1. J

    Contrast setting problem on Hisense U7G TV

    Hello. I have a U7G and it won't remember / won't apply the contrast setting when the video stream changes. For example: the setting is set to 60, then on YouTube or Netflix, every time there's a new video the contrast setting disengages, the screens brightness goes way up / gets milky. I have...
  2. N

    SANSUI 55inch LED TV STY1655

    SANSUI STY 1655 55inch LED TV Age: Used in great conditionaround 3 years or so. Price: R3800 slightly neg Warranty: N/A Packaging: NO Condition: USed, great condition Location: Pinetown , KZN Reason: road trip and possibly relocating Shipping: Would rather you collect. Too big. Collection: Yes...
  3. jibo82

    Extreme leftist swing of TV content and social media platforms

    Has anyone else noticed the extreme leftist swing of social media and TV content ever since Biden and the democrats won the election? Almost every netflx series or movie has a certain amount of transgendered or lgbqt actors, one hijabi and a token black person. I have nothing against this but...
  4. Skankhunt

    LG LED tv issue

    I might be posting this in the wrong section... but this is technically hardware. This morning our 55" LG smart tv started malfunctioning - around 5 months out of warranty as we got it January 2019. It's flickering constantly - see link below for example...
  5. Nobody Important

    TV colour shifting - cause? repair or replace?

    My TV started doing this about an hour ago: The colours are seperating and shifting. No power surge as far as we can tell. No magnets in the vicinity. Occurs across all the inputs so not isolated to Roku or DSTV or PS4. Anyone had this occur to them and what did you do? It is about 9 years...
  6. S

    Morning all, Sunday TV Talk, best TV for around R10k?

    Hi and good morning to all Been looking around the market for a while now, wanted to get some opinions. I am visiting Durban today and for a few days wanted to grab a tv for around 10k ish. Whats your guys best recommendations? I have a Mibox so android connectivity aint too big an issue, but...
  7. TE3TH

    How do I connect a modern Smart TV to a DVD Surround Sound System

    I recently purchased a 58" Hisense UHD Smart TV. I currently own an older LG DVD Surround Sound System that does not have an HDMI port, only RCA (Red, White and Yellow) The TV does not have RCA OUT, only RCA IN. Would it be possible for me to purchase an HDMI to AV adapter and connect two...
  8. M

    AIM CZ1542 Television Picture Flipped

    Hi everyone My AIM television did not have audio on certain channels as a result of someone fiddling with the settings. To solve this I reset the TV's settings to factory. To complete the process I had to turn the TV off and when I turned it back on the entire display picture on the TV was...
  9. J

    The 5 questions to ask before buying a new TV

    The 5 questions to ask before buying a new TV With Black Friday coming up, many South Africans may be interested in purchasing a new TV. Making this purchase is not as simple as it seems, however, as there is a variety of factors to consider and compare, from refresh rates and contrast ratios...
  10. J

    Do you own a smart TV?

    Do you own a smart TV? Which model do you have?
  11. J

    Do you watch TV every day?

    Do you spend time watching TV on a daily basis?
  12. J

    Have you purchased a new TV this year?

    Have you bought a new TV in 2018? Which model did you purchase?
  13. abruton

    Are new TV sets capable of receiving SABC signals?

    I wanted to buy a new TV screen, and Game wanted me to have a TV license. I told them we do not watch TV and as far as I can see the TV screen is unable to view the SABC television signal. I would need a decoder (classified as a television receiving equipment) to see the SABC television signal...
  14. J

    Media companies take on Google and Facebook

    Media companies take on Google and Facebook In an effort to retain advertisers and slow the advance of Google and Facebook, European broadcasters are setting aside traditional rivalries to forge alliances that offer wider reach for ads and internet-style data about audiences.
  15. J

    Which TV brand is the best?

    If you could have any TV you wanted, which brand and model would you choose?
  16. J

    Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding a Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100 which display does not switch on. When the TV is switched on it has a blue flashing light which usually stops flashing after a few seconds. However, the light just continues to flash now and the display does not come on as...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    TV thief falls off cliff during bicycle getaway

    Durban - A suspected robber is in a critical condition after falling off a 25m cliff while riding a bicycle he was using to escape a house robbery on Monday. According to bystanders, the suspect was fleeing the scene of a suspected robbery in Winston Park on a bicycle, while holding a TV...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    The R1.4-million monster and other massive TVs in SA

    The R1.4-million monster and other massive TVs in South Africa Here are the biggest and best televisions available in South Africa, including a massive ultra-HD TV from LG which costs R1.4 million.
  19. Espee

    Deactivating & Reactivating DSTV Multiple times a month

    Hi guys, I currently have DSTV Premium and it's come to the point where it's just too expensive. I don't really watch TV on weekdays and really only watch sport on the weekends. I've seen people have their DSTV subscription "permanently" deactivated and then just activate it for the day...
  20. ronz91

    Playing mp4 and mkv video on CRT tv

    Hey guys I am looking for the cheapest way to play mp4 and mkv video on a small CRT tv. I know some dvd players with usb ports can do this but is it good? Media players would be ideal but they are pricey. Thanks