1. RedViking

    Backup Android Device to PC via USB

    I have tried. I have failed. Many many times. What is the easiest way to backup all information or selected folders on a non-rooted Android Device to a PC via USB (MTP). This has always been an issue for me with Android. If possible I do not wan't to buy any software. Wifi is too damn slow to...
  2. S

    Axxess/Telkom Forcing Line to a Lower Speed for no Good Reason

    Hi, So my line is currently being front ended by Axxess. My area supports up to 10Mb and I was syncing at 6Mb for many a month without any line stability issues. My SNR and attenuation were borderline but I had absolutely no issues. About a month ago I noticed my download speeds were...
  3. S

    Afrihost sucks soooo bad

    Anyone else sick of Afrihost? I just left them for Crystal Web. Good days
  4. C

    Mweb webhosting service SUCKS!

    I've had my website hosted by Mweb for over a year. Since May Google has had the 403 forbidden error when trying to crawl my website thus it doesn't appear when people Google my business' name! I'm losing money!! Every time I contact them it takes at least a week for them to get back to...
  5. S

    Can we pull the wool over Telkom's arrogant eyes?

    So I went to check out the telkom website and saw that their 2mbps line is already R199! But existing DSL customers have to wait up until next year for their upgrade?! So basically the 'new' people that sign up and pay R199 get 2mbps but those who are already with Telkom and pay the same...
  6. T

    Sick of being forced to join Discovery Medical Aid

    <rant> I hate Discovery Medical Aid. I hate Discovery Insure. I hate Discovery Invest. With my whole heart. In my opinion they all offer bloated products devoid of real value built on a house of reward cards, and I've had terrible experiences with all of them. Discovery Medical Aid does...
  7. T

    ADSL in Tyger Falls Area

    I'm not even gonna call Telkom anymore. I'd rather talk to the wall and feel more accomplished. :erm: Since early June that we had that whole area ADSL outage (exchange in front of Sanlam), the DSL line never recovered. I've spent hours and hours wasting time calling Telkom and Mweb...
  8. MyDraadloos

    Afrihost is this the best you can do?

    I am sorry to say but my service has been steadily degrading over the last few weeks. Here is my latest speed test Test conducted on Wed Oct 10 2012 00:35:36 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time) Download Speed: 62 kbps (7.8 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 340 kbps (42.5 KB/sec transfer...
  9. threegee

    9 Months Later BIS still sucks !!!

    I left Blackberry 9 months ago after waiting for idle promises from Vodacom and RIM that they were fixing things. 9 months later and I got a Blackberry again purely for BBM'ing but in 9 months nothing has changed, still super suckingly slow. I can bet Vodacom and RIM are still dishing out the...
  10. Brewmaster

    OpenWeb Gold and throttled

    I signed up for OpenWeb Gold due to the positive feedback that can be found on this here forum, but my experience with this product has left a lot to be desired. Initially I was on a WebAfrica backbone, which worked fine for a little while, but then I started noticing that my downloads from...
  11. D

    How long does it take for telkom to connect my line?

    I recently moved to a new flat. The physical wires for the telkom line are already present, all that telkom needs to do is connect the line. I've phoned their call centre all week to find out what the progress is on the line, but all I have had as a response is that 'the system is down'. Any...
  12. jes plus more ‘sucks’ domain names plus more ‘sucks’ domain names Some local telecoms providers own their ‘sucks’ domain names while others seem to ignore the threat of online brand damage
  13. P

    WTF Axxess, YOU SUCK! :mad:

    So, I got myself a axxess uncapped 4mb account, the axxess express thing(R496.00) on the 15th of last month.. and paid R496 on the 15th, and again on the 31st.. meaning i have paid close to R1000.00 for one months worth of usage. On the 11th of this month, my account got suspended for "SPAM...
  14. Z

    Mweb static IP's suddenly not working

    Hi all , :twisted: do you know of any reason why 2 static IP's suddenly would suddenly stop being accessible from other ISP's besides MWEB. I have been running a blog on : - and from last week it just died. Spent, and still spending many hours on MWEBS premier call centre...
  15. D

    Telkom taking 2 months to move a Line 20 houses in the same road

    Hi I'm still waiting for Telkom to move my line from the old place to the new one. Its such a joke the exchange is between the two places on the same road and each house is 2 blocks from the exchange. on the same road. I'm pulling my hair out. What a useless company. Other than calling...
  16. D


    Not just terrible call center service, Not just terrible internet speeds, Not just inconsistent signal strengths but also terrible Billing and Account management!! This is really ridiculous, I canceled my Neotel Prime Uncapped 2 weeks ago and asked them to please let me know what my final...
  17. Merlin

    HtF do I sync' my Nokia with Thunderbird?

    Hi all, I've got a Nokia phone (approx. 2 years old) and have made the move to Thunderbird. The old NokSync addon is now defunct. All I keep finding on Google is this Nokia Ovi crap. I don't want Nokia having all of my details online and I don't want connectivity to their Ovi BS...
  18. S

    Digichilli Customer Service

    Ok, so mweb, vox, openweb and afrihost have launched there uncapped packages that will rape smaller ISP's. and im glad. Its been a months now that I've tried to cancel my digichilli account but get no replies from them! My friend emailed them and asked for he's account to be cancelled and...
  19. morkhans

    Beware: VodaCare has no respect for your property

    Once again VodaCare Canal Walk managed to utterly fail at providing anything near resembling service. The last time I had a Nokia with a broken microphone repaired they stripped one of the screws inside the phone and left it to me to discover it (two weeks after my 3 month warranty had expired)...
  20. S

    KIC fridge

    Anyone else have a KIC fridge that doesn't seal properly?