1. skimread

    Telkom Internet's lack of transparency wrt international traffic problems

    Since Telkom have doubled their line speed their Telkom Internet ISP has been struggling since January. International traffic have given numerous problems, been very erratic feels throttled and packet timeouts is common. At the same time when switching to other ISP account when it is at its...
  2. jes

    Cybersmart doubles hosting storage

    Cybersmart doubles hosting storage A drop in wholesale prices lets Cybersmart boost products, according to ISP boss
  3. jes

    Telkom international connectivity problems ongoing

    Telkom international connectivity problems ongoing Internet service providers and consumers alike continue to report international connectivity problems on the Telkom network
  4. Jan

    SAIX problem result in connectivity issues

    SAIX problem causes connectivity chaos Problems on the SAIX network caused problems for local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and broadband users.
  5. jes

    Open VDSL pilot would hinder progress: Telkom

    Open VDSL pilot would hinder progress: Telkom Allowing multiple ISPs to test Telkom’s new VDSL technology could compromise the outcome of, or slow down the trial
  6. jes

    Cheaper international transit: what are the effects?

    Cheaper international transit: what are the effects? South African network operators weigh in on the steeper declines in international IP transit prices reported by TeleGeography
  7. R

    Telkom/SAIX buggered?

    Anyone else having a problem with their SAIX-based accounts? My connection just died all of a sudden. IS-based one is working just fine. Strange thing is my 8ta connection is doing the same thing on my iPhone. It cannot even reach a server to perform a speedtest.
  8. X

    SAIX on sabNZBd

    Hey guys So I'm having an issue with sabNZBd and connecting to the SAIX news server with local cap (Telkom). Last night I installed sabNZBd and all was fine till tonight, when i test the connection to SAIX at times it would succeed and at times not,this is all running on local cap only. Even...
  9. rpm

    SAIX Lite ADSLconsumer prices emerge

    SAIX Lite ADSL retail prices emerge The first retail ADSL accounts based on Telkom’s SAIX Lite wholesale offerings are launched with aggressive pricing
  10. K

    Quake 3 Multi-player Local Server

    Howsit, I'm looking for ppl to play multi-player on the Quake 3 Arena Local SAIX server. Haven' t player in a long time, and think it would be awesome to play again. If anybody knows of a Local "Unreal Tournament 2004" server where people play often, please give me the details as I can't...
  11. W

    Unshaped / Uncapped SAIX Based account required...

    Hi All Please advise should you be certain that the account is truly uns/unc and saix based. I am so tired of ISP's promising the world and delivering nothing but hogwash; (IS / Afrihost / MWEB / etc.) :twisted: I require an account with the lowest latency, no shaping, preferably no...
  12. N

    Cant access websites on TelkomInternet account

    This is an ongoing problem, using our telkominternet account we can never access websites ending in what could be the problem?? this is becoming a bit annoying!
  13. T


    The South African Internet eXchange (SAIX) is Telkom's answer to Internet access in Southern Africa. SAIX is a wholesale provider of raw connectivity to the Internet for Southern African Internet Service Providers (who sell value-added services on top of the SAIX service to dial-up subscribers...
  14. E

    4 connections, diff routing, please help

    Hi there, im rather new at this. im using mikrotik for my routing. My 4 isp's is IS - Local IS - Int Saix - Int Screamers currently my routing is setup to route int throug my IS INT line, failover to SAIX. And my local to my IS local. as 99% of you know we do this in mikrotiks...
  15. D

    SAIX MW2 server?

    Does any1 know why SAIX have a L4D2 Demo server but not a MW2 server yet?? cus im off to buy the game now...
  16. X

    Concurrent internet accounts

    Hi guys, I currently have a 3 gig account with telkom which im sharing with the parents, problem is i usually work through the international to get to the local. This of course, disturbs the peace here at home so now I would like to get an openweb IS 30 gig local account. So my question is, how...
  17. G

    HTTP downloads crawling - shaping query

    I'm on WA SAIX shaped. During the day, when I normally browse intl sites, watch Youtube videos or download any files from websites, I get a transfer rate of around 40KB/s on my 384Kbps line. As expected. However, today I tried to watch a few Youtube videos, downloaded files from sites like...
  18. G

    SAIX Intl SLOW

    WebAfrica SAIX (intl sites) has been slow all afternoon and now it's getting worse. Anyone else? Whoever stole the copper, put it back. .
  19. E

    IS vs SAIX - Any real difference?

    Ok, so I'm finally had enough of Telkom milking me dry and not giving me what I want, so I'm letting my money do the talking. Currently have a 512k DSL line and a (now) 5 Gig TelkomInternet account, which all in all is costing R695. I wanted to switch to Do level 3, but my exchange does not...
  20. M

    Local Usage

    Hi I was just wondering if I play TF2 on SAIX, does it use local or international bandwidth? I use Telkoms DO 3 plan. Thanks