1. J

    Google Chrome gets major performance update

    Google Chrome gets major performance update Google has officially rolled out an update to its Chrome web browser which brings significant performance and power usage improvements. "This month's update represents the largest gain in Chrome performance in years, thanks to many under-the-hood...
  2. M

    Assistance with low performance laptop

    Hi there, I recently had the hard drive upgraded to an SSD and I also have had my memory increased to 8GB. My laptop is better but is still struggling with software at times. I decided to try the UserBenchmark PC Speed Test and my results are below: UserBenchmarks: Game 11%, Desk 27%, Work 18%...
  3. RedViking

    Where to Buy Laptop (20K Budget)

    My budget is 20K, not a cent more. Need one as soon as possible. Any place to buy a Dell besides Evetech. I say Dell because of the Onsite Warranty. If there is another good brand and price, please suggest. NOT MSI!!! This one will work for me, except it is Evetech...
  4. GipsyD

    What is BMW's stand on 3rd party body modifications?

    Building on from the 335i post I created some time back... So my same friend is looking at getting an extended warranty with BMW South Africa on his second hand 335i Luxury Line. But like I said in the last post, he wants to upgrade it cosmetically (i.e. add a more "aggressive" M Style Body...
  5. cobuskruger

    TT Connect performance?

    Hi guys, I just got notification from Afrihost that I can finally get fibre at my address. The only provider option is a company called TT Connect. I've never heard of them before. Does anyone have experience with these guys? How is their speed? Worth having?
  6. Rouxenator

    AMD Athlon Quad 2.8Ghz | MSI AM3 140w board | Radeon 4200 VGA+HDMI+DVI | 4GB RAM [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): AMD Athlon II 630 Quad Core 2.8Ghz CPU on a MSI 785G-53 AM3 ATX motherboard with 140watt CPU support (up to 6 core Phenom). Features integrated ATI Radeon 4200 graphics with HDMI, VGA and DVI output and Gigabit LAN. I/O shield (back plate) is included. 4GB...
  7. M

    Deloitte Joins Adobe And Accenture In Dumping Performance Reviews

    Deloitte Joins Adobe And Accenture In Dumping Performance Reviews
  8. M

    Which ISP consistently provides the best performing ADSL experience in Cape Town

    After reading hundreds of threads, feeling crossed eyed and with my girlfriend suggesting "you're becoming obsessed with this!" I thought I'd make use of the forum discussion feature for myself. My question is simple Which ISP consistently provides the best performing ADSL experience in...
  9. B

    Participate in our Broadband Quality of Service Study in the Western Cape Province

    Want to find out about the internet speeds and performance on your ADSL connection? Have you ever wondered what the real speed you’re getting on your ADSL line is? Do you want to know how your broadband performance changes over time? Do you want to contribute to a data set about the...
  10. R

    Test Analysts required

    Hi there I'm looking for Testing professionals for clients in the financial/banking, broadcasting, government and IT industries in the Jhb and Cpt areas Typical Positions available are: Manual Test Analyst Automation Test Analyst Performance Test Analyst Technical Test Team Lead (Automation...
  11. fustbariclation

    Afrihost uncapped ADSL 10Mbs (MTN)

    The Business ADSL costs more, but appears to give no better service. Today: Local - Cape Town Download Speed: 4342 kbps (542.8 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 418 kbps (52.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 32 ms 29/10/2014 08:24:27 Cape Town - Joburg Download Speed: 4224 kbps (528...
  12. B

    Radeon Sapphire Specials

    Specials from Behemoth Technology (only while stocks last) Satisfy your Need for Specials Follow the link to view our range of Specials : More Specials Behemoth Technology For further information regarding these products or any other products from B-Technology please don't hesitate to drop...
  13. Rouxenator

    Chevy Sonic RS here in 2014

    Seems Chevy has finally given the Sonic an engine to fits its looks. Straight from the 1.4T Astra you can get a 103kW powerplant in the Sonic with six speed transmission. More :
  14. B


    HAF X NVIDIA EDITION CHASSIS Satisfy your Need for Computer Accessories Follow the link to view our range of Desktop Computers: More Desktop Computers Behemoth Technology For further information regarding Desktop Computers and Accessories or any other products from B-Technology...
  15. LazyLion

    SA Teachers Set Absentee Record

    Truant teachers were absent for close to 7.5 million days last year, according to Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga. "We have the highest rate of absenteeism in SADC [the Southern African Development Community]. We're at 19 days [average per teacher] a year. It's huge. An average of 10...
  16. N

    Audi Service Dealerships performing software upgrades?

    Howzit guys, These might be a noobish question, but here goes. I currently own an Audi, and when in the process of purchasing the car i was told by a salesman that his dealership can do software upgrades on the cars, which would boost the power and possibly lower consumption. I heard a...
  17. A

    DNS Servers changing very often - performance implications - IS backbone

    Hey everyone, So I am curious about something I noticed over the last few months. The DNS servers that are dynamically assigned to my IP by the ISP seems to change very very often - even within a session. Why would it be that the ISP would need to change them so often? Given the recent spate...
  18. D

    How to check coverage of different carriers in your area [iPhone]

    I just wanted to let the forum know of a rather nifty app that I came across today... It's called "Cell Phone Coverage Map" and it allows to run a diagnostic of your 3G coverage and performace against other people in the arae. It will even show the different carriers performance if they are...
  19. R

    Is it worth moving from XP to Windows 7? (performance and responsiveness).

    I'm mostly looking for experiences of people who moved from XP to 7 on the same machines. Although, anything helpful is appreciated. I'm finally considering the move to Windows 7. I think it's mainly because I could use a change in scenery. I've been putting it off because I've always been...
  20. R

    Which CPU will give better performance? 2 options.

    Here are my options: Intel Dual Core E6300 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz The FSB is...