1. C

    Motherboard needed 4th gen intel

    Hi looking to buy motherboard in good condition preferably in Cape Town area. following specs needed: CPU Socket: LGA 115 Ram type: DDR3 Chipset: H97 please reach out if you have. thank you
  2. Jamie McKane

    PC vs PS4 Pro - The best option for gamers in SA

    PC vs PS4 Pro - The best option for gamers in SA While many major games release across multiple platforms, the experience on different hardware can differ drastically. This is most notable when comparing the gaming experience on PC versus modern consoles; controls are extremely different...
  3. N

    PC build from Scratch - Help

    Hi, Take a look at this build I have selected. I am looking only for advice. I also have a 500GB HDD at home I will have to install manually. I also have a license for Windows 7. I have a 1600x900 20 inch Monitor and I am not upgrading for a while. What do you think? Also, I need a new...
  4. A

    Games has lag spikes

    Hi guys I am having some funny issues with my gaming PC. I played GTA 5 last night and it runs at about 140FPS which is awesome. The issue comes in when I have lag spikes when I am playing and sometimes it freezes for a second or two. Maybe someone here would might know the issue. I will put...
  5. Bhoza

    Wifi network limited problem

    Hi the sow recently my laptop just started acting out on me .All wifi networks I connect too don't have a strong reliable signal (slow Internet surfing ) ,and at times it dose not even connect . When it dose though I always get the massage "network limited" even on my trusted network providers...
  6. carstensdj

    Assetto Corsa Drifting

    Hey fellow forumites! I was interested to know how many of you (if any) play Assetto Corsa on PC and more so, if you drift? I assume there aren't any local drift servers? I couldn't find any but did find a few European one's and an awesome Aussie one (super high ping though). I'm keen to get...
  7. d0b33

    WinTV-HVR-900 - Watch & record TV on your PC or laptop

    Item: WinTV-HVR-900 hybrid TV Age: ? Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Good Location: Cape Town Reason: Not needed anymore Shipping: No, only accept cash Collection: yes Price: ? URL: http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/products/data_hvr900.html
  8. D

    Microsoft Surface Hub

    Hi all does anyone have any information on the MS surface Hub and why it is not in SA yet? any info insider or otherwise would be very helpful
  9. M

    PC Hardware dealers on forum

    I used to use PostmanPot but the man is hard to come by. I need to set up a PC for my family and am looking for someone who does this. I don't want to have to order several components and assemble (schlep). Am looking for someone to do this for me. Who else on the forum does this? Many...
  10. RedViking

    Small Server - Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I have no experience with putting together a small server and what to look at etc. I would like to build a small straight forward affordable server that I will access locally via LAN and also remotely (FTP?). I also might want to have the option for other Freelancers (Philippines...
  11. genetic

    Optimal PC airflow guide

    I recently bought a new PC with the intention of overclocking (no water cooling yet). The items I bought were; CPU: Intel i7 8700K CPU cooler: Antec C40 Mobo: ASUS Maximus X Hero Z370 GPU: ASUS Strix Geforce 1060 6GB OC Edition RAM: 32GB G.Skill Trident 3000MHz DDR4 RAM SSD: 500GB Samsung...
  12. R

    PC for [S]ale

    PC for [S]ale or [T]rade SOLD
  13. S

    playerunknown's battlegrounds servers in South Africa petition

    We nearly have 10k signed https://www.change.org/p/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds-pubg-south-african-server-request?recruiter=842071181&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition EDIT:Good news...
  14. d0b33

    Entry level (i3) gaming PC for sale [S]

    Item name: Entry level gaming PC Intel Core i3-4160 Haswell Processor LGA1150 @ 3.60GHz H97 LGA1150 Motherboard 8.0GB DDR3 1600MHZ ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti OCZ agility3 128GB SSD Western Digital 3TB HDD Windows 10 Pro 64bit (digital license) 500w PSU Zalman Mini PC Tower Case 24x DVD...
  15. A

    Gaming Rig - Insurance Claim (Dial Direct)

    Good day guys, Has anyone previously had your gaming rigs struck by lightning and it completely dies? Well unfortunately it happened to me a couple of days ago. We are insured with Dial Direct, can anyone who has information on their experience please give me an idea of what the battle...
  16. P

    Overwatch Competetive

    Quick Question! How is everyone doing in Overwatch Competetive? I'm interested in seeing how high South-Africans have been able to get ranked? Is there a way of filtering players by Country on sites like masteroverwatch? I played in Mid-Platinum for two seasons, but have since dropped to...
  17. vozzy

    Can I get tax deductions for a PC rig I am building for the home office?

    I'm in the IT industry , work has given me a laptop ( we consult at different companies ) but I am building a rig for the home. I will be doing work and some r&d on it , but also going to be a gaming setup. I was wondering if any of it tax deductible , or if any of you have ever tried to...
  18. Y

    Le PC Gamers

    I'm a moderator on small discord server, Le PC Gamers. Started as a gaming server amongst friends, then they brought more friends and I thought that making friends through a medium we all enjoy is a great thing. From the name you can tell we mainly play PC games but we do not mind people that...
  19. M

    Where to buy PC componenets for South Africans?

    Hi, So it is finally time for my new PC build. I am looking at spending a fair amount, around 20 - 24k. I have looked at quite a few S.A. sites to compare prices, and looked at Amazon.com as an option as well (have a friend who recently used amazon prime to acquire most of his...
  20. Z

    Computer Sponsorship for School

    Good Day MYBB Members. I know that it is against the MYBB rules to ask for donations, so before I am banned. What I would like to know is if anyone could point me in the right direction for sponsorship for three computers to be used by the educators at my school. We currently have to use the...