1. A

    Huawei B315 + wireless repeater

    Hi, I have setup my B315, all is good & I'd like to extend the wireless range. I have another old router that can act in "Wireless Repeater" mode so I figured I'd use that. When I setup the 2nd router in repeater mode I need to enter the mac address of the B315, all quite straightforward. The...
  2. J

    Extend WiFi To House Across The Road

    We run a self catering agency with many homes in and around Cape Town. Getting WiFi in these homes become a mess with 3G tops ups and other issues I'll not bore you with. I am trying to elimate this interupting task one by one. Here's the first idea: I want to boost our WiFi to one of these...
  3. G

    Setup BILLION 400G as Wireless REPEATER AND Firmware Upgrade

    Setup BILLION 400G as REPEATER & of Firmware Upgrade Good day I have an old BILLION 400G Wireless-G ADSL Router that I got from Telkom some time back. I would like to use the Router again for home access. I am using a W7 x64 Enterprise on an Acer Travelmate 7730. It has WiFi...
  4. J

    Of WiFi's, Ethernets and not so Smart Smart TV's

    Hi Guys This might not be quite the appropriate place to ask this, but it does involve networking via either the cable and or WiFi. I recently bought a Hisense 40" "Smart" TV. It does connect to my Wifi, I can watch youtube etc. but it isn't exactly the fastest, and I just can't get it to...
  5. Rinkhals

    Toto-link range extender, has anyone got the ipuppy 3 to work?

    I was looking for a range extender for my reasonably new Netgear N300 router and saw the Toto-link iPuppy 3 on bid-and-buy. It had good reviews on Amazon, only missing on 5 full stars on the quality of the Korean documentation. And therein lies the nub. I am finding it impossible to set up...
  6. J

    Cellular Micro-cell Installation

    Hi All I have a small problem I need some assistance with. We recently expanded our building and built-on a whole new wing to the facility (at my workplace). Since then most of our staff have been experiencing quite bad cellular reception. To my knowledge only Vodacom and MTN are effected -...
  7. N

    Configuring an old router to work as a repeater

    I am trying to get an old router to function as a repeater, but I don't really know how. My current router is a TP-Link w8970, and my old router is a Netgear duo pro 300wr (those standard white ones that came from telkom way back). Anyway, I don't really know how to configure the settings...
  8. B

    Need help with extending wi-fi coverage across a 3-story house

    I am trying to help a friend to distribute his ADSL via wi-fi across his whole house. The problem though is it is a 3-story house built into a cliff, so has THICK concrete floors. So the questions is can you set-up 3x Wi-Fi routers and bridge them (not wirelessly) but via LAN(CAT5/RJ45)...
  9. A

    Vodacom Contact for Network Coverage / Repeater Request

    Can any one provide a contact at Vodacom through whom I can make a request for a repeater to be installed at a remote location on the Kwazulu Natal North Coast? I tried going through the generic channels but without any success so far. Thank you.
  10. O

    D-Link DWL-2100AP 108mbp/s Access Point - R375 - Only 5 available

    I have 5 of these available. Selling for R 375 each. The new AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point features the latest technology to deliver data transfer rates up to 108Mbps in the 2.4GHz frequency. The DWL-2100AP can be configured to perform in any one of five modes...
  11. K

    GSM Repeaters

    Hi Guys, My company is looking for a GSM/Cellular booster or repeater, the signal in one of our offices is really weak, for all the major networks. I've been tasked with finding a "GSM Booster" solution. Antennae won't work, as everyone in the offices needs a signal boost. Any ideas?
  12. P

    Please help me fix my wi-fi

    Hi guys/gals! I've been having trouble with weak wi-fi in my house. I started out purchasing a D-link 2640U modem. The modem itself works fine but the wi-fi range and speed was terrible. I then purchased a TP-LINK Wireless N Gigabit Router TL-WR1043ND. I had planned on using it in Bridge mode...
  13. C

    Repeater Suggestions Needed

    I am needing to get service spread down to a granny cottage from a flat that is up on top of a hill. The Wifi router at the flat now is a Zyxel and I run out of signal about 1/3 of the distance outside. I am planning on putting another repeater in the granny flat and one somewhere inbetween...