Get ready for Firefox 3.5 coming soon... it's gonna be a speed demon! :D
  16. LazyLion

    Firefox 3.08 released!
  17. M

    Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield

    Mozilla have released the Alpha version of their new browser...Minefield:D It doesn't support any Firefox extensions yet but the browsing speeds are really good! Anyone who would like to give it a "test drive" can download it here...
  18. LazyLion

    What is Mozilla's Project: Screaming Monkey? I love it! :D
  19. LazyLion

    Mozilla unveils Browser of the Future! Go Mozilla! I hope they become another, free-er version of Google one day! :)
  20. rpm

    Mozilla backs SA developers

    Mozilla backs SA developers