rain 4g slow

  1. JAGG3R

    Rain 0/mbps upload speed!

    Good day to everyone! I use to have alot of trouble with rain speeds but since rain sent me one of their outside antenna routers (b2338-168) it has been fairly good for me for months! Since last friday night i just got disconnected from everything and rain just cannot find a problem to my...
  2. Web Or What

    Possible solution to slow Rain 4G LTE speeds

    For this method, we're going to use the LTEview app (by @ProAsm) to switch from Rains default band B3 to B38. You require these in order for the band switch to work. 1. A compatible Huawei router (Supports TDD B38 or B41 2500/2600Mhz). Huawei routers that will work (Not all are listed)...
  3. M

    Rain connection speed

    I have been using rain for 2 months now. My residence is 0.28km from the nearest access point, yet I get shockingly poor connection speeds. The average speeds I get is between 0.8 and 1mbps. I have made numerous phone calls and lodged many tickets. More than a fair few emails have been sent but...
  4. K

    Unable to cancel rain

    I'm having issues with cancelling my rain package. I clicked on the "cancel you sim" button on my profile several times this week, however, I keep getting the same message: "Could not schedule action". Why is rain not allowing any cancellations? The network is already snail-slow besides paying...
  5. J

    RAIN has throttled my internet

    My RAIN network speed has significantly decreased recently. I just did a rain speed test, The download speed varies from 10 Mbps to 6Mbps. At the beginning of the month, my average speed is around 5 Mbps, but the actual download speed that I can use now is around 1 Mbps only. Did RAIN really...
  6. Web Or What

    Possible Slow 4G LTE fix

    With a compatible router, external antennas, and a tower that broadcasts the B38 band, you can get the "Up to 10Mbps" speeds. Rain operates on B3 and B38. B3 is the default and is always congested, which is why most users get terrible speeds. B38 is less congested, however does not...