1. Q

    Webafrica throttling torrents on RAIN

    I would strongly advise anyone against getting LTE-A through webafrica if you are planning to make use of p2p. Torrents are being throttled to +/- 100 kB/s, everything else seems to be working fine. It's kind of ridiculous if you take into consideration that you are on a *very* small...
  2. A

    Cell-C Fibre Throttled?

    I have Cell-C Fibre in Emmarentia via Cell-C with allegedly unlimited, uncapped data (50/50 Mbps) I've been streaming Olympics lately - so got a bit more usage than usual. For the past 2 days, at about lunchtime, I have massive drops in connection speed - simple HTML websites take minutes to...
  3. P

    Openweb Capped

    Hi Guys, I am almost 2 years in the Republic and the only thing i miss about holland is the simple and fast internet. I think South-Africa is 15 years behind with the speed and the service. I now have a AXXESS 30G capped connection and from day one it works brilliant and i have no issues...
  4. F

    "Uncapped"? - not so much!

    I get really frustrated with telkom and other ISP's that offer "great value uncapped" packages - but they don't tell you they throttle you to death! How many gigs CAN you really download on a telkom FAST line and uncapped data? I am guessing 20Gig ave? Let's see - anybody out there want to...
  5. L

    D-Link DSL 2750u Router capping down rate - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey all! So I bought a D-Link DSL 2750u Router a while back when I upgraded my account from 4mb to 10mb (uncapped). This was done to replace a relatively old TP-Link router which had relatively slow wireless connection. Anyway, the router worked great for 2 or 3 months, then for no apparent...
  6. R

    Logitech G940 HOTAS [Hands-On Throttle and Stick]

    Logitech G940 HOTAS [S] Item name: Logitech G940 HOTAS Condition: 100% working Packaging: Yes [Original Box] Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need PC Upgrades Price: 3500 Negotiable: No Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: Collection or Shipping c/o Buyer. I bought the...
  7. G

    Axxess 4Mb Uncapped - Soft cap

    I recently signed up with Axxess ISP and got myself a 4Mb uncapped ADSL account. I would like to know what the 'soft cap' is on the package I took before finding out the hard way by being throttled.
  8. A

    Getting Connected [Please Help]

    LR;DR Choosing new internet setup. Must stream video without issue and FTP download at line speed. Help. I've been unhappy, or had issues with my internet for as long as I can remember, and am now in the unique situation in which I can start from scratch - I don't even have a Telkom line...
  9. B

    MWEB 2nd week throttled

    This is exactly what it says... I am a first time customer with mweb. I was explained how the Throttling works on standard 2mbps uncapped package. It was clearly said 70GB. now two weeks after activation I am on 37.55GB. Having to update all steam origin and uplay games. When phoning tech...
  10. P

    Shaped and Throttled effectiveness

    I'm looking at different line speeds and was wondering how big of an impact shaping and throttling has on a line. If I compare the Afrihost prices for instance: 1Mbps Unshaped and Unthrottled vs 2Mbps Shaped and Throttled both cost the same. The same goes for the other line speeds. So which one...
  11. B

    What is going on at MWEB?

    I have opened up this thread to hear the views and opinions of users regarding MWEB's enforcement of their AUP, how and why you think it was enforced? As an MWEB customer of nearly 5-years (and someone who works in IT) AND a user who has been throttled :mad: I want to better understand this...
  12. A

    Why am I being throttled when I turn on my VPN?

    I am most definitely being throttled when I use the VPN on my iPad. The Speedtest results go down from 8 Mbps to 0,6 Mbps consistently. Why would you do this Vodacom? I paid the required fee for 20gigs of data in one month only yesterday, am I not allowed to use that 20 gigs? I bought the...
  13. H

    Afriman explain. 1Mbp Uncapped user throttled on 40gig - considered High usage!

    In reference to this statement made by Afriman a few days ago, and similar statements made before by Afrihost's representative Afriman claims that you can do 100GB on a 1Mbps without being throttled. As of today...
  14. LazyLion

    BitTorrent Client for Sucky Bandwidth! Looks pretty nifty... who wants to run some test for us?
  15. Pixual

    Throttled Afrihost regular user?

    I've just been reading a few of the posts in these "uncapped" mega-threads and I'd like to know if anyone else who is NOT on an uncapped account but does have a 4096 line is getting throttled on torrents? I have never downloaded more than 10GB's in a month and have no real ambition to, but I...
  16. S

    IS Express Customers - Have you / will you cancel?

    I've been a very happy IS Express (Axxess) customer for some time now. With all these exciting announcements in the market, I am now paying 100% too much for uncapped access, not to mention I am still rate limited during the day. Given how good IS Express really is, I am prepared to ride...