rain network

  1. A

    Changes on Rain from the weekend, Locked to bad tower on rain side.

    Anyone here with issues today? Looks like I am no longer able to connect to the tower I used to, Even when forcing the connection, From the Rain website, I am also no longer able to see any of the other towers, During initial setup, Rain engineers were on site and found that the tower I am...
  2. Jono_jt

    How Many People on MB have Rain Problems?

    If you have any problems with Rain 4G or 5G please post the problem here. I want to see how many people have problems as a whole, then forward it daily to Rains various top brass in the "Blind" hope that the millions they make goes into sorting out the network systems so we all can at least get...
  3. I

    Rain please help

    So I lost my @rain_mobile but managed to got a new one. I messaged Rain and I was told to either order a new one from them or get one from TAKEALOT and send them the details on the sim for them to perform a sim swap. I did the latter and sent them 2 DMs here(last week and this morning) and 1...
  4. T

    5G Rain Speeds Slower then Expected

    So received my 5g Modem and Sim Yesterday. Moving around the House and only getting speeds between 80-120MBPS. I'm less than 1km away from the tower and thought I would get much better speeds. I contacted Rain through the chat and they said they couldn't help or send a technician as the speeds...
  5. I

    Suddenly my speed is extremely slow.

    For the past week and a half, my speed has been ridiculously slow... Ping: 228ms Down: 0.41 mbps Up: 0.55 mbps Can someone please help. https://speedtest.mybroadband.co.za/result/10287793
  6. M

    Slow Rain LTE speed

    I got my rain sim card on Saturday 1st June 2019 and i have been having extremely slow download speeds of 100 - 400 kilobytes. I have got the sim card in a Huwaei B315s. I put the sim card in my phone to see if the speed would be different but still so slow. I live in Kuilsriver Highbury and...
  7. Z

    Rain APN - Vodafone mobile router

    Please help I have a Rain sim and would like to use it with a Vodafone mobile router. however I am struggling to configurate the APN etc. What is the IPv4 + IPv6 APN ? and the IPv4 + IPv6 APN DNS1 ? it will not allow me to go further without this information. Or is there another way around...
  8. JacquesOmeister

    Will RAIN sim card work on any LTE router?

    Hi Experts Will a RAIN sim card work on the Huawei B593 LTE Router? Will RAIN sim card work on any LTE router?
  9. Y

    rain lte-a b618 VOIP

    Just want to see if anybody else had issues with their rain lte-a b618 router where it doesn't have an option page to setup the voip on the router?
  10. Z

    WEBAFRICA RAIN LTE-A packetloss, disconnects roughly every hour?

    For the first few weeks, I had a stable connection with very few drops. Now, from about 5pm to midnight I'm experiencing packet loss & disconnects every hour - not ideal if you're playing online games. As is, it's pretty unusable. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
  11. JimboJambo

    50M outside of Rain LTE-A coverage zone

    I am give or take 50m outside of the Rain LTE-A coverage zone and get full 4g coverage from within my home on my cellphone. Crystalweb are willing to send me a router and start a month to month contract even with these conditions. Should I bite the bullet on this and try it out??? :confused...