1. Z

    Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs and Bridge

    Hi I have the following Phillips Hue Smart light system for sale which is a great starter kit for someone dipping their toes into smart home system in combination with google home, alexa, apple homekit etc Item 1: Phillips Hue Bridge (The bridge is used to link Hue smart lights to your wifi...
  2. M

    EU fines ASUS, Philips and others for online price fixing

    EU fines ASUS, Philips and others for online price fixing
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Philips Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor: South African pricing revealed

    Philips Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor: South African pricing revealed Philips has announced the South African launch date and pricing of its Brilliance 43-inch 4K monitor.
  4. W

    Philips BDM4065UC (40" 4K UltraClear)

    I noticed that DCC posted this press release today : I couldn't find the model in the article, but after a Google or two I see it is indeed the Philips BDM4065UC. I...
  5. SynicalFox

    Buying a Pair of Headphones??

    Hello Fellow Forumers. It's been a long time since my last post on the forums but I am back. I am wanting to find out your choice of headphones? I am busy looking at headphones for R750 (Max Budget R1000). I have a Pair of Corsair vengeance 1500 for gaming and love them but they are USB...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Philips curved 34-inch monitor in South Africa

    Philips curved 34-inch monitor in South Africa The Philips UltraWide Quad HD curved 34-inch display offers users a more “immersive experience”.
  7. J

    Smoothie query

    Lol, ok, so I bought a Philips Blender yesterday on Takealot. Quite a nifty little machine, with a two year worldwide guarantee. Still trying to figure out if it can do ice. Anyhoo, last night I did a quick...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Philips launches 32-inch QHD monitor

    Philips launches 32-inch QHD monitor Philips has unveiled its 32-inch QHD monitor, which it promises will “bring graphics to life”.
  9. Jan

    Android TV coming to Sony, Sharp, Philips

    Android TV announced, major manufacturers onboard Google has officially announced support for TVs in the latest version of Android.
  10. K

    Philips Airfryer - Recipe Database

    Mission: To have a thread filled with frying times & temperatures for popular supermarket products, along with tasty home made recipes. All posts will be indexed in the first post, linking to the post containing all the details. Rules: This thread is not for discussions about the philips...
  11. K

    Philips 42-3D6W02 - 42" Intelligent-3D LCD monitor

    Hi, I have 2 of these monitors with neither the brackets to be able to wall mount them or the table stands. I need either 2 x Wall mount brackets (Philips product code: 42-WM) OR 2 x Table Stands OR A combination of the two. Thanks!
  12. J

    LG and five others get massive cartel fine

    Big-name tech companies get $1.9 billion fine The EU has imposed a record fine of $1.9 billion on six big tech firms for running cartels
  13. J

    LG, Philips and others face hefty price-fixing fines

    LG, Philips face price-fixing fines A number of top tech and electronic brands face fines in relation to price fixing
  14. S

    LG vs. Philips Home Theater??

    I cant make my mind up on these two home theater sets: LG HT964TZ & Philips HTS3568DW. LG: Pros: Looks great, Good sound quality, 1080p Upscaling Cons: 1 HDMI input, abit more expensive (R5000 - R6000) Philips: Pros: Looks good, wireless rear speakers (with receiver incl), ipod...
  15. P

    NEW!!! Philips range of LCD monitors released..

    We are extremely proud to annouce the launch of our new Philips LCD monitor range. Herewith a list of the units that will be loaded to the website shortly. PHILIPS 17" BLACK LCD, RESOLUTION 1280X1024, ANALOGUE,DVI-D,5ms RESPONSE; 8000:1 DCR, VISTA READY PHILIPS 17" BLACK WIDE LCD...