1. TheBoyBlue

    New MTN contract , can they port my prepaid nr over?

    Hey guys, I'm currently on prepaid and i've just applied online for this DEAL. I would ideally like to port my existing prepaid number over to that number, would I be able to do this before I get locked in with a new number some how? If not it's not that much of a train smash, as I would just...
  2. OnlyOneKenobi

    Reporting a Deceased Estate Online?

    Does anyone have experience with registering a deceased estate online, on the website? We've had a death in the family and reported it online, things seemingly went fine, but it has been over a month with no further feedback other than the initial confirmation...
  3. thevault

    Ordered some groceries on pnp but order status say pending

    Anyone if this occurs on weekend or its just the normal procedure. First time ordering on pnp online.
  4. F

    Online Backend Developer

    I am seeking a full-time back-end developer with knowledge of JavaScript, NodeJS or C# and ASP.NET, Databases (MySQL/Mongo), and Cloud services. For more information regarding the position, please send me an email at [email protected]
  5. Itsa Trap

    Buying electricity online

    Anybody else experiencing issues with buying electricity online / through bank, specifically in the WC?
  6. J

    Can anyone vouch for

    Hi everyone, I am in search of solar equipment from pvstore and have not come across any discussions regarding purchasing from them on forums or found any feedback on HelloPeter. Can anyone here provide a personal endorsement for the company and share additional information such as how long...
  7. F

    PC Fifa 20 Ultimate team

    Hey There I was thinking of making the switch to PC on Fifa next year , however I have concerns of the player base locally and the surrounds. I will be specifically playing FUT Champions Weekend league. If you play could you just confirm whether or not I will be able to find games online Thank You!
  8. C

    4Mbps for online teaching

    Hey guys I do online teaching and when I try connecting to the servers overseas, the ping/lag is way too high:( now in my area I can only get 4MBPS of ADSL, should I do it? Will it be able to lower my ping?. I’ve tried LTE but I keep failing the connectivity if anybody has any...
  9. D

    Shipping from china

    Has anyone had any experience importing from China? From alibaba and other places. How can one decrease the delivery times to under a week, that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. Looking at selling low cost items on my website, but the DHL shipping is just much too expensive to make it...
  10. D

    Telkom Worst online sales services.

    To All be aware So I thought I’m going to change my existing pay as you go no to a contract no by ordering the new Huawei mate pro 20 with gt classic watch. On your online shop as this will be fast and convenient. This was on the 4th of March. I was so sorry I ever thought of doing that cause...
  11. B

    Vodacom Online Contract Order - Cannot Cancel?

    After waiting weeks for an online order to arrive (new contract, existing prepaid number) I decided enough is enough and I called Vodacoms Online contact no. After Five calls over 3 days they cannot seem to get the order cancelled?! I cannot go to the shops and get an in store contract because...
  12. RyanPCMR is currently under going an update

    Just saw this now when I was researching prices for a 27 inch gaming monitor. Anyone know more about this? Is it only their website? Thanks. :)
  13. B

    Vodacom online Unacceptable service

    This month December 2018 i was due for an upgrade, i decided to rather upgrade online than going into a store, which typically takes forever. Anyway i went through the process, it was simple and easy to do and once done, i thought to myself that was fairly painless and is a great service...
  14. X88Bass

    Where can i order groceries in bulk online?

    I'm looking into order some bulk groceries online and i want a service which is reliable and fast. Has anyone ever used Makro?
  15. J

    Accept Online Payments via Credit Card from International Clients

    Hi, I run a web application development company here in Cape Town and some of my international clients would like to pay their invoices by credit card. We generally run projects in a time frame of 6 to 12 months, so there are not a lot of payments (think: deposit and final settlement) and the...
  16. J


    Seems had a security "incident". Anyone know what happened? I've used it once or twice, but what bothers me is that they have loads of info on a person, including your license plate etc.
  17. J

    Online competition

    Good day Is anyone here more clued up on online competitions and the rules, if you buy a ticket to win a prize? I have been trying to get though to the Lottery commission and the gambling board and no one can assist me. Kind regards Justin
  18. P

    Overwatch Competetive

    Quick Question! How is everyone doing in Overwatch Competetive? I'm interested in seeing how high South-Africans have been able to get ranked? Is there a way of filtering players by Country on sites like masteroverwatch? I played in Mid-Platinum for two seasons, but have since dropped to...
  19. KurtPloc

    Fast Keyboard VS Slow Mouse VS Even Slower Fingers

    I just have to get this off my chest. I've been a in computers since 1990 and sorry to say, but today's Software and Apps are 20 years behind from a technical aspect. Speed is the most important thing! Most functionalities are gone in these so-called great new Apps. Here are only 5...
  20. S acting nonsense

    Good day to all of you! I am new, hoping I am posting in the correct section. If not, sorry, please advise where I should post this. I ordered a Core i7 4th Generation on for R639, see attached picture. Clearly states price, and so on. I then today got an e-mail that goes as...