openview hd (ovhd)

  1. Jan

    All eMedia's changes to the Openview channel line-up in 2022 so far

    Openview channel changes in 2022 eMedia-owned Openview has made several changes to its channel offerings in 2022 and promises to add more toward the end of the year. Openview has added three channels and removed two during the year. It also planned to launch the BBC UKTV channel on 18 October...
  2. M

    OVHD decoder end of life (E04)

    My 4 year old OVHD decoder showed E04 error and only promo channel and radio stations played. I called the OVHD call centre to have it reset after USSD option didn't work. I was informed that my decoder reached its "end of lifespan" and I need to buy a new one. Can someone please illuminate...
  3. B

    Building communal installation.

    Hi I am working on a building that has +- 30 flats and I would like to fix the cable spaghetti of DSTV & openview cables and satélites. Is their a way to install a communal dish setup that allows the user to use either DSTV or open view. Most of the tenants use DSTV while some use Openview so I...
  4. J

    DStv and ovhd on one satellite dish with twin lnb

    Hey guys need some help please I have one dish setup with a twin lnb with one cable going to DStv and one to ovhd and I have 100 percent signal strength and quality but the minute I plug in the second cable to the twin lnb that goes to the ovhd decoder I lose channels on DStv but when I unplug...
  5. A

    How to add a channel on OVHD

    Hi guys how do i set up a channel on the OVHD. I tried everyone but it just wont pick up the channel im looking for , can this decoder pick up other channel frequencies besides the standard channels. Guys please help me with this will this work on that decoder? Position: 26.0° East, Frequency...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    OpenView HD acquires capacity on DStv satellite

    OpenView HD gets space on DStv satellite Platco Digital has acquired capacity on the IS-20 satellite
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    OpenView HD victory against SABC interdict

    OpenView HD victory against SABC interdict The South Gauteng High Court has dismissed an interdict application from the SABC against OpenView HD
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    OpenView HD - here's how many are watching

    OpenView HD viewer numbers revealed Platco Digital has responded to a statement from Ellies in its annual results, which said that the uptake of OpenView HD has been slow
  9. S


    Hi all, I am really struggling with this, even start doubting if it possible. Ive been able to set up PVR in NextPVR with my normal antenna SABC etc. But now recently moved over to OpenView , and for the love of sweet Mary i cannot seem to pick up any channels...
  10. jes

    Online video in South Africa from E-tv

    Online video in South Africa from E-tv E-tv has grand plans for its online video offering in South Africa
  11. jes

    OpenView HD launches, and MyBroadband takes it for a spin

    OpenView HD launches, and MyBroadband takes it for a spin What to expect from OpenView HD
  12. Jan

    OpenView HD lying to the public: SABC

    OpenView HD “misleading the public”: SABC The SABC has accused E-tv sister company Platco Digital of lying to the public.
  13. QuintonB

    How OpenView plans to make money

    Free satellite TV business model explained How does OpenView HD expect to make money?
  14. QuintonB

    OpenView HD awaiting ICASA feedback

    Free satellite TV licensing concerns OpenView HD does not expect to be held up by regulatory compliance issues
  15. jes

    OpenView HD decoder details

    OpenView HD decoder details Suppliers will each offer their own OpenView HD decoder
  16. jes

    OpenView HD has SABC agreement

    OpenView HD has SABC agreement Platco has denied statements made by the DA and confirmed “high level” co-operation between it and the SABC