1. S

    Difference in Degrees

    Hello. What is the difference between Bcom Mathematical Science and Bsc Mathematical Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch? I am looking at specialising in Data Science for both degrees. Thanks :)
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    UberEATS is now available in Stellenbosch

    UberEATS is now available in Stellenbosch Stellenbosch residents are now able to order meals using UberEATS.
  3. Ryansr

    iShack in a nutshell - Solar Powered Shacks

    Great initiative. :)
  4. J

    Wireless on R304 Stellenbosch

    Hi All Anyone any input as to connectivity type(s) and costs available for a farm outside Stellenbosch? I believe there are no ADSL available, and was looking into Wireless. Mobile data signal is very weak and very expensive. This seems costly, but would I be able to source my own...
  5. M

    UCT vs Stellenbosch

    UCT vs Stellenbosch in Accounting The title is pretty self explanatory. Torn between studying a Bachelor of Business Science in Finance with Accounting at UCT or a BAcc at Stellenbosch. So which university is the better choice for studying accounting and doing your qualifying exams with SAICA...
  6. D

    Stellenbosch Internet Alternatives

    Hi I just moved into my newly built house in Stellenbosch. Now to get internet. I have read on this forum many entries about the poor ADSL service in Stellenbosch. So I am trying to find out what the alternatives are I find it strange that in such a high net worth area, I cannot find...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Stellenbosch free Wi-Fi fails to take off

    Stellenbosch free Wi-Fi fails to take off Stellenbosch’s free Wi-Fi project continues to be delayed as projects elsewhere in South Africa roll out.
  8. A

    Helpdesk support agents needed for ICT Managed Services provider in Stellenbosch

    Job Requirements • Any previous call centre experience will be highly beneficial. • Highly computer literate. • Technical understanding relating to our services and exposure to ICT industry highly preferred. • Ability to communicate fluently in both English & Afrikaans, to give our customers the...
  9. Rouxenator

    Protest action in Jamestown, Stellenbosch

    Not sure what it is about, modus operandi seems to be same old.
  10. D

    Telkom Simple Uncapped Query

    Telkom Simple Uncapped Query [SOLVED] Hello everyone I am reasonably new to this forum and please correct me if I'm posting this thread in the wrong section. I have recently moved into my new place in Stellenbosch and I don't think the previous tenants had any land line connection at all and...
  11. jes

    Stellenbosch free WiFi in chaos?

    Stellenbosch free WiFi chaos The Stellenbosch free WiFi project seems to be in disarray, with different stakeholders giving mixed reports on the state of the network
  12. A

    Varsity application

    Hi I think my future is down the drain and its out of my control...uh my problem is that next year i will be in matric and i should apply to varsity but my grade 11 results arent what i had expected especially for the main problem is that i want to apply for theoretical...
  13. jes

    Free Wi-Fi is not for you

    Free Wi-Fi is not for you The Tshwane metropolitan municipality’s free Wi-Fi project is for the “have-nots”, not the “haves”, according to Knott-Craig Jr
  14. jes

    Tshwane gets free WiFi

    Free Wi-Fi for Tshwane Tshwane has announced plans to roll out free Wi-Fi in the municipality
  15. Rouxenator

    Anyone else doing Die Burger MTB Challenge this weekend in Stellenbosch?

    I am super excited about this ride, and it seems to get more popular each year. Did my first one last year, decided to take the 42k route since it goes right past my house but this year I am on the 66k. Any other forumites that will be doing Die Burger MTB? This one very scenic event and I...
  16. jes

    Free Wi-Fi service coming to Stellenbosch

    Free Wi-Fi service coming to Stellenbosch Stellenbosch is set to provide everyone with free Wi-Fi Internet access by mid-2012
  17. S

    Calling all Maties/Stellenbosch Students

    Chances are, I am going to be studying Computer Science at Stellenbosch next year. So, I have a few questions for any past/present students there. I applied to late for res, so I will need alternative accommodation. A few good friends are also going so we have been talking about getting a...
  18. N

    Stellenbosch Issues.

    We're in Techopark, Stellenbosch. We're running a 4mb uncapped ADSL through IS. On the uncapped we're getting a transfer rate of between 5-10kB. We've programmed another capped account, and got 300kb/sec for about 5 minutes before that went down to the "normal" speed. We've had Telkom...
  19. jes

    Fibre and Microwave broadband launched in Stellenbosch

    Fibre and Microwave broadband launched in Stellenbosch ARC Telecoms launched Fibre and Microwave broadband services in Stellenbosch Community Connect project
  20. G

    Yes, another 10Mbps question...

    Sorry for re-posting, but everyone seems to be skipping past the sticky... :erm: I'm a little lost on the specifics for 10Mbps... but the "Attainable Rate" in the ADSL stats on my router seems to suggest that I could go up to 10MB...