1. Q

    Webafrica throttling torrents on RAIN

    I would strongly advise anyone against getting LTE-A through webafrica if you are planning to make use of p2p. Torrents are being throttled to +/- 100 kB/s, everything else seems to be working fine. It's kind of ridiculous if you take into consideration that you are on a *very* small...
  2. B

    AFRIHOST - Business DSL Throttling (Business Optimisation Option)

    Hi All Afrihost ADSL Business Subscribers You may have noticed since 31 March 2015 that your ADSL connectivity, particularly on P2P, has dramatically decreased in speed alternatively ceased working completely. On investigating this today (1 April 2015) I was informed by Afrihost client...
  3. J

    Best ISP for p2p downloads

    Hi guys, so ive been on telkom 4mbps uncapped for a while, their p2p speeds are killing me. It seems like they only throttle on some p2p downloads, tv series around 100-300mb download full speed,400KBps most of the time, other downloads such as games, big files a few gigs are very slow 0-50kBps...
  4. Z

    Point to point (line of sight but no signal) looking for help

    Hi everyone I am trying to link up sites 3km away from each other, i used the airlink calculator to check for line of sight. Currently we put in a 15m pole of each side using a ubnt nanobeam M5 The coordinates are: Site 1 : -29.795963, 30.790447 Site 2...
  5. A

    Perfect torrent speeds but all other downloads are dial-up :confused:

    Hi guys, For the past year I've had terrible internet, i haven't been able to stream, YouTube or download anything using a browser or the steam client. Although if i use P2P i get perfect speeds of both upload(50Kbps) and download(380kbps). If I download anything using the browser I get speeds...
  6. Z

    P2P ADSL Internet Access is Here

    Hi Guys, We have a new service. Dedicated P2P ADSL Internet Access. Check out the specs on www.africentral.co.za I would like your feedback.
  7. T

    Degraded Peer 2 Peer connectivity

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with p2p connectivity. It started last night, lasted the whole of today and its still refusing any p2p connections. I phoned Iburst tech support, according to them there are others who have already logged the issue with them, and they don't...
  8. jes

    P2P file-sharers buy more music

    P2P file-sharers buy more music A public opinion survey has revealed that Americans overwhelmingly oppose disconnection and rate-limiting as penalty for illegal file-sharing.
  9. A

    2012 Download Usage

    Let's see how much you have downloaded in the year of 2012 ONLY.(For torrents give a separate amount, eg 250GB's of torrents) lol.. Wonder if anyone passed 1TB? #JustCurious
  10. N

    Tunngle the future of P2P gaming. What?? Read Me ^_^

    Two words: Shock and Awe. The two words I guarantee you'll be saying after reading this.:D First before going further here are the pre-requisites for Tunngle: PC Working internet connection with Port forwarding enabled Windows XP/Vista/7 Valid e-mail address PC games with LAN...
  11. Jan

    The Pirate Bay drops torrents for magnets

    The Pirate Bay mostly torrent-less What do you call a torrent site without torrents?
  12. C

    Can you recommend any Free Torrent / P2P services to use?

    Hello everyone, i'm new to MyBroadband and just got Telkom to come and install their Free 1024k Uncapped promotion (it should be on Thursday) so I guess I am in a way new to Broadband aswell... I have a question, I'll be using my ADSL for the occasional download from Torrents or P2P for some...
  13. M

    Cheapest ISP for P2P international downloads

    Hi all, I've just moved from Portugal to SA for work. There I had a 20Mb line downloading from www.torrentleech.org at a constant 2Mb/s and it only costed me R150/month. Here all is different, the prices are to high and almost no one is happy. I need to download 100gb a month, the speed is...
  14. LazyLion

    BitTorrent Client for Sucky Bandwidth!

    http://torrentfreak.com/bitmate-a-bittorrent-client-for-poor-bandwidth-people-110301/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitmate/ Looks pretty nifty... who wants to run some test for us?
  15. T

    Mweb vs Axxess Uncapped

    Hey forum, I want to know what kind of speeds people are getting over axxess compared to mweb. Particularly P2P such as Torrents, News Servers and Gaming as well as basic overall HTTP speeds. I'm about to throw in the towel with mweb, everyday there is a new technical issue and P2P is a...
  16. rpm

    Private and unshaped P2P downloads with Downstorm

    Private and unshaped P2P with Downstorm South Africa's own torrent downloading service gets reviewed
  17. rpm

    Most pirated BitTorrent movies

    Most pirated movies TorrentFreak has released their latest list of most pirated movies, with Clash Of The Titans topping the chart
  18. H

    MWEB - Post-SEACOM repair p2p speeds?

    Something doesn't seem lekker... Ever since SEACOM came back on-line my p2p speeds have been pretty cr@p. Where I used to get anywhere between 150 to 300Kbs after hours, stuff is now trickling in at 60-70Kbs. HTTP downloads are at full line-speed. Speedtest.net is good to both London an NY...
  19. M

    Danes block The Pirate Bay