1. M

    Radius Manager Studio

    Hi All I run a Small ISP, but I want to share something with you. For me it is a big schlep to do invoicing every month, calculate usage bla bla... About 11 Months ago I wrote my own software that helps me do my invoicing in less than an hour. Simply log on and run the wizard, it...
  2. S

    SASA ADSL Stats Analyser?

    Looks like this software is no longer supported :mad: No longer on their landing page: Anyone know of any good light alternatives?
  3. W

    Job: Technical Support Consultant at International Software Vendor

    Location: Cape Town (Close to Century City) Job Function • Provide software support to clients of an International Software Vendor. This may include assisting end users directly as well as remote assistance via the Internet (web based product). • System installations and updates (training to be...
  4. M

    Project Management Software

    Hi All, I hope someone with project management experience can help me out. I would like opinions on a great online PM system. It needs to have the following capabilities: Schedule recurring tasks team collaboration and communication functionality Gant Charts Time tracking Project...
  5. J

    How To Repair Zip Files after Compress (zipped) Archive folder dissolved?

    Hi Friends, I have lost my all important files or folder database in compressed windows XP zipped archive folder. Right now, I have not any sufficient solution to recover my data from zip archive database in secure manner. I am totally frustrated from such type corruption issues. If anyone...
  6. Creag

    Speech Recognition Software: Recommendations?

    Hello esteemed forumites! On behalf of a Cardiologist (wife's boss), I have been asked to see if there are any recommendations for speech recognition software. It would be for the Cardio, so I am guessing that there will be some out of the ordinary dictations with medical terminology in it...
  7. U

    Where to buy a "VCR" ?

    Hi there I have tried a couple of cash converters, and also some retails stores, but no luck. I am looking to buy a VCR still in a good condition. Remote not necessary I am in Kempton Park Thank you :)
  8. U

    Small Video Camera tape to DVD

    Hi Is there any way (adapter perhaps) that could be used to play / convert a small video camera tape to DVD ? I usually do that normal VHS tapes, but cannot figure a way to convert the video recorder tapes without using a video camera? is there perhaps an adapter or other device which can...
  9. S

    What do you want from an IT online store?

    Hi Guys, A partner and myself are starting a new IT store in Pretoria. We want to supply pre-built systems as well as hardware, software and peripherals. We know how everyone is looking for a great bargain. Let me know what you would like to see from our store? What services would you want us...
  10. NeonNinja

    Maybe not everybody should learn to code

    In the past few years, programming has gone mainstream, as celebrities from Chris Bosh to President Obama jump on the “everyone should learn to code” bandwagon. The idea is that teaching kids to code will make them employable and help American students keep up with their competition abroad...
  11. Holger

    Catalog / Datase Software

    I am trying to make a complete catalogue of all product lines in the beverage industry to distribute for free (online or via download) to my customers. Is there a software that you can recommend?
  12. A

    PC Headphones as Hearing Aid

    Hi Guys, I have some hearing loss in one of my ears and wear a hearing aid to improve my hearing. I have not done a lot of research into the technicalities of exactly what a hearing aid does but as far as I know it increases the volume of the specific frequencies that you can’t hear that...
  13. M

    Software Survey (University Project)

    Our group has been given the task of pitching a "Dragons Den" like presentation relating to a software development project. We have chosen to present an application with the following main feature. An application that provides relevant activities and events targeted to your current location and...
  14. U

    Portable Invoicing Software

    Hi there Just a quick request for software suggestions please :-) I need a "portable" software program (can perhaps run from USB or online), this software program would need to allow me to add client info, as well as generate invoices, and also customer payments so that statements can also...
  15. R13...


    Where can I obtain this piece of software for free? I understand Apple no longer include it in the latest iLife which I have on my Mac but no iDVD.
  16. G

    What data recovery software do the pro's and commercial recovery companies use ?

    Hi Guys I am trying to find information as to what data recovery softwares the commercial data recovery centres use to reover from logically damadged drives and some physically damadged drives in certain cases. I understand that physical damadge usually require hard drive repair in dust free...
  17. D

    where can i work after finishing my computer science degree

    Im starting my second year of my Bsc in Computer Science and i want to start looking at possible companies or places that a graduate could work at. the main place i know of is Derivco , does anyone know of other good companies?
  18. M

    Organising my personal photos

    I couldn't find much from a search for this subject on this forum, so maybe you guys could help out by sharing how you organise your (personal) photos. I'm in two minds about whether I should stay offline or put them in the cloud. I've got < 10GB thumbsuck of stuff. Some high-res, some low...
  19. N

    Audi Service Dealerships performing software upgrades?

    Howzit guys, These might be a noobish question, but here goes. I currently own an Audi, and when in the process of purchasing the car i was told by a salesman that his dealership can do software upgrades on the cars, which would boost the power and possibly lower consumption. I heard a...
  20. U

    Looking For a program with desktop alerts?

    Hi I am looking for a program which could possibly do the following: *We need to capture a list of equipment into the system *The equipment then needs to be booked out to various clients in the different provinces *Eg, the equipment (lets say screen) needs to be returned to us within 5...