1. Amara'sDaddy

    Rain double charge for June

    Good day on the 30th of May I paid my bill which was R479 but today I wake up to another debit order of R278.13 and would like to be refunded as I have no knowledge of this R278.13 taken today. kindly assist.
  2. J

    Legal Question, if we have a payment gateway on a website to top up a wallet but the payment gateway charges say 4%, can we increase the cost by 4%

    Legal Question, if we have a payment gateway on a website to top up a wallet but the payment gateway charges say 4%, can we increase the cost by 4% or is it illegal to increase prices to make up for transaction fees?
  3. I


  4. Savy561

    Vodacom billing supported platforms?

    Hi all, just curious as to what platforms accept vodacom billing as a payment option, I can't find a list on the vodacom website or though a quick google search. So far I know xbox one, windows store and google play support this payment method so please share any other supported platform's.
  5. J

    FNB otp pin problems

    Just trying to buy something from using my VISA card, received the otp pin, and entered exactly as it is, order then get cancelled because of the invalid payments, tried it for almost 5 times, still didn't go through, this bank is making my mad! Anyone with a similar problem?
  6. S

    Best way to paying for things overseas

    Hi. I'll be travelling to Dubai soon for work for a few months. What's the cheapest and/or easiest way to pay for stuff abroad. I have a standard bank credit card but i heard the fees are high when swiping overseas. Are there any other international credit cards or payment facilities that would...
  7. J

    Accept Online Payments via Credit Card from International Clients

    Hi, I run a web application development company here in Cape Town and some of my international clients would like to pay their invoices by credit card. We generally run projects in a time frame of 6 to 12 months, so there are not a lot of payments (think: deposit and final settlement) and the...
  8. B

    Mobile payments with Airtime - List of Merchants/Products

    This thread is to create a comprehensive list of which merchants have a mobile airtime payment option (you pay with the airtime balance on your phone). On a continent with many non-banked individuals this is a viable alternative. Please include the name of the merchant/provider and which...
  9. L

    Adsense Has a new primary form of payment

    Finally, we don't have to rely on the post office to bring our cheques. Google Adsense has a new primary form of payment and now it's via our banks. :D:D:D If you check your account you will see there is that option now!!! No more waiting! Thank God!!!!:p:p:p
  10. F

    Recurring payment processor needed

    Hi all, I need to set up a simple recurring billing scheme (credit card most likely, I think that'll be the easiest for the consumer to give consent) for a subscription service. Billing to be done bi-annually. Something like the PayPal buttons (
  11. D

    Buying apps: Samsung Galaxy App Store vs Google Play Store

    Hi guys... I know a lot of people buy apps from the Google Play Store and probably the Samsung App Store as well. I see some apps on the Samsung Store are a couple of bucks cheaper than the Google play store in some instances. My questions are: 1. Is is safe to buy apps using either...
  12. LazyLion

    ConCourt to Rule on Rates Case

    The Constitutional Court will deliver judgment on Friday in the case of a woman whose lights were cut off after she refused to pay rates on the grounds her municipality was not delivering services. Kroonstad resident Olga Rademan, a member of the Moqhaka Ratepayers and Residents' Association...
  13. M

    Expediting Contract Payments

    Hi I'd just like to know if it is possible to pay off monthly cellphone contracts in a 12 month repayment, that is to say paying double the monthly device and subscription fee . Also if I am able to do say am I liable for penalties for paying the contract early. The thing is I usually have a...
  14. F

    Standard Bank Mastercard online payment NOT WORKING

    I was attempting to make a paypal payment using my Standard bank Mastercard this morning. (as I have done many times in the past) Three times the paypal account denied my payment, so I thought I'd try later, maybe paypal was busy or their payment's were not working. Then about an half-hour...
  15. D

    Which online/SMS payment services have you used?

    Which online/SMS prepaid electricity payment services have you used? Experiences? We've used for quite a while now, but we're looking for a service that accepts debit cards or EFTs. Here are some of the sites selling prepaid electricity:
  16. L

    Neotel - Payments not allocated, Account not terminated, Device not collected

    If anyone reading this post can help me... please... I’m at a complete loss. If you read through the complaints regarding Neotel at, please keep in mind that I have experienced just about all of it. I have written the following two...
  17. T

    Mweb payment options? Easy to cancel? General opinion?

    Thinking about trying Mweb ADSL. BUT, first I want to know if anyone else knows if it's easy enough to cancel with them? AFAIK, I will have to take a monthly contract with them? Can I pay them via EFT/Direct deposit or only debit order etc? I WON'T be taking their free modem offer line...
  18. rpm

    Mobile wallet

    Mobile wallet