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    10 mbps ADSL perhaps - Amberfield Ridge Estate, Centurion

    Hi guys I moved to Amberfield Ridge Estate recently, and require 10mbps ADSL. I have checked with the local Telkom shop in Mall@Reds, and they can't see ADSL speeds in that estate, so they advised me to apply for a line and see what happens. I also used Telkom's online checked, and for my...
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    ADSL losing Sync and static present.

    So I've recently got ADSL at my house and its been fine until now................. The ADSL light on my Billion 400G router blinks most of the time making browsing impossible. The line drops every 5-10 minutes sometimes and other times it can stay for hours. As I'm typing this it dropped twice...
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    Telkom additional line rental

    I recently moved to Bloemfontein and could only find a granny flat. The main house already has a Telkom line installed and the exchange does supports ADSL. My question is what will Telkom do if I wanted to install a line in my apartment ? Will they simply extend the already existing line or will...
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    Uncapped ADSL recommendations for CPT please...

    Hey Guys & Gals of MyBB, Currently I'm sharing an MWEB/Telkom Uncapped 1MB adsl connection with my neighbour. He informed me today that they will be moving out by the end of September so I now need to get my own connection. I'm here to ask for your help. I would like to know which...
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    Telkom ADSL Installation in Kyalami Problem

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to find out if there is anyone in the Kyalami area that actually has an operational ADSL line at the moment? I have been waiting for quite some time for my installation and my nextdoor neighbour has been waiting for over 12 months!!! I have been calling Telkom...
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    Need advice on ADSL Line solution?

    Hi guys, I am currently on a 4Meg uncapped with MWEB and have been using another company for my ADSL Line Rental. I have recently moved to an address that does not have an infrastruture for Telkom. That means no internet. Is there a solution I can look at to solve this issue I am faced with...
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    Very Slow ADSL Speeds - Telkom/Mweb/Me the Problem?

    I am pretty much at my wits end. I upgrade my telkom adsl from 1mbps to 2mbps and migrated the line to Mweb. I expected much faster downloads, streaming etc. However, I seem to be worse off than before. Doing random speed test through the day and evening I barely reach 0.66mbps download and...
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    Telkom ADSL line upgrade

    good evening all :D According to Helkom, they were/are in the process of upgrading 384kb/s to 1mb/s, and all the rest.... Does anybody know what has/is happening to this process? It's almost the end to the first quarter of the year and still my father's ADSL line is running at 384kb/s:wtf...
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    Freakin Telkom AAAAAGH

    :mad: Ok so for the past week i have been struggling my a** off trying to resolve the issue... (NEED HELP) I cant download anything through p2p connection (U*o*r*e*n) lets just say i am downloading legal files throuh torrents, my connection speed is 200 Kb/s (2Mbit/s) and torrents download...
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    Afrihost(not a complaint)

    I know some people have had some issues with Afrihost after their move to the MTN network. However, if you manage to take away those problems, it's not all that bad. I started getting crazy slow speeds(like 30-70kB/s download on the 4mb/s line) around the same time the network issues came to...
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    Will Telkom charge me re-connection fee?

    Telkom installed the line a while back and I'm pretty upset because I found out they don't charge to install a new line right? So to get to the point I cancelled the ADSL line a few months ago when things were bad but I miss it at home.. so would they charge to connect it again?
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    Cost to switch back to telkom ADSL from ISP

    I just found out there is cost to switch back the ADSL line rental to Telkom... Who warned me? Not the last ISP I was with when I wanted to discontinue their services. Apparently there is charged. Does not matter that no one came out to my house at all. And not a small one either... Something...
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    Poor 4mbps ADSL Speed @ Windmeul

    Hi Guys, I have had an uphill battle with my 4 meg ADSL for the last 6 months. I have had the telkom technicians to test the line twice, just telling me the speed is OK and the line is fine. The call centre is also not helpful as you are speaking to non technical people. You can't get through...
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    need adsl,no land land,telkom cannot give me Adsl line,please help