1. C

    Torx T8 screw purchase

    Good day all I am looking for this specific screw can be a Philips head as well. However needs to be the same size this is for a Xbox 360 controller Size:9.2mm x 4mm x 2mm (Length x Head Diameter x Width) Compatible Models: For Xbox 360 Controller can anyone in Cape Town tell me where i...
  2. S

    HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One PC with a cracked screen

    Item: HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One PC with a cracked screen Age: 2-3 years (used only for 4 months then got damaged, was boxed, and left unused the rest of the time) Price: R2500 Warranty: None Packaging: Yes, bot not original Condition: Very good, except for broken touch screen...
  3. R

    Anyone know a place that sells iPhone parts?

    Hi I live in the Centurion area and am wondering if anyone knows places in South Africa where I can buy the actual parts. I know about SA spares but all the reviews of then on google is horrible so I'm not sure if I should trust them. All the other places online I found sell the repair...
  4. Newsfeed

    Big money in making screws and LEDs

    Big money in making screws and LEDs For technology stock investors, it sometimes pays to buy the companies that make the parts.
  5. Rouxenator

    Part shared between different cars

    Here's an interesting thing. Sometimes automakers will partner up and share part to reduce cost, so you could find pars from cheap cars on more expensive ones. What are the craziest or interesting part shares you know of? To start off I spotted this small similarity between a Toyota Aygo...
  6. D

    Textar Brake Products on Takealot

    Good Day Everyone, I recently saw on Takealot, that they are now selling Textar Brake products. Which to my knowledge is the OE Manufacturer for Mercedes Benz brakes. Has anyone tried these directly from Takealot? As they are significantly cheaper than the quotes received at the stealership...
  7. G

    Mini 2009 Timing Chain Tensioner

    Hi, for all those mechanically inclined, would anyone know where I can get a new timing chain tensioner for my mini cooper 2009? Preferably in the Cape Town area. Looking forward to your help! Thanks!
  8. G

    Honda non genuine parts

    Looking for a place to buy good quality fake honda parts, i took my honda for a service yesterday and some stuff came up and it is really expensive to buy from them. I am not sure if Goldwagen sells honda parts or is there a store equal to goldwagen that sells honda parts?
  9. L

    Car warranty repairs taking too long??

    Has anyone ever taken their car for repairs under warranty? What was the time taken to fix/replace parts? What was the longest wait for repairs? What is the acceptable turnaround time to fix under warranty? BTW, I took my car almost two weeks ago to a dealer and they still say they are...
  10. W


    Howzit I'm looking for anyone owning or having owned a MotoMia Roma 250. Hoping to connect for advice on parts, etc. I've just bought one about a month ago with less than 4000k's, but it needs a good service and some other work. Basically, I need to replace the air filter, but don't know where...
  11. Used Tech SA

    S4 replacement Parts

    Hey have had my s4 for about a year now only problems i've had was the screen cracking which was fairly easy to fix as you can find replacement lcd's anywhere. But recently I had a problem with the camera lens which cracked so need a replacement and I've searched online and yet can't find any...
  12. Y


    I have 2 sticks of Hynix 1gb DDR3 Ram. Anybody in durban want to buy it? inbox me.
  13. D

    Need a 2008 Citi Golf Bonnet (Cape Town) - SO HARD TO FIND!!!!

    I have a 2008 Citi Sport 1.4i, I bought it from a private seller who of course didnt disclose many things. But I had the bonnet resprayed because the it had been in a minor bumper bash which had dented the bonnet and chipped the paint. But the original owners did a quick aesthetic job and the...
  14. M

    Anyone know where I can sell computer componenets?

    I have a few old computers lying around the house and was wondering if anyone knew where I could sell them?
  15. Rouxenator

    Most expensive part on your car

    Last week I got a new dash air vent since the old on cracked up after 13 years in the sun. I paid R1k since they had to bring it in from Germany as locally they no longer keep interior bits for my old car. That got me thinking, the car is probably worth R40k and I paid 2.5% of its value for...
  16. G

    Need second hand hard drives, no need for it to work.

    I have seagate barracuda 7200.9 st3802110A 80gb and need to recover data for a customer. Can any one help please. The old have a few books she want to retrieve that took her years to write
  17. S

    OEM vs. Non-OEM Parts

    For an Opel Corsa 2001 Utility, rear tail light, I paid R150 ex vat from a non-oem parts store, yet from the dealer the light would have cost R850 ex vat! Seriously, how can a 566% price increase from non-oem to oem be justified! Rediculous
  18. B

    Coolermaster Parts - New Case Pieces

    There is an online store in the US for new parts for various Coolermaster cases. Clearly, this is not of any assistance to me, being in South Africa. Is there a place where I can buy parts for my HAF 922????? I have searched the whole internets and have found nothing of any relevance...
  19. NeonNinja

    (Women) What Are Their "Private Parts?"

    So a friend of mine touched this girl's breasts, and she told him not to touch 'her private parts.' I thought breasts and buttocks were not private parts. Some consider breasts as private, some buttocks as private . On the contrary some don't. Anyways why are those considered as "private...
  20. Mars

    Citroen - "Service is our, er, lowerst priority"

    Eish. This is gonna be a long one. :( My Citroen Picasso's BSI burned out on the first of January. I had all the wiring replaced, ordered the BSI from Citroen/Peugeot Woodmead on the 3rd of Feb. After being shunted around for a bit I was told the part was unavailable. I forwarded this to my...