1. F

    Setting up QOS on ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A

    Hi, just a quick backstory for me wanting to do this. All of us are currently on lockdown because of the virus pandemic. Which means that my family is at home most of the time. I want to set up QOS on my router because currently playing games online is almost impossible and playing games for me...
  2. Z

    QoS Setup on Nokia G-240W-C fibre router

    Hey guys. I just had my fibre installed yesterday, and would like to prioritize my PS4 bandwidth before streaming and downloads.. I know how to do the basic things on the router login, but thats where my knowledge ends. Anyone in here know how to do this? i contacted Vodacom technical, but...
  3. No Chill

    Need to optimize the B315 for gaming.

    Currently, even though my internet speed is good and my ping low, if another user on the network does something very basic (such as view an image on twitter) the network stream is maxed out for like a half a second. Loading a video on twitter will use 3-5MB/s choking the internet and causing...
  4. F

    Zyxel VMG3625-T20A QOS Queue setup and Classification Setup tab disappear

    I want to setup QOS on my Zyxel VMG3625-T20A but when I click on QOS it loads a new page I can see all of the tabs that I need, after its done loading the 2 tabs simply disappear. I attached screenshots of this
  5. U

    *help requested* QoS on Zyxel VMG1312-B10D

    Hi I urgently need help setting up QoS for gaming on my home network. I have 10mb fibre line at home, which i share with someone renting from me. When he's home my net becomes unusable, my dota 2 ping goes to 3000+, Pubg also unplayable. Could anyone help me please setup my router for QoS...
  6. C

    QoS settings on a D-Link 2750U for VOIP Priority

    Please can someone help with the QoS settings on a D-Link 2750u router for VOIP priority traffic. QoS Interface Screen Grabs: https://ibb.co/gOtvva https://ibb.co/k6sYgF https://ibb.co/bOoH8v
  7. A

    Panorama ADSL infrastructure

    Panorama DSL infrastructure Firstly, I'm more of a myBB reader than a poster. I would like to explain my sad story as briefly as possible, the TL;DR version. Panorama is a small suburb in Parow, Cape Town where i reside. There a couple of institution/facilities/services nearby, namely...
  8. J

    QoS on duoPlus 700WR

    Hi I have installed a new router duoPlus 700WR from Telkom. My probem is we have two boys (twins) in their teens and spend their lifetime on youtube watching movies. It become a problem as we as adults cannot do anything on the internet as the wifi is consumed by this. It really becomes so...
  9. B

    Participate in our Broadband Quality of Service Study in the Western Cape Province

    Want to find out about the internet speeds and performance on your ADSL connection? Have you ever wondered what the real speed you’re getting on your ADSL line is? Do you want to know how your broadband performance changes over time? Do you want to contribute to a data set about the...
  10. F

    QoS on a TP-Link WR743ND

    Hi, i've got a small home wifi network that has grown quite a lot recently and i'm experiencing some problems. I've got 3 Computers. One is basically online all the time, even some nights as well. The other two is used maybe 4 hours a day each. There is also two Cellphones that is always...
  11. D

    Setting up QoS on a VKom router

    Hi All I'm trying to set up a QoS rule on a VKom router to allow my laptop's MAC to have higher priority when connected onto the Wi-Fi. Can anyone help with setting this up?
  12. J

    Need help setting up Qos on TP-link ADSL2+ Router

    Hello I a share a ADSL line with someone and my 4Mbps line is realy slow, I think he is downloading movies or watching porn or doing online gaming. I am trying to set a priority for http and https on all network ports of my tplink router, I know that it can be done using QoS i just dont know...
  13. H

    Telkom DuoPlus 300wr & QOS - Help needed

    Ok, so I have this crappy router from Telkom and want to "prioritize" traffic to the Internet. I would like HTTP to get high priority and if no HTTP traffic then give it to the rest of the traffic (NZB, Gaming, etc). Some how I can not figure out how to do this or what to put in the setup.
  14. jes

    Mobile operators fail quality of service test says ICASA

    Mobile operators fail quality of service test says ICASA ICASA’s quality of service survey found that the three largest mobile operators have failed to meet the minimum requirements
  15. H

    How to setup QoS D-link 2740u

    Hi guys, I need some help, i want to know what i should enter as source ip and subnet as well as destination ip and subnet. Need to setup priority for pc gaming for black ops, port 3074 range Please help picture of UI here,
  16. jes

    Cellular QoS: ICASA FIFA 2010 report results

    Cellular QoS: ICASA FIFA 2010 report results Research from ICASA about mobile service levels at FIFA 2010 reveals the best and worst cellular providers in South Africa
  17. P

    QoS (Quality of Service) setup help

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to ADSL (been using 3G the last couple of years... shoot me) I just got myself an unshaped DSL account and a TP-Link 8840 wired modem. The modem's got a feature called QoS (or Quality of Service) which enables priorities on the modem for "better VOIP and lag-free...
  18. S

    Limiting Wi-Fi Speed on Telkom Mega 200

    Hi Guys, here is my situation, I am currently on the Mweb Uncapped 4096 option and using a telkom mega 200 router, my pc is connected directly through the ethernet port and my 2 brothers leech of my connection, this is all fine and well except that they end up using all the bandwith available...