1. Thor

    Web Design :: Web Development :: Web Hosting :: PR Konsult :: Affordable Web Design

    Job description: Web Design and Development Location or telecommuting: Based in Cape Town and telecommute. Permanent or part-time: Freelance Junior, intermediary or senior: Intermediary Web Design and Development and Senior Marketing Availability: Always open (Have a small team that assists when...
  2. B

    Site structure for SEO

    Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated as I’m not a developer: I have a small ecommerce site running on a woo theme, it has been up for about 3 months and despite huge effort on content I’m simply not ranking as I believe I should. I have had some assessments done by Moz, onpage...
  3. S

    Why does my counter not work on

    HI I have different counters (jquery.countTo.js) and sometimes the counter does not work. :mad: se section under SEO plans and pricing or under References. my website is all help is appreciated Thank you :)
  4. R

    Opportunities For Online Marketing Start Ups.

    Are there opportunities for an online marketing start-ups in South Africa?
  5. A

    Job [CPT] SEO Manager - R25 000-R35 000 pm

    SEO Manager Salary: R25 000 - R35 000 pm Negotiable Location: Cape Town Employment: Fixed Term Contract Are you an SEO guru? Well versed in both on-site and off-site SEO factors? Are you passionate about rankings and driving organic traffic? Do you know your canonicals from your 301...
  6. T

    Digital Account Manager(Bought Media)

    Position in JHB, Salary up to R35k Neg Key Accountabilities: • Builds upon current client strategies within the digital arena to meet/ exceed objectives • Executes projects to be high quality, on time and cost-effective/on budget • Fosters timeline development and monitors progress...
  7. T

    PPC Specialist

    Location: Cape Town Salary: Market Related The role of the PPC specialist is to manage and provide strategic direction to the PPC team, taking responsibility for the implementation of various digital campaigns. Requirements Supporting the development of PPC strategies Assisting in...
  8. T

    Getting noticed on the web

    So our firm has developed browser based software for some time now but never really needed to market any of the content we develop. We're now dealing with a project that will be public and needs to be marketed as best as we can. What is the standard route these days - hand over the job of...
  9. (Wayne)

    Case study: will new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?

    I know that there have been some discussions on if the new gTLD’s will give you better search engine rankings, here is an interesting article from Search Engine Watch Case study: will new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?
  10. F

    Vacancy: Digital Markter or SEO and SEM Specialist

    We are looking for a digital marketer who enjoys both SEO and SEM and thoroughly enjoys the inbound marketing industry. As your role as Search Manager you would be responsible for developing and implementing search marketing strategies for Flint Studio, our partners and clients. This role...
  11. BitCo

    Online marketing co-ordinator

    Description: Seeking qualified junior developer who has great articulation skills and loves technology for: website maintenance, digital marketing assistance and growing BitCo in the online world. This position is for a young individual who is self-driven, enthusiastic about communication...
  12. R

    Offering SEO services

    Hi everyone I started to offer SEO services to help businesses get more clients and thus generate more sales. I do on page SEO and off page, to help optimize your website, find any errors and so on. I know a lot people "guarantee page 1 rankings" on a specific date, they probably are...
  13. P

    Webmastertools and ranking and click throughs

    I've been following the search terms in Webmastertools a lot lately, seeing that Analytics is give about 80% of the keywords as (not provided) Has anyone else noticed that if you drill down in the keywords list (in webmastertools) that the #1 position phrases or keywords actually has no/less...
  14. philaniH


    hello I have signed up for seller,done my website and i cant find my self in Google. my seo seems weak and now i dont know what to do. any suggestions? Thanks my site =
  15. D

    Reputable SEO companies

    Anybody know of reputable local SEO companies? I have a potential client looking for ongoing SEO services and want to refer them.
  16. 2

    Help! Moving to webafrica reset my SEO

    Help! Moving host reset my SEO Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me. I had multiple domain hosting at hetzner of 3 domains which are SA businesses which rely on internet leads to survive. I had spend over 3 years optimising these sites so that every one of them was literally no. 1...
  17. M

    Meta tags & SEO - why bother?

    1. If meta keywords is largely ignored due to keyword stuffing, and; 2. Meta descriptions either interfere with serps or are replaced by auto descriptions, what's the point of writing a meta description? I can understand that for pages where the content is all over the place, or when pages...
  18. M

    SEO for beginners - a summary for clients

    For those of us who are all too familiar with the client who asks: "how do I get to the top of SERPs" Glad I'm not the only one that has to endure this :)
  19. O

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    If anyone has any questions or concerns about SEO I would like to help you out. Either ask a question here or send me a PM. For those that have no idea what SEO is then read on... SEO is basically getting your website to the 1st page of Google (and other search engines) for a keyword or...
  20. S

    SEO question

    Care if I shoot with a question? (I'll return the favour by posting something useful in another thread.) I'm looking for a tool that basically scans a given HTML file (or text for that matter) which then suggests all relevant keyphrases (in the correct order) as well as keywords. I'm a little...